A. Friend (Award-winning short horror film)

A. Friend (Award-winning short horror film)

Home alone at night, a young woman is about to discover the other side of social media…

Seule chez elle la nuit tombée, une jeune femme reçoit une curieuse “demande d’amitié” par internet…

A Thinly Sliced Short
by Erwann Kerroc’h, Amaury Dequé and Guillaume Le Moal
Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II


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50 Responses to A. Friend (Award-winning short horror film)

  1. Hungry Hunny says:

    I thought her acting was superb. I felt like I was missing something I don’t mind an open ending but I feel like you could have taken it a little farther. Overall though great job!!

  2. 起床う圭敏 says:

    why in the *** world would she turn off her lights….

  3. Fun Guy says:

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way
    Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, I’ll stalk you on the subway. #AFriend

  4. Kirstie Gray says:

    Brilliant! I’d watch a full length feature of this. Great idea!

  5. Corrupted Archangel says:

    I don’t usually say this on horror shorts but you didn’t screw the ending up.

  6. Phantom Wind says:

    If it’s fb related, you know it’s gonna suck hard.

  7. Adam Kennedy says:

    Does this woman not have knives in her kitchen

  8. Shermia Johnson says:

    was this really award winning

  9. simon M says:

    you need something more original. nothing about selfies for god.

  10. Fatih Mehmet Hancı says:

    i think this is my favorite short on youtube

  11. Mike Rx. says:

    This is absolutely beautiful 🙂

  12. Trini Titty says:

    Holy shit, that was great.

  13. Anisa Faraj says:

    Who peed themselves a little bit?

  14. Johnny Larson says:

    Why would a stalker have a painting of Abraham just about to sacrifice Isaac?

  15. Spiros Koufos says:


  16. Mark X Carl says:

    220 sub. this gave me the creeps

  17. ornella aribam says:

    for the umpteenth time, lock the fucking door!

  18. wildwesleywest says:

    this wasn’t too bad. but honestly the girl does what so many people do in horror films, do a bunch of stupid stuff that gets em killed. it makes horror so much less appealing honestly. if I was her, I would have grabbed a knife, kept the lights on so I could see where the guy was, lock the door, she did SO many things wrong. but that’s par for the course for horror I suppose.

  19. Sana K says:

    Good horror movie, I didn’t understand what happened at the very end because it happened in a quick flash.

  20. YoYoFredo says:

    Wow this was really effective… Great job! Loved the "realness" of it with the use of Facebook

  21. High Performance Gamers says:

    this would make a good horror movie

  22. DannyDoo says:

    i hope this doesn’t happen in real life it was real scary and the idea that it closely related to social media and how it could be used for something this horrifying disturbs me even more and the acting was perfect the camera view was also pretty good not like shaky and stuff plus the background when the credit pops up was very disturbing too great work keep it up and have a great day ^_^

  23. Carmela M says:

    Finally! A horror movie without blood, gore, monsters, or jumpscares. Good job.

  24. New Direction says:

    Loved your short!
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    Don’t miss out on your chance to win $1000!

  25. Cheyenne G says:


  26. Matthew Snook says:

    original and tasteful. I like it.

  27. jamie hannah says:


  28. Ka F says:

    Great stuff! And that’s why Facebook is creepy…

  29. TERRAMOUNT says:

    very nice!

  30. Surner Singh says:

    so the paparazzi won’t leave her right?

  31. mezuki64 says:

    I’m coming to get u Barbara – PT

  32. Lance Leo says:

    what cam did yall shoot with?

  33. CMS says:

    Holy shit. FANTASTIC.

  34. Kaustuv Pal says:

    bull shit crap fucking story………………..how did u win the award!!

  35. Artist 11 says:

    ahhh …the mouse hover….confirm or delete….confirm or delete…..we’ve all done that 😉 This was very good!

  36. Ashton Steelman says:

    I love short horror films like this, great job!! 👍

  37. Megan Michaels says:

    this shit creeps me out most because it can happen

  38. bill mither says:

    205th subscriber! Great movie! I loved it

  39. God of Thunder Designs says:

    Really, really good!

  40. Ale x floppy Ale x flippy says:

    Very good

  41. Elizabeth Wolfe says:

    It was a really great film.

  42. Lucie B Lindner says:

    This was really creepy!! Well done!

  43. Stephanie Salehi says:

    Really good! Clever story and well done!

  44. always luvedtobeluved says:

    Good from beginning till the end. No awkward ending like half of these short films have

  45. hatednyc says:

    Superbly done. This was awesome in so many ways!

  46. dani brt boss jovanovic says:


  47. Dave Dussault says:

    Her friend calling her Lily in the chat threw me off a little. Other than that, pretty creepy and effective short.

  48. SIMoN McBEE says:

    Hey, you guys ever start filming?

  49. Tristan Spears says:

    Clever! I like it.

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