25 Best Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

25 Best Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

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The only thing better than a good horror movie is twenty-five of ’em—one after the other, until you can no longer remember a time when you weren’t screaming and didn’t have crippling jump-scare anxiety. From creature features to teen scream-a-thons and indie darlings, these movies are all available on Netflix—and all guaranteed to scare your pants off. Here are the 25 best horror movies to stream on Netflix right now…

The Wailing | 0:28
The Babadook | 0:58
The Unborn | 1:28
Sinister | 2:08
The Host | 2:38
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night | 3:06
Housebound | 3:38
Bad Milo! | 4:15
Hush | 5:04
Dead Snow | 5:31
Dead Silence | 5:57
We Are What We Are | 6:31
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero | 6:54
Honeymoon | 7:15
It Follows | 7:41
The Awakening | 8:22
V/H/S | 8:46
Troll Hunter | 9:16
Ravenous | 9:51
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil | 10:22
An American Werewolf in London | 10:58
Odd Thomas | 11:37
Hellraiser | 12:01
The Fly | 12:31
The Shining | 13:04

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49 Responses to 25 Best Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

  1. Jonathan Ocegueda says:

    It follows is a really good movie

  2. samantha w says:

    I get that the horror movies on netflix aren’t always the greatest, some of these are just plain terrible. I love horror movies, so it takes a lot to get me to stop half way through, which is what I did with bad milo and cabin fever patient zero. Once the chicks started beating each other with dildos in cabin fever, I was like I am fucking done.

  3. Erik Rasmussen says:

    vee haaych s

  4. shyam sundar says:

    Why isn’t "Dear White People" on this list?

  5. Justine Yates says:

    I’m sure it’s due to regional differences, but the majority of these films are just not found in a UK Netflix search

  6. Christopher Reyes says:

    Babadook sucks ass honestly. Kid was annoying as hell.

  7. Rodrigo Andrés says:

    I like me some good horror movies every now and then, but I would definitely not see the VHS movies, they look so disturbing 😰😰😰

  8. Bumbling Brit says:

    You’re really recommending The Unborn? That’s the only horror film I’ve seen in a cinema that had the audience laughing out loud at its stupidity (I’m looking at you, weird dog)

  9. Tyler CEO NFGxFSUxInc. says:

    I didn’t know Anton Yelchin was dead until recently

  10. George Smith says:

    Dear Looper:
    Please stop saying "haitch".
    It’s "aitch".
    It’s eaiser to say, sounds more pleasing to the ear and above all is correctly pronouncing our beloved letter "H".
    Sincerely yours,
    Anyone who speaks english.

  11. RyaanS Music says:

    Yep dead snow isn’t on Netflix

  12. Gore cloud says:

    Ravenous has to be one of my all time favourites.
    not syre i would fall it a horror movie but i would highly recommend Most people to see it.
    Robert carlyle is an amazing actor and Lifts the movie a lot higher than it would have been by using anyone else.
    p.s, the soundtrack is awesome. 🙂

  13. JaapioNL says:

    I wonder of New Kids Nitro is on Netflix

  14. gagnashdiak x says:

    I got bored on Barbapapa, and turned it off after 20 minutes. Sinister similarly failed.
    The Host was at best mediocre. I dunno the asian standard for horrors – heh, if all their stuff is blackwashed underage girls ghosting around and all western media is banned in their countries I’d understand why THEY got excited, but c’mon for the rest of the world!
    Dead Snow is really on a "best" list? What happened with horror????

    Still, I give the upvote to this list for trying originality.

  15. JeromeBeckett says:

    Bad Milo…really? haha

  16. Malibu Barbie says:

    You didn’t put, "Dear White People".

  17. mike carr says:

    Only about 3 of them are on UK Netflix 😢

  18. Jensen Adler says:

    The Unborn was awful. Interesting idea, poorly executed.

  19. Pomp Izzle says:

    Babadook is shite :/ imo

  20. Jack Ripper says:

    The babadook sucked ass!

