1 Japanese Short Horror Movie 2015

1 Japanese Short Horror Movie 2015

【NEW】2016/05/10 3 Japanese Short Horror Movie 2016 「FEEL」 https://youtu.be/O7qxJV7tnmY 2 Japanese Short Horror Movie 2015 http://youtu.be/KpraS176wQs The movie which I photographed with iPhone camera. http://tsumu-gi.petit.cc 監督:諸江亮


Short Horror Movies Rating: 3/10

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49 Responses to 1 Japanese Short Horror Movie 2015

  1. Denver Dias says:

    Japanese people are weak

  2. Supriya Shrestha says:

    wtf what’s scary here??😑😑😣😣😥😥

  3. ade rahmat says:

    2:21 that’s sound …part of the video?

  4. Digital Infotainment says:

    Needs a lot of work.

  5. Stacey Kersting says:

    Great little film! Left me wanting more, more, more!

  6. VmonX says:

    It’s a great short! However, when I watched this, I remember Ju-On and other creepy films, which make me think one important question (at least) to me: Why those ghosts would like to use victim’s body for?

  7. Eugenie Muminova says:

    Cool! It is really scary!

  8. Eethan O'Connell says:

    Not bad, but a little too common.
    I think your next one’s can be even better. 🙂

  9. Oikawa Torou says:

    I love Japanese!

  10. Михаил Петухов says:

    Русские есть

  11. Jarod Smith says:

    Japanese can’t even take a fall down a small flight of stairs without dying, how the hell does that nation endure continuous Godzilla attacks?

  12. mohammad badar says:

    time wasted 👎

  13. DNTME says:

    Well, that was really pointless.

  14. Bigfoootish says:

    I dont’ get it, can someone please explain the story line ?

  15. Часики звенят says:

    переведи на русский

  16. RuNaWaY TiMeS3939 says:

    Now the demon girl gets to play with the corpse.

  17. Christopher Tom says:

    I like this one, it was simple and pretty much just use music, good acting and specific camera angles to pull it off.

  18. Shubham Chhabra says:

    Wow very nice

  19. Someone Here says:

    is it normal if I laughed at the end?

  20. To ky says:


  21. Suturno says:

    that slow fall!

  22. Костя Тузов says:

    Прикольный фильм, а перевод существует?

  23. Sagar Thakuri says:

    Nothing scary.

  24. Sakaki Shizuma says:

    Wait he got scared of the girl he was looking for at the end?

  25. Saya Saja says:

    it’s a good start anyway 🙂

  26. Sarah Bell says:

    I…failed to understand….anyone can explain me?

  27. Sozoko そぞこ says:

    Aah I love this!! so good!

  28. Joseph Elias says:

    I rike this velly much

  29. gennaro santoro says:

    ma parla in inglese

  30. Anonymous Writer says:

    Hats off to Japan dude
    best athletes
    best animes
    best games
    best short horror movies

  31. Ahmed Addnane nègime says:

    I have a love an endless love for the Japanese i dont even know why

  32. ISRAEL DINN says:

    its good not gonna lie it would have been better with a actual little girl tho :p but who knows if i was in that situation i would have shit my pants. i hate child spirits especially little girls with long black hair in white. that shit will give me a heart attack. its good 3.5 out of 5

  33. Norg And Mobius says:

    That was pretty lame.

  34. BossMongolJesse says:


  35. Weeki says:

    but why all this dislikes ? T^T

  36. Varsha Gunjal says:

    not very scary

  37. Kaito Melt says:

    Great job!, its awesome to see short J-horror movies, even if you are a beginner your works have the essence of classics J-horror.

    I would like to leave this thought for all ignorant people:
    J-horror is the base from horror movies (hollywood and rest of world) of last 14 years, since released of "The Ring" (remake) on 2002. Hollywood got tired of making J-horror movies remakes and they started to use the same style to make its current horror movies.

    J-horror FTW!

  38. Venomlily16 says:

    What was this? I get that everybody’s gushing over this because it was made in Japan, but come on ! This was pretty crappy even if you look at it in an artsy sense! When will people learn to think for themselves instead of following the masses like idiotic sheep.

  39. Rajdeep Das says:

    he died falling from a staircase upto half landing -_- No blood..

  40. RingAround 1Gaming says:

    @tsumu-gi よくやったね! ^.^

  41. Sushmita Dutta says:

    very boring

  42. Hassin Montdher says:

    هو هذا فلم رعب

  43. Old glory says:

    Thought the Japs would have something good. That was pretty funny

  44. Gunita Soram says:

    what the fuck was that,bunch of loosers

  45. Michasha Armstrong says:


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