Alexia – Horror short film

Alexia – Horror short film

Horror short film by Andrés Borghi from Argentina (
Premiered on the “Terrorificamente Cortos” film festival in October 2013.

-First prize, 14th Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre film festival (Argentina, Nov 2013).
-First Prize, Festival de Marcos Juarez (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Audience Award, 9º Festival Aurora (México, Mar 2014)
-Audience Award, Festival Mil Gritos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Third Prize, Horrible Imaginings Festival (U.S.A., Oct 2014)
-Third prize, Pehuencortos (Argentina, Mar 2014)
-Third Prize, La Noche del Cortometraje (Argentina, Dec 2013)
-Best Sound, Festival internacional de cine de Tapiales (Argentina, Dec 2014)

Official selection in these festivals:

-47° Sitges Fantastic Film Festival (Spain, Oct 2014)
-NOLA Horror Film Fest (U.S.A., Septe 2014)
-OZZU Film Festival (Italy, Nov 2014)
-Abertoir Horror Fest (England, Nov 2014)
-Fantaspoa 2014 (Brazil, May 2014)
-Mórbido Film Fest (Mexico, Nov 2014)
-28º Festival internacional de cine de mar del plata (Argentina, Nov 2013)
-Festival internacional de cine de Tapiales (Argentina, Dec 2014)
-Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana (Cuba, Nov 2014)
-Zinemazombie fest (Colombia, Nov 2014)
-Halloween Film Fest (Spain, Oct 2014)
-Festival Interiora 2014 (Italy, Oct 2014)
-Festival Acocollona’t 2014 (Spain, Oct 2014)
-VIII Festival de Cine Underground (Argentina, Oct 2014)
-Serbian Fantastic Film Festival (Serbia, Oct 2014)
-Festival Post Mortem (Mexico, Oct 2014)
-2° Festival de cine Esteban Echeverría (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-Festival FAB 2014 (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-9° Festival Fesaalp (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-V Festival Fangofest Amposta (Spain, Sept 2014)
-Festival FLVR de Rosario (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-Tandil Cortos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Festival Mil Gritos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Festival Marfici (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Semana de Soria en Buenos Aires (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Mendoza Rojo Sangre (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Festival de Marcos Juárez (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Fantosfreak 2014 (Spain, Jul 2014)
-Cryptshow 2014 (Spain, Jul 2014)
-36º Jornadas Uncipar (Argentina, Apr 2014)
-IV Fanter Film Festival (Spain, Mar 2014)
-Pehuencortos (Argentina, Mar 2014)
-9º Festival Aurora (México, Mar 2014)
-La Noche mas Corta (Argentina, Dec 2013)
-Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre º14 (Argentina, Nov 2013)
-Festival de cine de terror y fantástico de Peligros (Spain, Oct 2013)
-Sustefest (Mexico, Oct 2013)
-Terrorificamente cortos (Spain, Oct 2013)

Director and screenwriter: ANDRÉS BORGHI
Director of photography: JULIÁN BATISTUTA
Production Designer: MARCELO VALIENTE
Production company: ESTRELLA INFERNAL
All rights reserved.

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50 Responses to Alexia – Horror short film

  1. bro Sam Dan kid the cool guy says:

    do part 2 do part 2

  2. M RIZAL HANUN says:

    best of best!

  3. Earthly Heaven says:

    This is what happens when you play too much minecraft xD

  4. indra lesmana says:

    Seraaam vroh

  5. Bahar Damercheli says:

    what was the point?

  6. Elizabeth Walker says:

    This was EXTREMELY good. Superb camerawork, superb FX, great acting — nice job.

  7. Sam's luvin says:

    doesn’t matter still counts

  8. Faith Fortune says:


  9. ujjwal choudhry says:

    The only short film which says it’s Horror and is a bit horror on YouTube… remaining all that I have seen are waste!!..

  10. UnfortuneMelody says:

    you know a horror film is great when it scares you shitless even with the sound off.

  11. Q_Cumber says:

    blame mark zuckerburg

  12. Kiril Totev says:


  13. Alexia Perez says:

    dont unfriend me

  14. Amanda Eklund says:

    this reminds me of the movie: unfriended😨😨

  15. Messe Top says:

    i have a story for short horror movie

  16. Lasey Taa says:

    serem banget njirr

  17. Christina says:

    This is so well made! What a great piece of art.

  18. Random-ness Intensifies! says:

    Oh no it’s the memz Trojan!

  19. Jerkabobber says:


  20. Sunil Chaudhari says:

    I want to download this. from where should I?

  21. Werder Bremen says:

    Wer kommt von Multi?

  22. Vishnu Kj says:

    awesome……..i almost turned the volume to zero….creapy crazy..whooo…

  23. Gammeli says:

    omg this is amazing

  24. Dolphin Girl 131410 says:

    So you CAN make good films set online…

    Funny, how this short was so good but Unfriended was so shit.

  25. jose herrera says:

    I don’t get it!!! but regardless bitches are always crazy, dead or alive

  26. Egg Head says:


  27. TheBoredomBlaster says:

    ¡Ai ai ai!

  28. Muhammad Fernanda says:

    why ghost can hack a pc?

  29. kritika sharma says:

    m an Indian..have been on short horror films watching spree lately..this is by far is the best

  30. Alicia Corredor says:

    Una pasada. Es verdaderamente terrorífico.

  31. XxFaceless GhoulxX says:

    Well I was planning on sleeping, but not anymore….

  32. Campanella says:

    Going fullscreen. Wish me luck.

  33. FRANKIE says:

    jooder, como el usuario 666

  34. Puneet Bansal says:

    not scared

  35. paula romero says:

    al fin encuentro un film de terror de mi pais que si me dio miedo 🙂

  36. Joseph Mateo says:

    5:48 "Mira my house is haunted we’re not going back inside without a pastor."
    "Que tu estas hablando mi amor?"
    "No you’re right we need call Francis google the pope’s number"
    "Cono que estas pasando?!"
    "Mira Conyaso! Mujer tu no entiendes que hay un demonio que quieres chuparme."
    "Oh, hay un otra mujer"
    "Hay pero tu es un maldita loca… Sabes que? Si hay un orta. Sube a mi casa arranquela una nueva"
    "OOOOOOOO Tu vas a vir donde estas esa puta"
    "En mi casa, que la pases bien"
    "Y ahora adónde vas!?"
    *Speed walking away* "I’m sleeping in a Church tonight bitch"

    My spanish is bad but enjoy.

  37. prayiN says:

    why do spanish speaking people always write jajajaja when they are laughing?

  38. Alejandra Granados says:

    Felicitaciones! Muy buena la direccion

  39. Sean Stark says:

    yea, Alexia is a real cunt ain’t she! get over it, Alexia!

  40. luis figo says:

    Hello… Welcome to safe place.. We have popcorn and marshmallow 😄

  41. Eddio PinaR says:

    Me encantó, quiero felicitar al director de este corto.. EXCELENTE…

  42. Michele Galli says:

    cross hact?

  43. TheIciestCream says:

    Since I speak English, it would have been a little better if everything were in English and not just the subtitles (since I had to keep looking down at them). Other than that, I thought it was awesome!

  44. DeaTh112 says:

    Wow, just amazingly well done!

  45. Alexia Cristòbal says:

    Como cuando te llamas Alexia xdd

  46. Abhishek Reddy says:


  47. Emma El Laya says:

    scroll for see the comments 1st

  48. SUPER STAR says:


  49. Mitch Bookey says:

    damn that’s an ugly bitch

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