10 WORST Horror Movies

10 WORST Horror Movies

Top 10 Worst Horror Movies

As we fast approach Halloween, it is time to dust off those dormant Horror movies, reserved especially for this spooky holiday! We all have our favourites – the classics. However, join Chris as he counts down the Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Ever! Including gangster Leprechauns and killer Gingerbread men – think so bad they’re good…

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49 Responses to 10 WORST Horror Movies

  1. Isaac Valdez says:

    Maximum overdrive is not that terrible and is not that great it in the middle

  2. Derpy Redneck says:

    Gingerdead Man, my favorite Garey Busy Comedy.

  3. Kim Walker says:

    birdemic did I spell it right? that was actually a movie? Which desperate studio released this?

  4. Michael Lardino says:

    Mannn leprechaun in the hood was actually a good movie lol

  5. frozenspr01 says:

    12/12/12 needs to be #1

  6. Treelegs Master of All says:

    "They’re eating her… then they’re going to eat me. Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!"

  7. Sidney Pikus says:

    Birdemic, WAS REALLY STUPID.

  8. mudkipz e says:

    I guess that ginger bread cookie got more then a pinch of salt

  9. What's up says:

    a friend with weed is a friend indeed

  10. matty twist says:

    Dem birds do

  11. iNVADER ZiM says:

    They’re eating her…
    now there going to eat me….

  12. Tina Haller says:

    what about sharknado?

  13. Cris Gamer says:

    if you play ps4 like this comment

  14. Jeetesh Koonjul says:

    villains are best than ghosts,demon

  15. Natalie /: says:


  16. Midi kicks says:

    I actually loved maximum overdrive

  17. SavageLad 46 says:

    The CGI suck in the bird movie

  18. The pixie stick dealer says:

    All of Nick Cages movies are terrible

  19. The Revolutionary Militant Atheist! says:

    leprechaun scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. I’m I the only one?

  20. Kim Walker says:

    this narrator is sooo funny I cnt even speak

  21. Hayden Mcdonald says:

    My phone can make a better movie than #1

  22. X PUREFIJI X says:

    The green inferno

  23. ActuallyChez says:

    birdemic is like sharknado just 55,000,000 times worse

  24. mudkipz e says:

    I think you have the best commentary on top tens out of every other YouTuber I watch 😊

  25. Brony1213 ! says:

    My Top 10
    10. Shut In
    9. Jaws 3-D
    8. Jason X
    7. The Disappointments Room
    6. Leprechaun in Space
    5. The Ginger Dead Man
    4. Exorcist 2: The Heretic
    3. Troll 2
    2. Birdemic
    1. Manos the Hands of Fate

  26. Maxwell Cullen says:

    I like the narrator. He’s hilarious.

  27. snake knife says:

    how is lopez’ acting in anaconda any different than all her other movies?

  28. Tabare Pereira says:

    Anaconda was really bad, but for some reason I actually liked it and still do

  29. Tharindu Rajakaruna says:

    What is your accent? Indian Lipricone? xD

  30. Ruko Hanaji says:

    Why isn’t The Wicker Man number one on the list?

  31. reio 200000 gt says:

    the last one with the birds was fake birds

  32. Scott x says:

    Birdemic is awesome!!!

  33. John Tinsley says:

    I love maximum overdrive lol so fuuuuuuuuuck you πŸ™‚

  34. Emre0320 Γ–zcan says:


  35. The pixie stick dealer says:


  36. Very Short Kiddo says:

    Anaconda 3 tho

  37. Aidan Gillard says:

    The Trolls obviously dont eat their vegetables because they are fat

  38. Natasha Gerling says:

    I swear you need to get a life. Anaconda was a great movie

  39. LilManuelG901 says:

    Have u guys seen zoombies πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ it’s actually spelled zoombies

  40. miriam murphny says:

    e em I am Irish

  41. mudkipz e says:

    Everyone in jaws is stupid I mean all you have to do is stay out of the water simple very simple

  42. HMEDTV says:

    I see what he did there…

  43. Goth Moth says:

    I watched Anaconda…I had no clue the bad guy fucked the snake

  44. Skyfifi408 says:

    Birdemic has such horrible effects holy shit when i saw this in THIS list that one is soooo true and its not even creepy its just some eagles attacking so what?

  45. Notary Public says:

    i love maximum overdrive that movie is funny.

  46. Cunty McCunt says:

    Anaconda is a good movie!

  47. Copper389 says:

    How are there no Shyamalan films on this list lol

  48. Will Shek says:

    I died when the dude was like "They’re eating her And now their gonna eat me! OH MA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!!!!

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