10 TERRIFYING SHORT HORROR FILMS COMPILATION – 1080p HD Indie Scary Movies Mix (1.5+ Hours!)

10 TERRIFYING SHORT HORROR FILMS COMPILATION – 1080p HD Indie Scary Movies Mix (1.5+ Hours!)

A 1.5+ hour long compilation of the most unsettling, frightening and creepiest independent short horror films ever… featured by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights from 2014-2016, ready to chill your bones and make your blood run cold.

0:00:10 “Night Watchmen” (http://goo.gl/2CZgKR)
0:01:39 “The Whistler” (http://goo.gl/x9j4k)
0:08:23 “White with Red” (http://goo.gl/zP4YEO)
0:12:18 “Lot 254” (http://goo.gl/PG7tvv0
0:15:22 “The Offering” (http://goo.gl/LjLOUq)
0:23:29 “She’s a Doll” (http://goo.gl/qtO7lw)
0:43:22 “9 Minutes” (http://goo.gl/3rIC7V)
0:57:40 “The Wound” (http://goo.gl/qWGH3o)
1:16:05 “Dorothy” (http://goo.gl/7M9OQx)
1:30:02 “Forever Light” (http://goo.gl/F9faYS)

All films © their respective producers/filmmakers, and are featured on this channel with the kind permission of their creators.

Click the individual film links above for a full listing of cast, crew, and production details, and to see more about the filmmakers.

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49 Responses to 10 TERRIFYING SHORT HORROR FILMS COMPILATION – 1080p HD Indie Scary Movies Mix (1.5+ Hours!)

  1. Lets JustJ says:

    R.I.P Headphone users

  2. Cecilia Diaz says:

    The Wound would make a fantastic comedy imo lol

  3. FiveMadRadishes says:

    What about WARMING tales for LIGHT DAYS?

  4. alexander arkum says:

    on "the wound" chick had demand orangutan titties u gotta put in the full Nelson 2 lick em

  5. Kansas Escalante says:

    😱 omg

  6. michele piteo says:

    If there is so much talent in short films,,,and in sc-fi too….shows how much the film industry way it is set up challenges real film making

  7. Ramsheep420 says:

    Aliens killed my dog too

  8. Dee Hammon says:

    Pretty damn freaky!!!

  9. Susie Chugg says:

    Thanks for these- I loved the clown one in particular

  10. PhearMonkey666 says:

    "The wound" was so good but what even… what the heck even happened lmao

  11. Love for Piano says:

    01:04:09 wait wtf? XD

  12. always luvedtobeluved says:

    Please tell me the wound was meant to be a dark comedy

  13. TheDickstaple says:

    Well, I think "The Wound" made my day, that thing rivals Little Shop of Horrors with how silly it is!

  14. Arainea Headen says:

    Now thats what i call a complicated hernia surgery

  15. Matt Gacy says:

    forever light and Dorothy were just…stupid

  16. alexander arkum says:

    that’s crazy the chiks stomach wound keeps eating people I mean I thought only vaginas did that

  17. dude bro says:

    At the end of the wound I was thinking of a water fountain

  18. dano elmucho says:

    love this, finally i found a comp without those faggots comment on anything. As if i’m in a dire need for some 14 year old reviewing his bed wetting fears

  19. Madison Duncan says:

    The man on She’s a doll is so mean he could of just found a different wife to love

  20. صقر الكونغ فو العراقي says:

    very sweet

  21. nba73 says:

    please check out a short horror film on my channnel

  22. dude bro says:

    But seriously the wound was the funniest scary short horror film I have ever seen

  23. diz2ydez says:

    I only liked 2 short films out of the 10 (the doll and make Dorothy laugh)

  24. alexander arkum says:

    I want the girl from whistler to sit on my face so ooooooowaw bad lol

  25. SASCHA KASTEN / SCARY - TV says:

    really cool good work 🙂

  26. Lizzabeth Turner says:

    The wound in The Wound looks like a vagina bruh

  27. franz meier says:

    nobody else noticed the DayZ soundtrack at 13:00 ? 😀

  28. Konohamaru Sarutobi says:

    8:18 that was it?

  29. Sir Bedlam says:

    "The Wound" made me laugh a few times. I’d have a hard time believing that one wasn’t supposed to be comical.

  30. Stef T says:

    Jet was the best actor!

  31. Lee Yerkes says:

    these made me laugh SO hard

  32. bruno gonzalez says:

    Why the hell did they put focus on that cloud in 9 Minutes? Something I missed?

  33. the purple guy says:

    your ok but be honest dark knight did you do that creepy stuff I have not got a problem with that take your time bro 😊

  34. Hamster 39851570 says:

    8:15 should have been called the bird man

  35. La joey says:

    its not a dark night tonight since the moon is full currently…but this works just as well 😂

  36. Meagan Frazier says:

    Wait, the one with the clowns… what did he realize, what happened there?

  37. Anna White says:

    im 42:00 in, the only one ive liked so far is, "She’s a doll" sorry but the previous have been boring.

  38. CanDoKen says:

    What the heck was "Dorothy" even about? Why was he screaming no at the end?

  39. miros gerg says:

    If you keep it up, I think it can go very awesome…
    Dorothy, it’s a great movie!

  40. Gutless Band says:

    Sweet vid. Really dig this sort of stuff.
    Would love to see more. Keep it up.

  41. Latangela Gaba Kuehe says:

    I liked it short short scary film better than long scary films

  42. 404 9 says:

    watch whistler. fill pants.

  43. always luvedtobeluved says:

    I love how all of these relied on a story being shown and the suspenseful build up. except the wound I think that was meant to be funny. Any who I actually got scared in a few scenes and it didnt need a jump scare at all. All of these films did a good job

  44. Laura ミルス says:

    So was the dog a alien or what? Man, hate when movies harm animals. Almost cried in that short.

  45. Madison Duncan says:

    The one about the room at the motel was not scary

  46. c. j. macq says:

    I think "She’s A Doll" should’ve ended with the victims revenge. there’s all kind of creative and spooky ways I can think of that would’ve worked real well. thanks for the film.

  47. Alex Petkova says:

    that stomach vagina tho…….😂😂😂

  48. Joseph Elias says:

    I’m good with horror movies..the original JC thing, alien franchise, original TCM, various others.
    Most modern horrors are terrible *BUT* some of these made me want to watch fluffy rabbits and go to my safe place….

  49. Boo Cipher says:

    a clown named boo 😀

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