4 Short Horror Films You Can Watch Now on YouTube | CC #6

4 Short Horror Films You Can Watch Now on YouTube | CC #6

Watch the full films here:
Hide and Seek: https://youtu.be/OqD_UnFVfVs
Manny: https://youtu.be/fesm1L6AvnA
Last Year’s Halloween Candy: https://youtu.be/LcyvJ-RCwR4
Bobby Yeah: https://youtu.be/thxuug3Fyhs

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Music: Space 1990-B Kevin MacLeod

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50 Responses to 4 Short Horror Films You Can Watch Now on YouTube | CC #6

  1. Marilyn's Left Ass Cheek says:

    Best horror channel, I’m on a binge.

  2. Grasp Print says:

    reignbot you check the short horror film. don’t move

  3. D Bammstein says:

    I don’t know how I forgot about ‘D for Deloused’

  4. TheCaptainAidan says:

    Jesus! You’re cranking these out like nothing! Much love and support!

  5. Flame and Fur says:

    I have a little constructive criticism, a lot of the time when you censor stuff, you can still see exactly what the image is with just a little blur, I suggest using a different method of censoring.

  6. Awkward slime Maker says:

    Bobby yeah is great lmao

  7. BetaAtlas says:

    im confused to why not any of lee hardcastle’s stuff are on here.

  8. K r e e says:

    Congratulations reignbot! I love your content, and can’t wait for more!

  9. Little Pan Pan~♡ says:

    "Stranger Things About the Johnsons" should be on here

  10. Demonic Cupcake says:

    Bobby Yeah is so weird, but I love it.

  11. Hiyoko Saionji says:

    Well I didn’t want to sleep anyway.

  12. Talking_Head 420 says:

    Where’s the new video

  13. gksora says:

    the horror movie i got as an ad is lit (wish upon)

  14. Grimm reaper says:

    I didn’t feel like sleeping anyways😐

  15. xbrandandx says:

    where’s screamerclauz? xc

  16. L̲u̲k̲a̲s̲ P̲o̲o̲k̲a̲s̲ says:

    I’ve been subscribed to CZsWorld for a solid two years at this point, haha.

  17. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    At 3:04 why is there a dude in a sheet mask????

  18. Alexanderthetitan says:

    I’m going to make a films that gets on a list like this soon.

  19. judofry says:

    NO. 1 seems like Hell

    No other way I could describe it…maybe squishy/fleshy?

  20. pikachufan422 says:

    On the left corner of the screen on 3:00 theirs a KKK doll

  21. ReignBot says:

    Everyone go subscribe to CZ 🙂

  22. Chris_Nourigat_ says:

    Greetings from Germany and congratulations ReignBot!
    I would like to recommend 2 short horror films you can watch on YouTube.
    Who’s Hungry by David Ochs and The Blackwater Gospel by The Animation Workshop.
    I wish you and CZsWorld the best of luck! Have a great week!

  23. How Bizarre says:

    Thank you to ReignBot and CZsWorld for including ‘Last Year’s Halloween Candy’ on this awesome list! It was a blast to make the film and i’m happy to hear it’s creeping people out! Congrats on 200k subs ReignBot! That is an insane milestone! Keep horror alive! Or should I say dead?

  24. Mason Parke says:

    it’s crazy seeing you with 200k, I still remember finding you through a comment on Mr nightmare’s video when you had around 3k subs

  25. Lollipop Lemur says:

    Quite the creepy collection of short films. Bobby Yeah reminds me of the Tool video for sober.

  26. Kah'oo'un R. M. Klein says:

    I love Triangle. But I hate imitations. Not sure if I’m gonna watch the first entry. Not very interested in any of the others except number one. That looks AWESOME!

    edit: watched it. never been so amazed by an animation before in my life. Thank you Reign. I’m still a bit stunned from the experience. Felt like listening to Beethoven. I do believe just watching that video induced me to an altered stad of consciousness. My eyes move to weird places where there are no points of visual attention, and my language skills changed, and I have to exact active control over them, as not to say things in a weird, weird way. Writing seems to be helping to dispel the effect. My face itches, which is good, as before I forgot I had one. I believe I’m fine now, albeit very sleepy.

