Another Top 10 SCARIEST Opening Scenes in Horror Movies

Another Top 10 SCARIEST Opening Scenes in Horror Movies


The opening scenes of horror movies that were designed to have audiences terrified from the very beginning. WatchMojo presents Another Top 10 Opening Scenes from Horror Movies. But which scene will take the top spot on our list, will it be from Night of the Living Dead, Twilight Zone: The Movie, or When a Stranger Calls? Watch to find out!

00:49 #10. Don’t Mess with a Gypsy from “Drag Me to Hell” (2009)
01:50 #9. Home Invasion from “You’re Next” (2011)
02:46 #8. Not Your Usual Club Scene from “The Collection” (2012)
03:48 #7. Keep Them Burning from “Trick ‘r Treat” (2007)
04:46 #6. Family Drama from “The Stepfather” (1987)
05:45 #5. Day at the Beach from “It Follows” (2014)
06:49 #4. Fire Safety from “Evil Dead” (2013)
07:49 #3, #2, #1 ????

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50 Responses to Another Top 10 SCARIEST Opening Scenes in Horror Movies

  1. Biraj Singha says:

    No. 2 – When a stranger calls (1979) opening 20 min is my best Scariest opening scene in a horror movie!!

  2. Aleksandra Egorova says:

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  3. Hancy Dude says:

    Why TF I keep watching this kind of videos on night

  4. xD_CLASHERS# says:

    Havent seen it yet hope that the blait witch is in it..

  5. Itai says:

    6:36 damn, my leg hurts now

  6. Nala, WTF says:

    Why does the guy in #8 look like Trevor Phillips?

  7. Super Cookie101 says:

    nice list 👍

  8. hiep nguyen says:

    I thing RINGS should be #1

  9. legendary lunatic97 says:

    Evil dead 2013 is a good movie like more than good, i actually like it a little better thsn the old one.

  10. KallUz says:

    0:36 nipple slip in the mirror

  11. Pheonix MELTDOWN says:

    evil dead looks amazing

  12. Jesse Hernandez says:

    I really feel like watching, "The stepfather now"!!!!!!!

  13. Любовь Юдина says:

    Wow! Brilliant!


    ive fucked ur bitch

  15. says:

    Check OUT some of the movies featured in this video:
    Drag Me to Hell
    The Stepfather
    When a Stranger Calls

  16. Jack Ballet says:

    666 comments?!? shit I ruined it…

  17. joonkim hyun says:

    8:47 haaa

  18. CRE8LSM says:

    G*psy is a slur.

  19. jammerc64 says:

    Strange choice. Where’s opening scene from A Nightmare On Elm Street? :/

  20. Michael Villarreal says:

    The classic when a stranger calls

  21. Sahin Düzgün says:

    Where are HALLOWEEN and SCREAM?

  22. Cid the Goblin says:

    3 was not scary at all.

  23. Gabriel Turek says:

    The car scene from "Twilight.." should be 1st

  24. LesslyBrown bs says:

    I like that black ops ass music in the background

  25. T@wesomE says:

    They are coming to get you mojowers!

  26. WMICx says:

    Adam wingard doesn’t know shit

  27. Luke Bowman says:

    The stepfather was awesome! I saw that at the movies in 1987! I fell old, but blessed I saw this in all of it’s glory!

  28. eivom says:

    The narration ruined the video so bland

  29. Michele says:

    The Collection looks a lot like Kolobos.

  30. Gemma Leone says:

    WTF? Albert Brooks?

  31. Bleach Windex says:

    holy shit i died laughing when she screamed


    i thought she was innocent

  32. Coner McGregor says:

    What was it when a kid hid in a cabinet and was trying to count to ten in order to make things better? Ive been trying to find this out forever.

  33. Shanty Orias says:

    what did candle say to the water

    read more

  34. Michael K Goode says:

    What about 28 Weeks Later? One of the best beginnings to a Horror Movie of all time. Classic! Bring on 28 Months Later already!

  35. Last Pagan says:

    You want to know how to trick people?

    Read more

  36. Zac Moore says:

    People seem to think the opening of When A Stranger Calls is the ending. Probably because it’s a ripoff of the end of Black Christmas.

  37. svavsv says:

    I’m sorry but none of these movies are of true horror but either slasher, torture, zombie movies or fairytales with demonic content. And pretty shit on top of that

  38. Aaron Gilmore says:

    I thought ‘the strangers’ had a great opening by showing the ending first and the mission boys discovering the carnage

  39. Nyan-Giraffe says:

    Jeepers Creepers 2 opening should be in the next one. That scarred me.

  40. Sarah King says:

    oh man..What about Freddy vs Jason (2003) where Freddy does his intro. "He may get the blood. But I’ll get the glory"

  41. LolitaDoChan says:

    I know the parents of the main male character of The Collector! They were teachers in my middle and high school. Sadly I never met Josh myself.

  42. Lilian Nicole says:

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  43. Zander Jacobs says:

    the only opening of a video that is scary is the opening of this video.

  44. Violant Mantis says:

    I love final destion I’ve seen all the movies

  45. Goatee Oclock says:

    Holy shit before I commented there was 666 comics.

  46. silverchicken20 says:

    It Follows was shit

  47. MR FAILURE 404 says:

    I am the best

  48. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    i loved The Stepfather the original 3…

  49. Dei Mono says:

    Wait. Was that Kristen Bell @10:14?

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