7 terrifying short horror films from SIMPLY SCARY PODCAST illustrator and CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS animator DAVID ROMERO. Please take our *NEW* survey for CTFDN: The Animated Series! Your feedback is important! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FDYBRPG CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF DAVID ROMERO AND CTFDN? HELP FUND OUR NEW ANIMATED SERIES, PRODUCED BY BOTH OF US! DETAILS HERE: https://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/animated/ KICKSTARTER BEGINS 2/15/2017! Featuring a bevy of the following spine-tingling selections from Romero’s career as a freelance illustrator / animator: 0:00:23 Midnight Snack 0:05:25 Other Lily 0:10:37 Pine Devil 0:12:52 The Nightmare 0:14:49 The Woodsman 0:16:21 The Corpse Planet 0:17:02 Gargoyle Requieum See the full cast and credits at the end of each film. Film © David Romero Presented courtesy of David Romero * * * * * * * * * DID YOU KNOW? Chilling Tales Dark Nights is preparing to crowdfund the first ever interactive, fully-animated horror anthology television series in 2017, with a Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com) project beginning in February 2017! FOLLOW THE PROJECT HERE! https://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/animated/ Join illustrator/animator David Romero, CTFDN creator and director Craig Groshek, and executive producer/co-director Jesse Cornett as they take YouTube’s highest-quality horror entertainment channel to the next level. Kickstarter begins February 15, 2017 ★ ★ ABOUT ANIMATOR / FILMMAKER DAVID ROMERO ★ ★ David Romero’s staff page at the Simply Scary Podcast: http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/staff/david-romero/ Blog: http://corpseplanet.blogspot.com/ Tumblr: http://cinemamind.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CinemamindDavid Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cinemamind/ DeviantArt: http://cinemamind.deviantart.com/ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user9481354 * * * * * * * * * * * * BECOME A PATRON TODAY! SUPPORT US AND GET ACCESS TO DOWNLOAD 500+ HD STORIES, SHORT FILMS AND MORE! TAKE THE TOUR NOW! http://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/tour/ ★ ★ ABOUT CTFDN ★ ★ We are a premium horror themed storytelling and short horror film team with 650+ audio productions under our belts, 160K+ YouTube subscribers and 16+ million video views. Our team includes professional and volunteer audio engineers, voice actors, editors, authors, graphic designers, composers, filmmakers and more! For advance access to our new productions plus bonus material, livestream events, direct access to our team, and more, sign up for our Members Area now! https://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/tour/ Turn on the Dark. ► OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com ► MEMBERS AREA TOUR: http://www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com/tour/ ► FB: http://www.facebook.com/chillingtalesfordarknights ► TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/chillingtaleswi SELECT PLAYLISTS ★ New to CTFDN? Start here: http://bit.ly/1PDTfvz ★ Nightmare Fuel: http://bit.ly/1JCgBgz ★ Celebrity Guests: http://bit.ly/1KSZJTT ★ Classic Horror: http://bit.ly/1NESq8m ★ Frightening Films Fridays: http://bit.ly/1KT01du ★ CTFDN Live: http://bit.ly/1JCv8xn ★ Short & Shivery: http://bit.ly/1NESp4i ★ 100K+ View Club: http://bit.ly/1VjKZVv ★ Writing Contest Winners: http://bit.ly/1PDTaIo ★ Teaching & & Educational: http://bit.ly/1Eo1oUh animation, animated, illustrated, animator, illustrator, illustration, horror story, scary story, horror film, scary film, movie, HD, high definition, hi-def, 1080, 1080p, high-def, David Romero, Pine Devil, Jersey Devil, animated series, Gargoyle, stop motion, Tim Burton, Corpse Planet, zombie apocalypse, nightmare, nightmares

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48 Responses to 7 TERRIFYING ANIMATED HORROR FILMS | 1080p HD Illustrated Short Stories | PRODUCED BY DAVID ROMERO

  1. m0d!f!edm0m322 says:

    at first I thought it was a potato

  2. Raeyne Jaymeson says:

    The 1st was amazing. I wanted the old man to get out alive. But, the last one was just plain lousy.