  27. Eren Jaegar says:

    Bobby Yeah is like a tool music video without music.

  28. Dylan's Fear Files says:

    CZSWorld was actually one of my first subscribers. Congratulations to you both!

  29. Chara Phantomhive says:

    "The Strange Thing About The Johnsons" should be on here.

  30. RYAN MARTINEZ says:

    "The strange things about the johnsons"

  31. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    At 3:04 why is there a KKK member??????

  32. jamie lovell says:

    dude…I’m so happy for you! been with you from the start, love these new collaborations to give the love back…..you rock……..subscribed for life 🙂

  33. novideos.corp says:

    bobby yeah was my damm favourite

  34. ldylkr says:

    I’m still crushing on Reign. 😍

  35. Lee Blood says:

    aye im from Kenosha

  36. Aeron Gray says:

    LOVED hide and seek, saw the twist of last years halloween candy coming miles off but it was still good

  37. Awkward slime Maker says:


  38. Danila Sedo says:

    you should have 1M subscribers. you have an original and well-thought content while other *top this and top that* channels are copying each other smh

  39. SirChubbyBunny says:

    Another short film that should have made it in is Smile (2005) by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta. It doesn’t have an IMDb page, but it’s on here in full. It’s only five or six minutes long, but it’s still one of the most superb and unnerving short films I’ve ever seen.

  40. Madeleine Scott says:

    The first one was the only one that doesn’t seem just weird… ive found so many good once here on YouTube

  41. Viola Bialin says:

    oh yeah horror movies!

  42. Samuel Valencia says:

    I watched the Bobby yeah video. I loved it.

  43. Troy Roebuck says:

    *Don’t go watch the first video.* It’s _literally_ a guy running around _the entire video_. Literally *nothing* is explained it’s just "Cause video". Things happen simply because it’s a video and that’s it. (Things don’t _have_ to be explained, I’m fine with that, but if crap happens just cause things need to happen in a video then that’s just lazy as hell and a waste of my time) Trust me, you’ll be disappointed as well. I’ve seen _many_ of these time loop videos done a _hell_ of a lot better. If you’re looking for a _good_ time loop video then watch Predestination. It’s *the best* I’ve ever seen of the type and one of the best of the psychological genre and has tons of twists and turns. *Don’t look up anymore about it. Go in blind* The only other thing you should know is it’s rated R. I get it’s a movie, not a 4 minute video, but if you’re wanting quality you’ll go for it, find some time.

    I’ve seen the last and it’s simply weird. I’m not willing to go waste my time on the others now knowing what they’ll be like. If that’s their impression of horror then it’s sad but I’m not staying long. I got hooked for the videos covering real life incidents and subscribed cause it seemed to be the main content of the videos and I was excited because it seems like all these channels in the genre devolve into creepypasta repeating channels. "Ooohhh here’s this overly-exaggerative story about a clown and a man with a hook for a hand that _neeeever happened_! _Crrreeepppyyyy!_" I’m *not* sitting here shitting on anyone’s channel, if you like it, you like it. And you should make the content _you_ want to make. But it’s *extremely* disappointing for me that that’s all there is.

    *TL:DR* Don’t watch the time loop video, I’m saving you time you’ll never get back.And If anyone’s got a suggestion for a channel that focuses *predominantly* on real life incidents _please_ let me know

  44. FatherWraith says:

    This video could also be titled "Tool Music Video Fodder"

  45. Mr. Egg says:

    I remember ramdomly stumbling apon Bobby Yeah late at night once.

    It was horrifying.

  46. Dragon Lancer says:

    I love demented, and disturbing animated films.

  47. Mary the Yandere Painting Loli says:

    The first one sounds complicated

  48. Modern Demon94 says:


  49. Aayanah M. says:

    Can you do a video on The Strange Thing About The Johnsons please?

  50. elliotjc says:

    Theres a really good ‘body horror’ short on here called looking good. All I’ll say is this. DIY cosmetic surgery

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