ALONE (Short Horror Film)

ALONE (Short Horror Film)

ALONE (SHORT HORROR FILM) written and Directed by DAMAINE RADCLIFF starring Candice WIlson .

Shot on Dvx 100
Edited by Me in Final Cut studio.


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49 Responses to ALONE (Short Horror Film)

  1. Ducky productions says:

    Who just lets the fridge door open and not get any food out of it?

  2. Myles Evans says:

    Dope!! I see I’m several years late but great job! Did sound effects and music come from Final Cut as well?

  3. Mitchell Guittar says:


  4. Timothy Paul says:

    Black scream?

  5. H.A.W.K Entertainments says:

    hello sir, your shortfilm was wonderful.. we are from hawk entertainments team coud you please watch our videos too your view and subscription helps a lot thankyou sir..

  6. robert lumbo says:

    he had the Anonymous mask didnt he?

  7. Artist 11 says:

    That was good πŸ‘

  8. Troplr says:

    She left the back door unlocked, then the garage door, then the car doors…Carelessness killed the bitch.

  9. Bryan Davis says:

    Dang V for vendetta part 2

  10. Destiny Cifuentes says:

    scared the crap out of me!

  11. KoalaLover25 Alexander says:

    The "ANONYMOUS" scared me at final

  12. Victor Duarte says:

    Well, I lost my time… Thank you.

  13. Angela T says:

    You need to pay more attention to who you cast and their acting ability….

  14. Michael Warner says:

    Awesome movie

  15. buzzardneckseahag says:

    Great short movieπŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  16. Cathy Shepard says:

    Who just lets their tv go to static?!

  17. 1970sthrowback says:

    6.34 – I’d be breaking into her back door

  18. M Cormanes says:

    very good ! could be better and voice of killer over the phone was too clear ..very good plot ..all the best in your
    future projects..

  19. Robin B. Czar says:

    The "did you lock the back door" on the phone reminds a little of SCREAM. But great soundtrack!

  20. Shadow Force says:

    well that was huge cliche fest.

  21. TheRealGunfish says:

    everytime they pick up the phone i expect: "Have you checked the children?"

  22. TheUnatuber says:

    Has this chick ever heard of TURNING ON THE LIGHTS???

  23. β€’ thatgirlthateveryonehates β€’ says:

    Bitch I’m out 😧😳😳

  24. Devin Freestyles says:

    she says she hates being in that house its like a horror movie, yet she’s watching Halloween

  25. Anonymous says:

    Spoiler warning: She gets killed by a computer hacker in the end.

  26. Dawson Foor says:

    great film

  27. Dina Helena says:

    well played, ty.

  28. White Chocolate says:

    1:16 her leg if you look at it close enough it looks creepy/ weird

  29. Roslynn Mckoy says:

    Good horror film keep me on the edge of my seat

  30. Ψ§ο»·Ω…ΩŠΨ±Ψ© سوسو says:


  31. Samira Islam moon says:

    creepy s**t

  32. Penguin. says:

    But the ghost just wanted a beer… πŸ™

  33. S James says:

    Good job man!!!

  34. De HeloΓ­sa para meninas says:

    very good 😨😨😨

  35. SwaggyMcCoolBadAssBateman says:

    Rating R 18+

  36. Eu sou uma Alien says:

    v’s mask🌚

  37. BlackVeilHarle says:

    Can you get to your car? How they know if she even got a car? And ain’t no dispatcher bouta tell you to go outside if somebody tryna get in yo house. And "can you spell death?" What kinda shit is this movie? Lmaoooooooo

  38. Adam Painter says:

    They never check the backseat…..why people, why don’t you check the freaking backseat.

  39. Moonlight Glow says:

    Great actress,filming,and very scary!!!

  40. shanna robins says:

    first y wld she watch a horror movie if she hates being alone?? n second I don’t get y was she killed,…. I wonder if it was her boyfriend that killed her……hmmm

  41. Sam Dilworth says:

    good short film

  42. GRasputin91 says:

    I was expecting the 1812 Overture to play after we saw the mask

  43. Mitali Saren says:

    nic one DAMAINE……

  44. Antonio Marcos Pedroso says:

    very good 😱😱😱

  45. Devin Freestyles says:

    the outcome of a scared black lady in a house alone, gotta love it!

  46. Stephanie Mullen says:

    I’m alone watching this shit!!! LOL……… Please somebody check on me and see if I am alive!!! Make sure your not talking to my killer!!!

  47. Eddy Titan says:

    She reminds me of Ciara.

  48. Gunita Soram says:

    loosers……that girl looks like a transgender WHOSE PENIS is being cut off and put on a plastic elastic VAGINA

  49. Stephanie Mullen says:

    Um I thought they said they was sending the police? The police suppose to be there when he got there. Plus who answer her phone and she dead? Just wondering!!!

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