5 Horror TV and Movie Themes in a Major Key

5 Horror TV and Movie Themes in a Major Key

Featuring ‘major key’ versions of themes from the following:

The X-Files (1993) Complete version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTRXOnbuJVM
Halloween (1978) Complete version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Wa_O7Hb1s
Saw (2004) Complete version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cAlbLXuS-s
The Exorcist (1973)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Complete version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuzqafWDSWI

Produced by Ian Gordon: http://iangordon.bandcamp.com

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50 Responses to 5 Horror TV and Movie Themes in a Major Key

  1. Choji Fan says:

    Exorcist sounds like pokemon :3

  2. Bionicleman 64 says:

    my Favourite is the Exorcist one

  3. The King of the Penguins says:

    X-Files sounds like one of those openings for an old 80s or 90s VHS played in class

  4. Yesterday I asked you says:

    saw major plays


  5. Sherbert The destroyer says:

    Saw actually sound badass in major

  6. Own A Hole says:

    When the bad guys become the heroes and save the world.

  7. Harry Oldaker says:

    Halloween sounds like 90’s kids adventure movie trailer

  8. Aidan Mercer says:

    The X Files: When your playing hide and seek and you’re hiding.
    Halloween: When you’re looking for your phone but you can’t find it and start to panic.
    Saw: When you’re being chased by a deadly girl who wants to fill you with her love but if she does that, you die.
    The Exorcist: When you’re walking home in the dark cold night and it REALLY dark.
    Nightmare on Elm street: When you’re being haunted by a nice little girl who likes you and wants to play a game with you.

  9. Crocoshark says:

    I now how to play the Halloween theme on piano normally, but how would you play it on a major scale?

  10. lurk slc says:

    These all sound like they are introducing a new product or something.

  11. Jordan Powers says:

    The Exorcist sounds like something from a 90’s romantic comedy

  12. At Bz says:

    The exorcist sounds like when the priest comes to the house, and sees the girl celebrating Christmas through her window.

  13. Suitor LP says:

    This all sounds like the Music for an Epic RPG

    X-Files = Menu theme
    Halloween = City Theme
    Saw = Battle theme
    Exorcist = Shop theme
    Nightmare on Elm Street = Credits

  14. Choji Fan says:

    the x-files one sounds like an old kid show :3

  15. Mia the killer says:

    Self reminder: Elm Street as Credits roll

  16. Skydoes Minecraf says:

    These all sound like stock imovie songs

  17. Ruan Coetzee says:

    Halloween major key sounds like The Emirates Airlines tune.

  18. Nick Bartilucci says:

    Exorcist sounds like a movie intermission

  19. Bollog Nyessy says:

    halloween sounds like the emirates airlines landing music

  20. Celticsorcerer 1 says:

    Freddy Krouger: giving kids good dreams

  21. Sharp Shot EFX says:

    Elm St still sounds ominous. It’s like the end of the first one when everything looks like it’s fine and then the car turns into Freddy

  22. xSaraxMxNeffx says:

    the x files one sounds like chariots of fire a bit
    haloween feels like trans siberian orchestra material
    Saw sounds like some kind of hip hop backtrack
    the exorcist sounds like some cheery music box
    nightmare on elmstreet is what they’d play at the end of an epic jrpg game

  23. Beastnuke Gaming says:

    A good dream on Elm street

  24. Smaug The Legit says:

    List of Songs:
    1. The Y Files
    2. Christmas
    3. Wood
    4. The Priest
    5. The Dream on Elm Street

  25. Cory the Norm says:

    Miracle on Elm Street

  26. Gonzalo Silva says:

    Jigsaw: "Hello viewer, I’d like to play a game. Throughout all your years here on this world you may have made some mistakes that you have come to regret. Do not worry, now you have the chance to make your former issues right by selecting one of these gifts to one of your former adversaries. This is a chance for a new bonding. Live without the fear of dying, you have the choice."

  27. Choji Fan says:

    and the SAW one

  28. Escrilecs says:

    They sound like 8-bit versions

  29. fidget spinners are rad says:

    halloween sounds like the weather channel!

  30. Shadow Hikari says:

    They all sound like cheezy 80’s commercials

  31. Deenowze says:

    Nightmare on elm street could be a tune from Zelda!!

  32. Justine Mcgraw says:

    These all sound like talk show openings.

  33. Rosa Spaulding says:

    Halloween’s sounds like a background song you’d hear in an early 2000’s Barbie movie and i love it

  34. Cory the Norm says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street sounds like it’s from Super Mario Galaxy.

  35. Escrilecs says:

    They sound like 8-bit versions

  36. Pepe says:

    The Halloween one sounds like Orion by Metallica

  37. L00PdeL00P's Channel says:

    Imagine the movies that would go with these themes.

  38. MrFatso128 says:

    it sound inspiration

  39. NINLAS Ringer says:

    Saw sound like a Chinese movie background

  40. Brandy Akimova says:

    well, this is adorable

  41. NoiceCream2 says:

    sims loading screen music

  42. Tea Tea says:

    These are all cool. I really love the X-Files one. 😀

  43. DiamondGB says:

    X-Files: the tale of 2 FBI agents working hand in hand with advanced aliens to solve unsolved Earth mysteries with incredible ease.

  44. Just Michael says:

    Great, now saw is a 90s hospital drama

  45. chiffmonkey says:

    The X-mas-orcist.

  46. FkedUpMedia says:

    The very start of the Nightmare on Elm Street one reminded me of the Home Alone music that plays at the end of the film.

  47. Blau Punk says:

    Halloween sounds like Christmas

  48. Andhy Rheza says:

    the freddy version sound like romance

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