5 Scariest Short Horror Films To Watch Before Bed

5 Scariest Short Horror Films To Watch Before Bed

From a story based of an old Irish tale to a short horror film that went viral, we count down 5 of the Scariest Short Horror Films You To Watch Before Bed.

Watch It All: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiKFEwI5YrI&list=PLPwC8IubJH22erW63EqFPoNPYOKsSmAJl

Music by: CO.AG MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA

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49 Responses to 5 Scariest Short Horror Films To Watch Before Bed

  1. zuh says:

    I’m such a pussy lel, I paused as soon as he ended his sentence at 4:16

  2. Komekko San says:

    isnt there a movie called lights out? there is a creepy girl that carves wood or something

  3. Pennywise 1985 says:

    "She’s a Doll" needs to be on this list. Probably the best short film I’ve seen. At least recently.

  4. Matthew Chaisuwan says:

    How many times is the "There’s a monster under the bed" thing going to stop? Literally almost every film makers had this trope and it’s getting old as fuck, be more original instead of retelling the same old stories again and again

  5. Jonny V says:

    Don’t Move by BloddyCuts is really good.. u can see it on youtube

  6. nygiant1993 says:

    BOOOOOO!!!!! show the dam clips if they havent seen them by now their not going to nothing about this was scary about this video you should change you channel name not subbing for shit

  7. Nikki Dunkin says:

    mama is one of my fav movies

  8. Kb Vijayan says:

    I really like our short films.They are really good indeed,and very scary.And this film scared the hell out of me.

  9. EXTREME GT says:

    Welcome. You are now in the youtube section where you can be safe and happy.here have some 🍔🍗🍖🍕🍝🍟🌯🌮🍜🍡🍧🍨🍬🍮🎂🍰🍦🍭🍫🍿🍪.you’re welcome.this comment will make you feel better.

  10. Street Tbilisi says:

    Am I the only one who isn’t afraid to watch some horror shit like this before bed just cause it doesn’t scare me ?

  11. Abbe Lynn says:

    But two minutes is all you need to shit your pants

  12. xXComplexXx says:

    I LOVED LIGHTS OUT!!!! (^_^)

  13. Willy Matul says:

    on that darkside of YouTube again Xd

  14. C00l kidd says:

    that sckery
    sery wery

  15. Amorah Freeman says:

    Lily is a fuckin savage

  16. Cydney Ignots says:

    Alexia and Lights Out were the scariest by far. Heard the first story before so not as bad.

  17. connor davenporty says:

    Your not English

  18. makayla mcnay says:

    what none scared me because you cut out the scary psrts you idiot your so dumb

  19. Conrad says:

    about to go to bed to :>

  20. wetterdew says:

    I think Lights Out is the only one here that’s really good.

    Actually, Bedfellows is good, too. I just think the jump scare at the end was dumb.

  21. The Great Paw says:

    pugs rule…

  22. Alfred P says:

    ive seen alexa. I always thought she committed suicide which made the film scarier for me.

  23. Mimi Hart says:

    I haven’t watched the 4th one but I think coz you can’t see the guy. it’s not her husband

  24. Benjamin Bradford says:

    "Lights Out" actually got me. "The Little Witch" was cool n creepy.

  25. CyanideSurprise says:

    how can I download the thumbnail? I’m on note 5

  26. Bec Doolan says:

    Lights Out is awesome but scared the shit out of me.

  27. DB Fitness says:

    "But let me tell you that 2 and a half minutes is just what you need to shit your pants" I am literally dying XD the way you said that was perfect!

  28. F&L Flynn And Lucas says:

    Why is number 5 scary!

  29. Pokeeneerd 0826 says:

    what was so creepy about number 5

  30. Rubex Cyube says:

    3:49 O.M.G The Last One that names Lights Out. Seem super Terrifying. I literally just got the Chills by watching that Sneck Peck… And now I don’t know how to go Bed without Crying or Staying up all Night… Haha:(

  31. Abdelmassih Said says:

    Mama is so scary

  32. avaorchid says:

    ‘Vicious’ scared the hell out of me

  33. Kb Vijayan says:

    I really like our short films.They are really good indeed,and very scary.And this film scared the hell out of me.

  34. Şenol KİREÇÇİLER says:

    gdqwertyuio!m gfdx

  35. Toby B says:

    thanks for the recommendations- i’ve seen two of these before (Mama and Bedfellow), the others look interesting. i’ve always thought horror worked well as shorts- you need a good creepy concept and you’re away. in written form, horror has always been well suited to short form- all the greats of the past and present, i think, have written some of their best stories when creating a short story- from James, Poe, to King, short horror stories are usually more effective the novels.

  36. Cool Dude77 says:

    everyone is scared to click on the video thats why theres no views XD

  37. TzPreds says:

    Love your vids man. Keep it up.

  38. Robert the vlogger says:

    Do the alexia Facebook Page exist

  39. Raffyjeano Pascual says:


  40. Luke Sinclair says:

    The only one I actually saw in this list was "Lights Out"

  41. Şenol KİREÇÇİLER says:


  42. Cherry Nigger says:

    im watching this. at 1108 am

  43. TheKingOfPopGamer 19582009 says:

    The short films are not scary because you’re not even showing the jump scares

  44. Ryan Moakley says:

    Love your accent. Man

  45. Lady Creepypasta says:

    i just waked up and i watched this i’m 11

  46. Caesar Salad says:

    no videos in description? unsubbed and ive contacted local authorities XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  47. William Johnson says:

    What is the video in the from the screenshot on the video?

  48. shock turn says:

    you are right i shouldn’t have watch that👻👻👻👻

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