5 Awesome Horror Movies on Netflix

5 Awesome Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix has been awesome about adding a ton of great horror movies lately so Jimmy Champane came by to recommend five you can watch in May.

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50 Responses to 5 Awesome Horror Movies on Netflix

  1. Trevor Taylor says:

    looking to watch "the atticus institute " ????? cant find it any ideas please

  2. Jeffrey Boelter says:

    I checked out we are still here it was very good thank you for the reference.

  3. Riley Gillit says:

    Good video my family loved them all

  4. Adam Chrisman says:


  5. CHIBI NUGGET says:

    In my opinion, hush sucked donkey ass

  6. CarJacks The Clown says:

    Worst list ever.

  7. chupa chups says:

    video starts at 0:33

  8. Marland Kennedy says:

    We are still here sucked.

  9. Movement Exotics says:

    why is it that most of these movies have 1 or 2 starts🤔

  10. Tyler Fogle says:

    It is literally 6 months after you posted this video. I have to comment just to say hi. Also im watching the hallow thank you.

  11. Cumqwatz Cthulu says:

    These were all really shoddy films. Thanks for encouraging me to cancel my netflix subscription.

  12. ZeRp Skidtz says:

    Hush is amazing

  13. Derek Lohmeyer says:

    man i watched we are still here thank u im going to watch hush now

  14. Alpha~ says:

    your voice is kinda cute ^_^

  15. biker girl says:

    i have seen hush that is a really good movie

  16. Hey It's Lily says:

    Is shutter available in Australia?

  17. Shel 9813 says:

    Thank you! I have some movies to watch!

  18. Miksak says:

    "Hush" is "shhh" in finland

  19. marcelino williams says:


  20. kryton slade says:

    BENJIN STARK FUCK YEA!!! and the Bolton guy Fuck yea ima watch the hallows

  21. itsssschris says:

    Hush was really good.

  22. spaZgasm TM says:

    the hallow was good I’m about to watch ‘we are still here’ thank you so much for the advice


    i remember back a couple years ago (I was 8) child’s play 2 used to be on netflix…….Then they removed it after a couple months.😡😒

  24. Angel Bella says:

    i wach hush its so good




  26. Mannie Wray says:

    Yes hush, was a excellent and very intriguing movie…

  27. justin huynh says:

    Goosebumps? Really nigga?

  28. Samantha Parfait says:

    Hush was actually amazing…

  29. Isak Tve says:

    His voice cracks

  30. Laina Bennett says:

    Hush. Watched it 10x and never gets old. Love it

  31. Ally Tofflemire says:

    why do they change the name of movies? Odd.

  32. Cheese Proxy says:

    Can you do a video of movies just like v/h/s?

  33. ever batres says:

    good movies dude thanks bro.

  34. elttik says:

    Looking forward to Checking out Starry Eyes.

  35. foreverbeautyguru says:

    why are people’s standards for horror movies SOOOOO low? I find quality and actual fear in certain films like conjuring 1and2, insideous 1, dead silent, the houses october built.

  36. L& SS says:

    The beginning was really specific… u should of also added in when u were eating pizza and then u spilt Pepsi on your pants 😂

  37. Konsta Koivunen says:

    the hush is not horror

  38. Lenka Makunova says:

    i watched this movie on Netflix its called as above so below and its sooo good

  39. just another youtube channel says:

    Ok how do I find shutter

  40. mokhtar yosef says:

    Stary eye is sucks

  41. Leslie Arnelle TV says:

    good picks . thank you!

  42. CG Flame says:

    I saw hush it was well done

  43. adrian nava says:

    I saw the movie it follows and in my book one of the Worse movies I’ve ever seen

  44. clash and stuff says:

    yep hush it’s the best

  45. David Danie says:

    Guys the watcher is a great movie if you like freaky movies

  46. Geno Porreca says:

    hush was really good. what about housebound? that movie rules!! I watch all this stuff with my 5-8 year old daughter’s if there is no cursing or nudity. watch babakook its weird but cool.

  47. Jennifer Hoeve says:

    Totally Awesome!! Enjoy CA!

  48. Adam Chrisman says:

    Question: why would Ireland be a good place film a horrer movie?

  49. xheartsonfire says:

    Starry Eyes was fantastic! I loved it!

  50. Mirvete Azemi says:

    "hush" is my favoritte

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