  21. tit pecker says:

    Dear White People scared me so much i subbed from netflix

  22. housefly ma says:

    THE BABADOOK SUCKED!!! just wanted to kill that brat son of gets more then I wanted to kill the babadook. No joke. By the end I was rooting for the babadook….

  23. John Rondeau says:

    Okay everybody.
    A lot of those movies where rated b movies.
    I’m seriously not a b movie watcher. I think their just stupid that’s me.
    I have seen the shinning i love it. Hellrasier oh yes love it. The fly not that one the other fly movie.
    Can someone tell me what a good movie it that is not a b movie

  24. luke grogan says:

    The wailing isn’t on Netflix dick stain

  25. Fran jaime says:

    We are what we are is not even close to its source material, which was excellent.

  26. Jason Lee says:

    Sinister deserves to be in the top 5, it creeped the hack out of me the first time I watched it.

  27. Alexander Sehlke says:

    Am I the only person who didn’t like the babadook. Overrated

  28. Mongoloido Gaming says:

    to all of you complaining about how the movies doesnt exist in your country i have a very quick and easy fix for you 🙂 download a VPN

  29. Kevin Valudes says:

    Hush was like a 30 minute ad for Apple.

  30. Zoe K says:

    Or, you could always just watch them free online…

  31. ChildrenOfDisturbed says:

    Here’s some awesome Horror Movies that sadly Looper don’t give a shit about and some that were already mentioned.

    1 Hellraiser
    2 Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
    3 Event Horizon
    4 The Beyond
    5 Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
    6 Dead Alive AKA Braindead
    7 Re-Animator
    8 House By The Cemetery
    9 City Of The Living Dead
    10 Evil Dead
    11 Evil Dead 2
    12 The Shining
    13 Altered States
    14 The Thing (1980)
    15 Jacobs Ladder
    16 Session 9
    17 Bad Taste
    18 A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
    19 Phenomena
    20 From Dusk Till Dawn
    21 Blade
    22 Interview With The Vampire
    23 From Beyond
    24 Scanners
    25 Videodrome

  32. Jonathan Ocegueda says:

    The Babadook is a terrible movie.

  33. Kaiyn Benzedrine says:

    "Adorable butt-monster noises"

    Top kek, Looper.

  34. Andree Huaman says:

    is that dex

  35. Hi. says:

    God, was that kid @0:10 retarded or something?

  36. PsychoZulu says:

    "I Sell the Dead" was a really funny horror movie I watched on Netflix a long time ago, not sure if it’s still on Netflix or not, but worth a watch. It’s about two grave robbers who become entangled in the super natural one night when a corpse they intended to steal turns out to be a vampire.

  37. JohnnyMidnyte says:

    100s of pop culture references….almost all of them in bad Simpsons episodes. smh

  38. SweatyG says:

    Is this Dexter Manning?

  39. Dnekar says:

    In the states there’s only about 30 horror movies on the Netflix. Netflix is really starting to suck, I’m bored of it. It’s slowly going up in price, so fuck it.

  40. PRLostGalaxy2014 says:

    I wish the Evil Dead trilogy was all on Netflix.

  41. Calvin Fogg says:

    "the creepy kid to end all creepy kids" mother fucker musta never seem the 6th sense

  42. marri.aa says:

    The unborn is hands down my favorite

  43. Eva Martin says:

    Stability price humor ear egg rate settlement still yet tool.

  44. Roger Swab says:


    It’s conceit, and it’s pronounced con-seet.

  45. Vernedi says:

    HUSH is awesome! 😀
    I like It Follows… it’s so fascinating.
    I hate Cabin Fever and The Shining. I can see why King hated this adaptation.
    I’m going to check out Housebound and the original Fly.
    The Babadook doesn’t interest me, surprisingly. 😛
    Sinister was good the first two times I watched it. Now I can’t stand it.
    Not interested in Dead Snow either.

  46. Yahel Israel says:

    many of these movies have gotten terrible ratings

  47. Looper says:

    What horror movie gem have you found on Netflix?

  48. Toy Freddy says:

    Thanks for these great suggestions !!

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