13 BEST Modern Horror Movies!

13 BEST Modern Horror Movies!

Halloween is right around the corner, what better time to dim the lights and put on some scary movies? Even if you’ve seen all the classics, there’s been plenty of great horror movies released just in the last 10 years. Full list:

The Descent
28 Weeks Later
Drag Me To Hell
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Black Swan
Cabin in the Woods
V/H/S and V/H/S 2
The Conjuring
You’re Next
Under the Skin
The Babadook
It Follows
Watch our 13 SCARIEST Horror Movies EVER Made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujVOBJhA6w

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49 Responses to 13 BEST Modern Horror Movies!

  1. Moh Digital says:

    waste 16 min of my life

  2. Marco Anzaldi says:

    Guys, you talk too much….

  3. Gamza Hidden says:

    The siinging at the begining makes me press dislike button 7million times and press x.

  4. Defying Gravity says:

    it follows was disturbing but not scary

  5. lunar Sky866 says:

    what no ju-on the grudge?

  6. impychimpyable says:

    The Decent is one of the best modern horror movies? lol…these guys are obviously being paid to say this…

    If you want a good laugh or plain bore yourself to death watch the decent….one of the worst modern horror movies ever.

  7. Jo Se says:

    the aids joke got me off guard xDDD

  8. Michael LaViola says:

    Guys, it’s Scarlett Johansson, we’d get a boner with her in every situation lol

  9. keegan1948 says:

    I hate comedy in horror movies. If I want a laugh I’ll put on an actual comedy.

  10. Fincher Wright says:

    Kill List

  11. Stumblin' Gunnar says:

    Wtf? Why is Drag Me To Hell and Troll Hunter on a list of the BEST modern horror?

  12. TheStaticaster says:

    I absolutely love the inclusion of Black Swan. It’s nice to see such a great movie getting recognized after a weak advertising campaign at its release.

  13. Jugernaut915 says:

    v/h/s 1 and 2 were fucking horrible, most of the short films were unwatchabely boring, viral being the only one I could kind of enjoy.

  14. Cool Beans says:

    12:19 Try? Just watch me ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  15. Matthew Hubbs says:

    They forgot insidious

  16. ستيوي غريفين says:

    Sinister is the worst horror movie i have ever seen actually the horror begin in the last 15 minutes

  17. MorganW 893 says:

    I loved You’re Next, I think it’s my favorite horror movie.

  18. Crazed Donut says:

    It follows was the biggest pile of shite i’ve seen in a long time. The ETC Show was obviuosly paid to promote this shitty movie. Thumb down

  19. Papa Knosp says:

    "I have seen X hooror movie and think it is soooooooo weak, hilarious and not scary! Look how tough I am guys, I swear!"
    -this comment section in a nutshell

  20. Harry Howes-Watson says:

    I think you should have added Insidious to the list 🙂

  21. swish007 says:

    world war z had some pretty good moments.. idk if it necessarily deserves to be on this list.. but one scene in particular haunted me more than any other for a long time after. *spoilers* it’s the scene where they’re on the big commercial airplane and people start turning in the back.. you just hear a general uneasiness in the front as it starts getting closer, and then all hell breaks loose.. it’s an amazing scene because it’s so claustrophobic. it just ratchets up the fear to 11 in only a few seconds.

  22. stephanie wasling says:

    Cabin in the woods isn’t original when 90% of the film is the usual crappy stereotypes adding 10 minutes of something different on the end and then claiming it’s different….. NO!!!

  23. Nick Gallant says:

    The descent is terrifying !!!!

  24. Trudeau True No says:

    Under the Skin? No. Not men. And you didn’t get a boner from the naked woman… yep, QED.

  25. Its Me, John Stamos says:

    I saw a seen out of Drag Me to Hell and it was so bad it was funny. Also didn’t Silent Hill get a -1 out of 10 for most critics? Idk if I trust these guys’ opinions.

  26. da hell is that says:

    Where is (the gallows) that shit is scary

  27. Tobi Fall says:

    Trollhunter is amazing lol I love it so much

  28. the madafaka says:

    v/h/s 2’s got pretty SUCKY segments. especially the one bout the stupid cult killing.

  29. Neto Porto says:

    drag me to hell is one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my entire fucking life

  30. Jake Skehan says:

    Vhs 1 was extremely boring.

  31. Simon says:

    it follows is your favorite…. clearly retarded.

  32. Alex Lifeson says:

    Hatchet, anyone?

  33. Csjonka says:

    Tucker and Dale horror movie? That was an all out comedy that shouldn’t be on this list.

  34. Samm Rondeau says:

    I fucking can’t even with you two…..fucking do your homework dammit. so F-ing mainstream. fuckin hacks.

  35. Hannah Marie says:

    good thing the trolls aren’t from berserk

  36. Trudeau True No says:

    If you put Black Swan on a list of horror movies… first, you don’t know anything about horror movies and second, sorry, but you’re not actual men.

  37. Mr. Dislike says:

    Where is " The VVitch".?

  38. Sarah Siudak says:

    Stfu dumb asses

  39. Kevin Gillihan says:

    Eh I can’t even watch the rest these guys are way too annoying.

  40. NaRRen says:


  41. Johannes Climacus says:

    20 mins into "You’re Next" and I hate all the characters, but it’s ok because I know they’re all gonna die anyway . Can’t wait!

  42. Alexandros Geromarkakis says:

    as above so below is one of my favourites

  43. Matthew St Vincent says:

    "Drag Me to Hell" is an either love it or hate it horror film. Honestly I f**king love it!!!

  44. Marcel Frank says:

    bad list…i can think of 10 psychological modern movies better than black swan

  45. John Smith says:

    I shouted so loud when you said Troll Hunter. So many people don’t even know it exists but it’s so fucking good……I love you

  46. Noah Leach says:

    28 days later is too fucking good.

  47. Marco Anzaldi says:

    I mean the 2 guys of the video

  48. A1WAN says:

    Giving you a thumb up for It Follows.

  49. xAdvancedCarrot - says:

    The descent was 2005 not 2006 just saying..

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