15 Horror Movies You Might Have Missed in the Last Decade

15 Horror Movies You Might Have Missed in the Last Decade

From The Awakening and Kill List to American Mary and The Children, we list 15 great horror movies that might have passed you by.

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50 Responses to 15 Horror Movies You Might Have Missed in the Last Decade

  1. Beer Banter says:

    I thought the _The Loved Ones_ was amazing. Just the right amount of crazy to be entertaining, just the right amount of heart to be slightly terrifying. Looks like I have to catch up with quite a few others though.

  2. Thomas white says:


  3. Gard Hansen says:

    Timber Fallsand A Nightmare At Elm Street (remake) are very underrated movies !

  4. simen30 says:

    do anybody know a jumpscare movie insidious style??

    PS iv’e seen: Rec , sinister, the others, mama and the decent ๐Ÿ™‚ Tnx for all the tip’s ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. STARPHROST says:

    you mean….there’s another "Frozen" besides THAT one!?!??

  6. Paulo Suazo says:

    Prisioners is an incredible thriller it’s a must watch

  7. Valken says:

    Is IGN a game or movie franchise?

  8. Stinkyremy says:

    I dont know if it is on this list but case 39, is a great film.

  9. THERHYD1Z3L says:

    *they forgot to add REC, REC2, REC3; if you watched either of these you’ll thumbs up my comment now*

  10. mezuki64 says:

    Wow IGN has never heard of juon that’s a shame

  11. PHmee says:

    More suggestion
    – Triangle
    – Lake Mungo
    – Pontypool
    – Bestseller (Korean)
    – V/H/S (especially 2)
    – Pulse (Kairo)
    – I saw the devil (Korean Thriller)
    – The Unseeable (Thai)
    – The Victim (Thai)

  12. Thomas Neufeld says:

    You forgot ginger snaps…
    I am thoroughly disappointed

  13. 2012XF3 says:

    Houseof d is just retarded

  14. DuckzillaIsBack says:

    Martyrs, and Frontiers, that shit is messed up,

  15. mezuki64 says:

    the people want horror not cheesy flix watch Juon!

  16. Legendary Mako TV says:

    Wheres freedom wars?

  17. tdm281995 says:

    really not horror films i don’t understand why people like them some of the are really fucked ps i am not hatingย 

  18. J. Herrera says:

    It would have been nice to have a list. Are any of this films on Netflix streaming?

  19. Ramtin D. says:

    frozen was an awsome movie

  20. Mo Pakzilla says:

    I enjoyed Black death

  21. EliteWarMasta says:

    More than half the movies that he listed aren’t even close to be consider a scary movie, most are just thrillers and some comedies. Wtf this list is trash.

  22. My20GUNS says:

    V/H/S 1 & 2.
    They’re found footage Anthology horror movies. And they are fantastic

  23. Fincher Wright says:

    Kill list was brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. NASTAR01 says:

    I appreciate the lack of spoilers. I’m gonna watch Kill List, as I’m intrigued what unravels after what is seemingly a simple last job for the lead.

    Some recommendations:

    1. Afflicted (I would watch it without reading up about it)
    2. The Tunnel
    3. The Banshee Project
    4. The Conspiracy (more Thriller, but still boasts that creepy realism)
    5. The Descent

  25. Denis Vata says:

    You should do other lists with other genres

  26. J Dawg says:

    Black Death is a horror? lol it was like a cheesy as hell LOTR style mess

  27. istvan kenyeres says:

    Don’t watch Black Sheep! It’s really disgusting

  28. Lagstab says:

    i appreciate them showcasing films that may not have been seen before. but a good chunk of these dont seem interesting as true horror films. the other chunk arent even real horror films. ive seen a few of these and they are good. but horror fans looking for a horror experience probably wont enjoy most of the aforementioned. will however, check out "The Loved One" and "Citadel".

  29. Josh Kelly says:

    Afflicted was pretty awesome, definitely worth a watch as far as horror movies go.

  30. silverchicken20 says:

    Black sheep looks like crap

  31. Fred Jaminson says:

    American Mary looks low budget, filmed in my basement shit, with lots of ketchup.

  32. DigitalBerserk says:

    No Casper movie, im shocked, that movie still gives me the creeps-

  33. ikamts2 says:

    watched the Kill List after watching this. its fucked up, like fucked up fucked up.ย 

  34. Andrei M says:

    IGN… You should probably stick to video games… those movies suck.

  35. THGhost2013 says:

    Don’t watch Black Sheep. Seriously. I actually went to see it in cinemas when it came out. Horrible film.

    I highly recommend American Mary though.

  36. evilempireUK says:

    Where’s Orphan and Haunter? Also quite liked black comedy Nurse 3D.

  37. Demi Krueger says:

    2:35 BOROMIRR <3 :3

  38. Legendary Mako TV says:

    Wheres freedom wars?

  39. jackson moore says:

    Ive seen most of these I feel like such a hipster now

  40. simen30 says:

    i liked the hautuing in conecticut ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. MrLostLink says:

    As someone whodoesn’t generally watch Horror Movies, American Mary was pretty entertaining! Avoid ABC of Death! Couldn’t eat for a couple of days =_="

  42. Bring me Peter pan says:

    the awakening was pretty good

  43. wiilover07 says:

    House Of The Devil is one of my favorite horror movies in years. I love that it looks like a late 70s and early 80s horror movie. But where is High Tension, The Decent, Evil Dead (2013) Insidious, Cabin In The Woods, Trick ‘r Treat, House Of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, the Lords Ofย  Salem, Inside and Martyrs?

  44. Nachothebird foryou says:

    i love all these movies.

  45. Brandon K says:

    Black Death was surprisingly awesome!

  46. GrandChamp211 says:

    V / H / S was disturbing along with The Loved One

  47. usernameofmystery says:

    I have a couple:ย  The Descent (to be honest, any true fan of horror probably has already seen this) and Deadgirl (not the one with Brittany Murphy).ย  Deadgirl is probably one of the most disturbing coming-of-age movies you will ever see.

  48. Jeanine Heurtematte says:

    I have watch Frozen and A perfect getaway and both are great ๐Ÿ™‚

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