  3. K- Discuss says:

    ain’t so much scary but SO MUCH jumpscareeee

  4. FnafTaleGang Seeds Pro says:

    I knew strait away in the first one that the thing the man took out of the wall was some sort of organ

  5. Stupid N' Simple says:

    Jesus Christ, when The Other Lily grabbed the kid by the face it scared me

  6. Eyeless Jack says:

    Creepy Tits Woman…RUN!

  7. Brenda Rivera says:

    i really felt bad for homeless man 🙁 i wanted him to make it out

  8. Madi Peterson says:

    midnight snack and other lily is my favorites 😊

  9. Kung Fu says:

    Ok the first three were amazing and then the rest were just like wtf is going on

  10. Stupid N' Simple says:

    The Other Lily one was terrifying

  11. Baconator Rock says:

    Best animation

  12. John The Nice Guy says:

    Dude! That hunter was no bitch! If he was going down, he was going down fighting!

  13. supreme awesomeness says:

    Trick in every horror movie: don’t go into the cabin; report to an asylum if you are having "problems".

  14. Rishav Deb says:

    wow…very much terrifying… i like this

  15. Mac Dancalan says:

    I thought that was a sweet potato. 🤦

  16. Dylan Schafer says:

    the poor old man

  17. MisterMinkz says:

    I’m watching this at night while I’m suppose to be sleeping. I’m an idiot

  18. Stupid N' Simple says:

    Aw, I feel bad for the homeless man.

  19. clashers United says:

    being mini elephant not good 4:46

  20. Lazy Dog says:

    is the girl in the second story dead or it was a dream?

  21. KalikaXX says:

    These are awesome! I can’t remember the last time a movie or anything has actually scared me, but I actually almost screamed! Please do more like this!

  22. joseph foster says:


  23. Karla Alava says:


  24. Alaena Tutor says:

    finds a dark hole that wasn’t there before. OHHHH A POTATO. five minutes later… NEVERMIND

  25. komori88 says:

    hmm was the hunter In the cabin fighting the Jersey devil?

  26. Spenser Farman says:

    What was that horse monster supposed to be?

  27. Kryciss John Quincy Grizzly Sam Adams says:

    i was expecting something "terrifying." lol. this was entertaining but nowhere near terrifying.

  28. stoneman472 says:

    I’m very distracted over the fact that somehow the gas in that old building is still on.

  29. Chilling Tales - True Scary Stories & Creepypastas says:

    Our Animated Series Kickstarter campaign is now live! http://kck.st/2l9X5XR

  30. fluffy the cat says:

    r.i.p homo guy (sniff)

  31. Roblox SuperStar says:

    This is creepy as heck!!

  32. waffle newks says:

    Wtf corps planet is not Evan scary

  33. Kloudthegamekiller says:

    Had that Exmortis vibe in the first film. Creepy.

  34. MisterMinkz says:

    My body length is bigger than my blanket length… Do I dare stick my feet out of the covers?

  35. mark Ribeiro says:

    The first one made me sad

  36. effooo2000 says:

    3:24 if the building is condemned to be demolished why is the gas still on?

  37. Thelevelized Gamer says:

    10:14 😂😂

  38. Kenshin Fajardo says:

    the hunter <3

  39. PujitaMega says:


  40. nishant nad says:

    according to me only 1st and 2nd stories were the best and scary !!!!

  41. TheWicked_Player says:

    some spooky shit up in this bitch

  42. WNahJk BAX says:

    can’t wait

  43. Eric Theng says:

    David Romero? Love this guy! Awesome works!!!

  44. Asyik Skyrides says:

    Ghost cant kill people, if they can then the human would already be gone from this world 😂😂

  45. Tracy Kane says:

    That redhead is what’s-her-face from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

  46. Honey Fly says:

    Im scared 🙁

  47. Markel Bannister says:

    The second one -Sleep paralysis af😂 but the lady Lily reminds of another girl from a show about foster kids I think with Blue etc…

  48. Becky Davies says:

    I prefer animated horror stories.

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