[Abstain] [Update #7] [Preloader 0.2, Main Car, Asylum, New Weapons, Props]

[Abstain] [Update #7] [Preloader 0.2, Main Car, Asylum, New Weapons, Props]

Update #7 of the Shooter Horror Game [ABSTAIN]
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7 Responses to [Abstain] [Update #7] [Preloader 0.2, Main Car, Asylum, New Weapons, Props]

  1. Reptile852 says:

    I dislike the menu design and buttons, they don’t really match the game in my opinion. Perhaps something simpler, or more advanced? Other than that, great!

  2. MrAhoy says:

    Hi, nice update btw how did you make that preloader and progress loading bar?

  3. DownFall says:

    hey im making a game PLEASE can you help me with main menu U are AMAZING AT THAT URS Looks awesome . 

  4. jacob bolam says:

    Hi I was just wondering if we could speak on Skype I have some problems that I think you could help me with 😀 by the was I have the realistic FPS prefab from the assetstore :p

  5. ThunderWire Games says:

    jacob boolan: Thanks for the Comment.
    you can see the video on Azuline Studios: Adding Weapons to the Realistic FPS Prefab (with annotations)

  6. jacob bolam says:

    Please do a tutorial on how to add weapons and other items to the realistic fps prefab 🙂

  7. Mawskeeto says:

    Very nice! How did you make sound echo in the asylum?

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