Another Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Another Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Ever finish a good horror movie and can’t bring yourself to get up and turn on the lights, let alone let go of your pillow? No? Just us? Join as we count down our picks for another Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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50 Responses to Another Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

  1. Gunder Gaming says:


  2. Gunder Gaming says:


  3. Morindo Navarro says:

    Sinister is the only movie that scares me a lot. The sound effects tho and the volume’s so loud

  4. Matthew Hodges says:

    Seen 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, Annabelle, Silent House, Dead Silence. 1 Seen all of them alone wasnt even close to scared Number 1 shouldnt even be on this list it was the lamest one on this list that I have seen

  5. AD DP PJ Masks FTW DanielTiger FTL says:

    My enemy Trishtine always likes to watch Dead silence alone by himself every day and night! and it scares me! I hate dead silence! it’s been 10 years! and it’s still haunting me!

  6. Smashgunner says:

    adrenaline has a weird effect on me. i can’t feel pain under the "power" of adrenaline. makes me think i would make a great sacrifice in one of these movies.

  7. Brian Marrero says:

    Im only six i know its scary to you but im ok waching horor movies the rest of my family is scard hope you have fun dreaming :(😉😉 good luck dealing with the horor 😉good luck😈

  8. Mad Hatter says:

    The Babadook isn’t even scary

  9. ktpmackmar says:

    Shame on you for putting that abortion of a movie reboot that is Evil Dead on here. Bruce Campbell does not approve!

  10. Ukelele Kawas says:

    Drag me to hell is shit

  11. Tyler Blade says:

    The true thing that scare me is Watchmojo because if I don’t watch his video then I won’t know most of the horror films
    Thanks Watchmojo, you f *bip* me

  12. Gael Ramirez says:

    am I the only one that thinks the blair witch project should’ve been #1?

  13. billy bob says:

    anyone out there that can tell me what the preview pic is from

  14. nikki sheppard says:

    Chuck E

  15. ShaDoW GG says:

    dead silence was best . so i think it was

  16. Roy McMasters says:

    none of those are scary to watch alone. least of all the #1 pick.

  17. Trezeey says:

    Hide and seek is reminds me of the book on wattpad

  18. Calamity King says:

    Drag me to hell is more of a comedy then horror

  19. Black Goku SSR says:

    nothing scares me at all

  20. Ragabuf Ragsome says:

    only drag me to hell scared me and my girl all the others were poop insidious were ok but not scary why do they not bring one out where every 1 min there is a new scare for a hour or so that would be good you have to keep the scare rate up in my eyes or its just boring

  21. Esmerelda Emerson says:

    Ik Dead silence but i never seen the movie

  22. Natasha Klaarwater says:

    the babadook? :/ really?

  23. Dylan Mulkey says:

    a lot of these are surprising not scary

  24. ldhaley girl says:

    hide and seek is creepy

  25. Dan blakeslee says:

    Why does everyone think the Babadook is scary! It was so boring!

  26. Adam McKee says:

    I must be a fucking loner as I have watched both lists and have seen all but one of the films on both lists and only not seen 3 of the ones that I have seen on my own.

  27. Daniel Silva says:

    The Babadook at #1? Wtf. It was a stupid movie and defenitely wasn’t scary enough to be at #1

  28. Tomas Diaz says:

    i had to stop the video when i saw Drag me to hell… really? That movie is a joke ¬¬

  29. Brian Marrero says:

    I will not wach this alon 😥😥😥

  30. Clarka Kento says:

    creepy lingers much longer than jump scares ….

  31. nikolygtx says:

    i’m here to see what those movies are and scare myself watching them alone xD

  32. d1V1n3d says:

    i watch these alone especially. i mean its "horror" for a reason.

  33. Johnson Singh says:

    Babadook is such a cartoon movie,how poeples have chosen as no.1?sick. "lights on"!!!!!! sick poeple!

  34. Radu Ene says:


  35. W Import says:

    Anabelle? no wayyyyy

  36. Bribbs Green lit says:

    I am the biggest fucking baby ever and all of these made me wanna drown myself in a bucket of holy water

  37. Kevin Solis says:

    I’ve  watched all these alone.

  38. fnafguy fnaffan says:

    I can’t take the shining seriously

  39. Brian Marrero says:

    tru the kid is soooooo enoying when he screems can he just shut up 😎

  40. W.D Gaster says:

    4:35 I love it how Satan saved her from the train.

  41. mystic gaming says:

    evil dead is a good movie

  42. McMicromandi says:

    you shouldnt watch the cave alone either

  43. smithredhawk says:

    The Sixth Sense and Hide and Seek threw me for a loop

  44. Rodrigo Nocove says:

    Drag me to hell?? is it a joke??

  45. SuperSaiyanOreo says:

    You forgot "Unfriended"

  46. Apollo says:

    Insidious is such trash though…

  47. Clint Pittenger says:

    weak list….great movies but not that scary

  48. W.D Gaster says:

    4:35 I love it how Satan saved her from the train.

  49. Cope-N-Skoal 72 says:

    darkness falls

  50. K1llez 4 fun says:

    I’m pretty sure caving isn’t a real thing. That would be called spelunking

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