5 Horror Movies Based On True Terrifying Events

5 Horror Movies Based On True Terrifying Events

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Nothings scarier than watching a horror movie and seeing “Based on a true story” pop up! It just makes everything much more terrifying and surreal. Well here are five movies that where inspired by real life events. From the Shinning based on a believed haunted hotel to the Rite based on a priests scary encounter with demonic possessions!

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50 Responses to 5 Horror Movies Based On True Terrifying Events

  1. Matthew Kealey says:

    number 5 sounds a lot like Jeepers Creepers.

  2. Devoroth Knight says:

    And that’s why I hate Ghost Hunters- all the technology we have and it’s just crappy Blaire Witch quality video, ppssshhh

  3. LeoRangatron says:

    What about Devil’s Pass? Based on Dyatlov Pass Incident?

  4. Juan Ramirez says:

    The hills have eyes always scare me. especially when I vacation out of the city. And that’s why I carry a gun, rifle and pepper spray.

  5. M Cutrone says:

    "The Hills Have Eyes" was so wrong. A teenager getting raped… I walked out in the theatre. So sick and depraved. Their punishment suited them well.

  6. Ref Noyola says:

    everyone search up the amityville horror 5 unknowns forgot the amityville horror

  7. KadenMagz TV says:

    I’ve been to timberline Lodge a few times and its so fun and quiet

  8. Elena Beel says:

    the first one reminded me of asylum

  9. Chewbacca QC says:

    I don’t beleive in ghost , but psychos my god they are scary

  10. Fab Chaz says:

    Don’t like ghost films to scary and errr real and can be any where other scary films R good I like. Them

  11. Skylar Weinstein says:


  12. tkzubaran says:

    It takes a particular kind of idiot to believe in demonic possession.

  13. Cristano Cassano says:

    Just as a heads up Sawney Bean isn’t real it was a legend made up by the English to portray the Scots as a savage race. So hill have eyes isn’t based on true events

  14. Jose A Madrigal Segura says:

    Psycho ❤

  15. Sofia Pasha says:

    the dude voice more like asmr makes me sleepy

  16. Lil Miss Savage says:

    gotta get me a nipple belt

  17. Danang Wijoyokusumo says:


  18. Sky Wentz! says:

    The first one is basicly American Horror story Asylum

  19. Justin Stojanoski-pearson says:

    My dildo sometimes buzzes and throbs all by it self. I’m a bit worried

  20. Mathsux954 says:

    i watch these in the bright day time, made the mistake too many times to get the idea to watch these at like 2am

  21. Lark88 says:

    I actually like The Shining mini series better than the movie.

  22. tufgbh w says:

    this video is absolutely horrible..
    you spoke 100% out if your ass..
    for example psycho nor Norman Bates were based on ed gein, Alfred hitchcock literally said he thought up Norman Bates on his own.. it literally had NOTHING to do with Ed Gein.. this video is pathetic.. stop spreading ignorance..

  23. Bevin Baskin says:

    whoa. i didn’t know the shining was based on a true story 😵👀

  24. Pankaj Kumar says:

    have watched all!!!

  25. Tessi Skye says:

    #1 completely relates to American Horror Story’s character bloody face.
    Please do a video based on how AHS is based on true events!

  26. Patrick T. says:

    A supernatural presence doesnt explain the door latching. if a door wont latch, it wont latch. How does a ghost closing the door as oppose to a person make it latch?

  27. J Bro says:

    I’m very surprised they never made a film about Ronnie DeFeo and his family. They were the original owners of the house in Amityville before the Lutz’ bought it. He killed his whole family because the demons in the house told him to. I think it would make such a creepy film.

  28. Aleciia Star says:

    When he was reading number 1 I started crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Hexecutioner says:

    I’m just gonna say this, I prefer the version of " The Hills Have Eyes" where it has military personnel instead of a family….Just more intense to see military personnel getting their asses kicked by cannibals.

  30. Leah Smith says:

    There’s one part about Wolf Creek (another based on a real story) I have a problem with. The main theme is about what happened to the girls. Now if the guy was the only survivor, how could the movie be about the girls if he never saw anything that happened to them?

  31. Cair Channing says:

    How do you collect enough nipples for a belt?

  32. Karbang Damin says:

    your voice is so melodious…..

  33. Jenny Tang says:

    5:45 that outrageous punishment though

  34. Josh Byrne says:

    A belt made from nipples? What the actual fuck?

  35. Shabba dabba says:

    Ed Gein!!!! As in gain!!!!! What’s the world coming to if we can’t even pronounce the names of psychotic freaks correctly. Sheesh!

  36. Harley Hoffman says:

    i’m related to ed gein
    no joke i’m serious

  37. MJW238 says:

    Some of these "true stories" are just urban legends.

  38. Madie and Company says:

    father thomas dude was in BuzzFeedBlue Unsolved !!! ryan and shayne met them !!!!!

  39. PhereTaggs says:

    Tropic Thunder
    The Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen)

    The parody movies that parallel modern day real life events 😐

  40. Sam Koubaisy says:

    Can’t English people just speak with an American accent? Their accent is really annoying.

  41. Mike Oxlong says:

    Not sure about the other but the Sawny Bean legend is just that. To claim it was a true story is silly.

  42. Lily rain says:

    Nipple belt

  43. Eric Sebastian says:

    Wait Sawney Bean Sounds Familiar …. I see its a Fuckin Easter Egg in Attack on Titan Anime
    i forgot which eps is it, but I Remember one of the protagonist gave a name to 2 of the captured titan as Sawney and Bean,
    Also the protagonist told the backstory of why she made up Sawney & Bean

  44. Karbang Damin says:

    this is so interesting….can you do it more

  45. Jono says:

    I heard the hills have eyes was based on the same family but in America at a nuclear test site in navada I seem to remember – google it , and google the hills have eyes 2

  46. Nami Nom says:

    The conjuring was also based on true events

  47. Hotdogdog says:

    fuuuuuck dude i remember watching the hills have eyes when i was little. that fucked me up

  48. Lilian Leclerc says:

    Integrity design two old narrative one helicopter.

  49. Joseph DeSoto says:

    won’t be able to sleep now… tinder me

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