13 SCARIEST Horror Movies Ever Made

13 SCARIEST Horror Movies Ever Made

Halloween is right around the corner so we put together a nice little list of what we consider the scariest horror movies of all time. All of these are worth checking out, but are they 2spooky4u?

Here are the movies listed in the video

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Event Horizon
The Amityville Horror
Silent Hill
The Shining
Evil Dead
The Hills Have Eyes
28 Days Later

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50 Responses to 13 SCARIEST Horror Movies Ever Made

  1. DJ Rambo says:

    ringu 😀

  2. Matthew Smith says:

    prince of darkness carpenters best giv it a try

  3. Antwan Evans says:

    horror up watch film sent I was 6 is old boy

  4. DiamondHeart says:

    I just have to watch all these movies! O^O

  5. JaySean Delos Santos says:

    how about VHS franchise, Grave Encounters 1 and 2

  6. Vash Zwingli says:

    No, not the BEES!!!!!

  7. Donte Paris says:

    Wb the thing

  8. EthRy says:

    I watched this when it first came out but thought I’d re watch it and holy shit I recommend Sinister to anyone who loves dark movies. I watched it when it was in theatres and it ruined my whole week.

  9. Ella K says:

    What about Texas Chainsaw????????

  10. coolman rocks says:

    What about the ring (2002)

  11. adam bump says:

    if Evil Dead is not here I’m done and I’m talking about the OG I was freaked the fuck out by that………………………………………………….Good faith restored

  12. ChaosWerewolf says:

    Dead Silence was amazing, I loved the "twist" at the end.
    Both Woman in Black movies were absolutely fantastic, but I think the first was better.
    Cabin in the Woods was pretty great, too!

  13. Cubic says:

    This list isn’t utter shit, it’s just shit, soI have to give you credit for that

  14. 2 idiots Many games says:


  15. Kuru Sutinen says:

    The conjuring. The horror is excelllent and the build up and idea are great. The ending doesn’t disappoint, anf it isn’t a jumpscarefest. I like the setting and the characters, thou it isn’t the most original setting. I totally recommend.

  16. Gerry C says:

    The Haunting (the original), Creature of the Black Lagoon, The Audition, Spider Forest, Whispering Corridors, The Ring (American version), Poltergeist, Don’t Look in the Basement, The Changeling (1980), Psycho, The Fog (original), Friday the 13th, Pet Sematary, Night of the Living Dead (original), Shadow of the Hawk (1976), Prophecy (1979), The Legacy (1978), Phantasm (1979).

  17. andrew hambrick says:

    Goosebumps! You won’t sleep for weeks

  18. FIFA NINJA says:

    jaws should be on three

  19. Harley says:

    the entire Freddy and Jason franchises

  20. foxy is best ray says:

    halloween is not scary

  21. MoMoIRoMoI says:

    where is braindead??????? xDD sorrynotsorry

  22. The Everything Channel says:

    Halloween isn’t that scary of a movie and Halloween 3 is pretty bad to which is why I like Halloween 2 better

  23. Frederic Beaudet says:

    I recently watched the first Conjuring because a sequel just came out and I have nightmares about it ever since, even though I don’t believe in the religious aspect of the plot. Some scenes in this made me go back to my childhood scare of the dark.

  24. Alicia Porylo says:

    there makeing a 3 purge movie

  25. Lastkingof33 says:

    if hills remake was so great then why did I only watch it once?

  26. Mateo Correa says:

    Alfred Hitchcock’s "Psycho" should have been on there

  27. Jay Sony says:

    They probably would have been scary if yall didn’t give the whole damn plot away.

  28. Aphrodite Starchild says:

    Black Christmas 1974 is criminally Underrated.

  29. Raiterio Patterson says:

    basic bitches are gonna destroy that dislike button

  30. Chu says:

    Vietnamese refugees.
    some of the movies you guys mentioned are good, but honestly, most of them are dull. sure they are cult classics, we’re rad in their prime, but today we’ve seen it all and the apparent mediocre effects compared to today’s standards make films like exorcist pretty boring at best.

  31. Soroush Farahbakhsh says:

    please some new list I’ve heard of these movies 100 times

  32. 80s Geek says:

    The Evil Dead original best horror film ever made. Also try Eden Lake and Wolf Creek

  33. avirus3 says:

    alien was fucking amazing but scary?? nah

  34. Noah Leach says:

    Who else loved the second purge.

  35. DVS-Bastrd1017 says:

    Evil dead is the best!

  36. The World Famous Tallboys says:

    the decent

  37. unKnownAlbino333 says:

    The one thing I wish they would’ve put in the Exorcist is that in the book Reagan has braces, and it adds a layer of childhood innocence that makes it so much more creepy.

  38. Grant Garcia says:

    No Texas Chainsaw??

  39. The Fonz says:

    you gotta see the movie CREEP!

  40. Redstone Kid says:


  41. WillDog says:

    Worst and scariest movie ever is Smosh the movie

  42. caitlyn inglis says:

    The Exorcist (I don’t think I spelt that right) isn’t that scary…….haters gotta hate.

  43. Danny Phelps says:

    Sinister 2 is my favorite movie

  44. John Bonham says:

    I expected more from a guy wearing a Dr Strangelove t-shirt

  45. kjfpFTW says:

    Suspiria(1977)>90% of thesw movies

  46. Tonya Wilson says:

    You forgot 30 Days Of Night. I don’t usually care for the one dimensional vampire type characters, but this was so creative , haven’t seen anymore quite like it.

  47. Derpy Derp says:

    what about the ring

  48. 91lifetime23 says:

    The Exorcist and Alien are the best

  49. TheOFamily5 says:

    Elm Street wasnt that scary

  50. Ibrahim says:

    elliot, i need your shirt

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