7 Nights of Darkness | Full Horror Movie

7 Nights of Darkness | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: 7 Nights of Darkness

On April 30, 2010, six reality television show contestants spent seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together some footage. The prize for staying all seven nights was a share of one million dollars that was to be split amongst any contestants that didn’t leave. No prize money was ever awarded.

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50 Responses to 7 Nights of Darkness | Full Horror Movie

  1. Lisa Lin says:

    Fuckin movie fucked actors I only hear noises nothing special

  2. Kristin Charboneau says:

    Entertaining..ty for posting!

  3. Bobbi Capehart says:

    This movie make me jump 3 times about it I tilling you it suck or good it OK😐

  4. Lord Straiton says:

    The point in the movie where your just waiting for everyone to die horribly………..

  5. Rakesh Mourya says:

    I like this horror film

  6. Elizabeth Schreuder says:

    20 mins in and not bored yet…surprisingly I’m glued to the screen..so far so good

  7. Akari Slays says:

    I saw this from redbox yrs ago when it 1st came out. Pretty good for its type & the did well to build up to the climax. Truly creepy sht.

  8. JHAIZZY SMITH says:

    why the blond in red keep screaming out loud and pretending to be brave and wanna talk to the spirits but keep screaming in a lil moving objects,,hahaha funny overacting hahaha!!

  9. Jack Ingle says:

    That chick sreaming is incredibly annoying. I’d give her to the ghost just to fucking shut her up. Either that or shove my dick in her mouth

  10. Dorothy Chambers says:

    Had some really good moments! For a low budget film this was really well done and yes made me jump a few times! I would give it a 7 out of 10 with the other low bugets horror movies that I have seen 🙂

  11. Taylor Hamlen says:

    There’s always that one blond girl, whether she is an actual blond or not. Meaning; there is always that character who acts in a ridiculous fashion and is so irritating, that almost everyone watching is hoping she’s the one to die first, and around half the time, she is. Then they’re the movies where she lives to the end, and people are glaring at the character and asking, sometimes aloud, "Why didn’t you die?". People always need at least ONE CHARACTER to hate, otherwise, it’s not as fun when they get either stabbed or slashed to little, bloody, squishy bits. It’s just too bad blonds tend to receive the shorter (and sharper) end of the stick.

  12. Latoya Matson says:

    You irritating loud mouthed, screaming every other word ass broad…..stop…shes the type that would give away your hiding spot in a home invasion…she literally yelled out every other word…

  13. jessy juggaloco says:

    Great movie. Must watch

  14. Row Floyd says:

    I hate the static jump scares damn it. Lol, good upload.

  15. Clare Quilty says:

    You could write this in your sleep, "Boo!"
    by "Boo!"

  16. Taylor Hamlen says:

    Also, John and Carter of Earth lol

  17. Sonia Thompson says:

    I wish the blonde didn’t scream so much

  18. Latoya Matson says:

    lmao "can you not scream please"…dude with the camera is officially my soulmate..thanks for telling her for me….call me boo!!!

  19. Sara Rummel says:

    worst movie ever !!!! the one girls screaming will drive you crazy

  20. Latoya Matson says:

    Im trying so fucking hard to watch this movie but I give up…..this bitch and her screaming are just too much…once she started screaming over the food i said screw it. It was getting pretty good. I just despise woman who constantly act like their scream queens. So when something serious happens and no one comes to help cuz all you ever do is scream, then thats your fault.

  21. Tiffin_Time says:

    only one slight gripe with this, is why did they not look at their cameras to confirm what they had seen? Besides that, this is a very, very good film. A lot of jump scares! well done and thanks for the movie Oh and watch all the way to the end

  22. Dena Lemay says:

    Dont waste ur time go find omar gosh on utube

  23. Epic 711 says:

    Well if this movie is so scary and u r alone in the middle of the night whaching this u won’t want to go pee by yourself so just sit in your bathroom and whach it I am sure u won’t find a head in your tolite

  24. Daimonomicon Saitanomicon says:

    Who’s watching now
    In 2017/October’s/♥

  25. hoffmanxgunnar says:

    God I’m only 25 minutes in and I already want the blonde bitch to fucking die

  26. Agba Oreva says:

    utter waste of some precious time. scary level: manageable. bye

  27. Dena Lemay says:

    The guy in the glasses and sweater is a controlling sissy jerk. Ur there to explorer.this film needs omar gosh and hos fam and not these losers.

  28. Joseph Cascio says:

    this was good for some good jumps,also it will make you add some emotion towards each contestant. Well played KoH,kept me involved start to end,well done.

  29. Gysele van Santen-Tomlinson says:

    lol I think they mean KS not KA @6:52

  30. ronald mclean says:

    its mut and jeff

  31. Naah Ghost says:

    more of a reality show than a movie

  32. Marik Ishtar says:

    Pretty good it would have been nice to see some blood at the end though

  33. fried rice says:

    Very good movie. Enjoyed it. No technical issues, video fine, audio not too low in volume and didn’t cut out. Good plot/script, been done before but still worked here. Characters were annoying, hard to like any of them, except maybe the cute brunette. Watch it.

    Thanks for uploading.

  34. Kibz says:

    Actually not to bad. The ghost girl herself wasn’t that scary, because the effect’s were kinda bad. But the movie itself was pretty creepy. I’m impressed, and I legit kinda got the creep’s. Especially with that last scene of that girl finding all the others down stairs, and then she see’s herself. It’s been done before but I found it creepy all the same. And the scene after the credit’s were that guy is watching them enter the house was interesting.

    The only thing that bug’s me(putting aside the fact it’s a horror movie) is how on earth did those two not hear the possesed girl in their room laughing when they’re asleep. Especially when she kill’s that guy with the camera?

  35. Wilda Shaw says:

    Watch all of it and it wasn’t that scary.Good movie.

  36. Lanh doan says:

    Reminds me of Grave encounters, Classroom 6, the gallows, Grave encounters 2, the tunnels, very good for a low budget, now someone make a 2nd one so we can see more, this time make it scarier, less demon girl more people standing in the corners of room with their backs turned towards the cam, its the freakest shit ever. Then slowly build it up with various scary moments, you got to toy with them big time and scare us shitless LOL.

  37. mani kumar says:

    i didnt find any horror

  38. S Shailesh says:

    Goddamn it…!! Such a great Horror movie…!! Jst gonna add this in ma bucket list…!! If u want to experience the horror feel better watch it at late nights..

  39. Andre' Hernandez says:

    The dudes are a bunch of Manginas.

  40. josh sabisch says:

    this is a real place I’ve been there and it really is haunted it really is abandon now I can’t say if this was a movie set up by Hollywood or this was found footage of the people who were there discovering this and died were murdered but it is a real place and it is awesome inside I’ve been through every room

  41. pratiksha pasayat says:

    horrible acting by dat blonde.. overacting..😫

  42. Stephan King says:

    C ee Bee your right not bad!

  43. Tanganyika Richardson says:

    At 59.59 why didn’t he leave the bathroom bs

  44. ghostlydomination music says:

    This is prolly the only movie that scared me, i applause you 🙂

  45. Wayne Ast says:

    annoying people who scream at the smallest thing. I will hang on just to watch them all disappear

  46. ChildGodess says:

    First horror film in years to truly get to me and make me need to cuddle up to my bf to feel safe enough to go to sleep. Well done, well done. ^_^;

  47. Bryan Cook says:

    This has been done already that movie grave encounters

  48. Olav Langli says:

    Great movie but then again when you make 700 of them you have to get one right.. well three,lets not forget grave encounters.. BUT THE REST SUCKS MORE THEN PORN(story wise)

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