10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies

10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies

NOTE: This video is no particular order.
I’m all for trying new things, so here’s something different. It’s a bit more lighthearted, which I think is a good thing once in a while. Hope it gets received well.. Thanks for watching.

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49 Responses to 10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies

  1. DocChamp1 Doc says:

    They made a new version of I am legend where will smith lives check it out or search it up

  2. Tessa's Corner says:

    if I made these decisions my parents would kick my ass

  3. Xander Cortez says:

    the purge was fuckin stupid

  4. . ISuperStarI says:

    did any one else think of "that moment" when ur like "no, don’t do it!! NO! NO DON’T GO IN THE CLOSET!!! …your stupid"

  5. Lunas Katt says:

    Who the fuck curses a button, how stupid.

  6. jan brugmans says:

    In I am Legend he had to make that call, otherwise those demons would have been there forever, which would have ended to starvation for all 3 of them.. The fact he killed them all made the 2 escape

  7. AALFTSAG says:

    or his shirt….

  8. Dub Line says:

    Gordon could of also had used his shirt. Gotta learn to take your own advice

  9. MissteriousOne says:

    Watch the alternate ending of I Am Legend where he does indeed survive.

  10. Hunter Thomas says:

    what I get from this video,

    if it involves Justin long then its going to be ridiculous.

  11. Denni Badak says:

    i am legend had 2 endings you can search on youtube

  12. Aaliyah's World says:

    The last one was just plain stupidity😑

  13. Edgardo Rivera says:

    Lmfao. That asshole in saw should have taken his shirt off and used it to reach the phone.

  14. Jose E says:

    who else waiting to see jepeers creepers 3?

  15. Toria Vincolato says:

    in Jaws he simply explains it why he didnt and the he learned it later on saying my son was on that beach too

  16. ZombieMGamer says:

    in iam legend his family is dead and also his dog so he wants to be with them now. he has no reason to live.

  17. Val Fidelis says:

    I don’t agree with you on the I Am Legend 1 simply because yes he could have just pulled the pin and threw the grenade but the reason why he decided to end his life is because he wanted to be with his wife and daughter in death and his mission of creating the antivirus was over

  18. Bobbicorn says:

    The most horrifying thing in horror movies is the stupidity

  19. Randy says:

    Bruh the Saw scene one lmfao omg *does Jon from The Office awkward face staring at camera*

  20. Jamilun maam says:

    lol the last 1 is so real,,subscribed 🙂

  21. BBC BAWS says:

    7:48 "The only choice was to sever his foots"..wtf?

  22. Gamergal 101 says:

    for the I am legen he lost all his family all so why live? he wanted to be with them

  23. New Dude Perfect says:

    in keepers creepers that truck is old as heck

  24. don bron says:

    the i am legend thing was alot deeper then that, the only reason he was still there doing anyhting was because of he felt responsible for the outbreak, and felt that he needed to do something about it. and the reason he went out like that is cause he found the cure and then wanted to die to join his family.

  25. North American mapping says:

    mr nightmare does top 10s now?

  26. BIGSHADOW says:

    That last one killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Opposite says:

    Fuck you doing down here ? Go watch this kiddie vid , pussy .

  28. Chayden Williams says:

    bro i am legend if you get bit you get infected remember the dog

  29. Dustin G. says:

    Moviestory: The charakters are in a house whit a murder.
    One of the Charakters:
    "We should split up."
    Others: "Good idea!"

  30. Mega luracario 101 says:

    Ur so creepy

  31. 00ironskull says:

    to be fair jeepers creepers is based on a real story

  32. hi GUYS says:

    at saw he was anyways going to to use the saw

  33. fatalfury1994 says:

    Kanda estrata hamontos irgretz gat nosferatos kansa hamantha kanda.

  34. Trollz gaming 420 says:

    lol her face at 7:32

  35. Michael Gameel says:


  36. jadon muffett says:

    or the last saw one he could have used the saw to cut the chain he was trapped in

  37. Raging Potato says:

    In I am legend I believe Will Smith kills himself so he can finally be with his wife and daughter. His job was to find an antidote and he did it.

  38. Papa Josh says:

    I am legend has an alternative ending

  39. -Snicker Popsicles- says:

    One of my most distrubing ones is when u know the killer is behind you u stop and look behind u slowly LIKE WHYYYY

  40. The Rude record says:


  41. 00ironskull says:

    also in jaws why wouldn’t they close the beach because only 4 people die at the most each year from sharks you could swim in a pool of hungry sharks and still most likely just get away with it

  42. The Retard says:

    Honestly for I Am Legend I just feel like Will’s character just wanted to end it.

  43. OddThings says:

    Hororable MOVIE

  44. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

    spoiler alert white people will be making most of bad decisions, usually blonde.

  45. cardminatorful says:

    easy to say about 6 but don’t u think the poison and couple traps she witnessed put her in a bad state of mind

  46. kyle7412 says:

    5:16 I thought he was gonna say black

  47. mukul deulkar says:

    plz provide movie name list in description

  48. Miranda Brumwell says:

    Except in Saw when he sawed off his foot, he basically "proved his worth" to Jigsaw where in turn Jigsaw took care of him, showed him the ropes and then became the next Jigsaw! Also, you’re forgetting that Jigsaw was laying in the middle of the room the entire time!

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