Alone In The House – Short Horror Film

Alone In The House – Short Horror Film

Synopsis: What would you do if you were home alone in the middle of the night and heard banging at your closed bedroom door? Emma is paranoid from hearing strange noises while alone in the house. When no one believes what you hear, how do you cope with your own fear? Production: This film was produced in 14 weeks from concept to screen. One of the main challenges was finding a big enough house where horror films typically take place in. House sizes are very small in London so we ended up using a refurbished spacious Victorian house in Lincoln! Equipment: Sony A7Sii. Zeiss Batis 25mm f2 & 85mm f1.8, 55mm 1.8, 35mm 2.8 lenses. Kooletron DSLR slider. Aputure lighting kit. iPhone. Monopod. Tripod. Sennheiser MKE 600. Rode boom pole. Sennheiser headphones. Cast & Crew: Emma – Geena Marshall Kevin – Alexander Doddy Production Assistant – Zac Grego First Assistant Director – Raees Gillani Original Music By – Oliver Gibson Jazz Soundtrack By – Visual Effects – Jake Jay Eden Written By – John Cowdell Directed, Produced and Edited By – Shanil Kawol Social: Subscribe – Website – Facebook –

Short Horror Movies Rating: 6/10

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22 Responses to Alone In The House – Short Horror Film

  1. Alexander Doddy says:

    love it 😀

  2. Karisma Kawol says:

    Loving the sound effects and the suspense! I was spooked!

  3. Police Pug says:

    Dem eyebrows Doe

  4. LaNoche Con frio says:

    Buena fotografía y buenos planos, pero un final poco original

  5. Aurora Castro says:


  6. Brad Russo says:


  7. Jackobhaunted Master says:

    Nice, Short Film, really spooky^^

  8. Khaleid Radwi says:


  9. John Ninnis says:

    Great short film.

  10. Richard Wu says:

    what then afterwards

  11. slaya2006 says:

    Every fucking short horror movie on youtube is the fucking same.

  12. Yuchiro Horai says:

    Wtf… My Tiny tiny Little heart.

  13. Nathaly Hermes says:

    Very nice! I loved it! I kept me on edge X-D

  14. Victor Perry says:

    So amazing!!!

  15. Troy Woods says:

    do you maid if I can share this video on reaction ecomog media group

  16. moses knows says:

    Much to like here… I browsed and subscribed for future updates… If you have a sec. give my channel a look, eclectic I guess, with the perspective of a filmmaker… Checkout my lil horror shorts, "WHITE BEAR"S NIGHTMARE" and "FRIGHT HOUSE"…
    Thanks so much, Moses…

  17. 5howtime Music says:

    this is so great

  18. Oriol lacuesta says:

    like quien venga por el video de fargan

  19. VideoAllanPoe Productions says:

    Well shot and pretty well acted…
    Thanks, Vapp……….

  20. Brad Russo says:


  21. HolyFire Arsonist says:

    The movie itself is nothing much,i’d say it’s very familiar and not special.but i really liked the acting, (which is rare to me) especially here at 2:37. natural and great,nice skills.

  22. Leila Jordan says:

    if you’ve seen one of these films you’ve seen ’em all (pretty young girl alone in house with phone, dim lighting,  stupid ‘scary’ music, jump scares etc) yet still I keep watching dammit. Mainly in the vain hope that finally there’ll be something different

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