Another Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

Another Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

Another Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

Scariest masks to appear in horror movies, these are the faces killers hide behind. WatchMojo presents another top 10 masks to appear in the scariest movies. But which mask will take the top spot? The grinning masks from The Purge, The Doll Masks from The Strangers, or Sam’s Mask from Trick ‘r Treat? Watch to find out?

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00:39 #10. Frankenstein Mask from “The Funhouse” (1981)
01:28 #9. Owl Mask from “Stage Fright” [aka “Deliria”] (1987)
02:22 #8. Surgical Mask from “Eyes Without a Face” (1960)
03:08 #7. Wax Mask from “House of Wax” (2005)
03:54 #6. Animal Masks from “You’re Next” (2011)
04:44 #5. Sack Mask from “The Orphanage” (2007)
05:34 #4. Green Mask from “The Purge” (2013)
06:40 #3, #2, #1 ????

Big thanks to Mattyhull1, TheJackGaffney, Adam Vallance, DiscordsDestiny, Zander619, Ramny and Kim Holgado for suggesting this idea, and check out the original Top 10 list here:

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50 Responses to Another Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

  1. Thevlogingbannana Cecilthebannans says:

    You should of definitely put ‘smiley’ in this list!

  2. ApZe kawaii says:

    It the clown is my favourite but it isn’t rlly a mask

  3. xxJonboy76 says:

    What about the killer from Hush?

  4. Antonio Perea says:

    and love your vids

  5. Saibot- allie says:

    Archie the Clown 😀

  6. Love on rain drop says:

    1:56 Vanoss?!?

  7. Hannah Friedley says:

    I’m surprised my face isn’t on here.

  8. Jauzy says:

    So glad The Purge masks are involved, big fan of the series and I think it deserves a good spot

  9. prudy krieger says:

    never mind I just saw your first video and you put it in the last one and you already said strangers

  10. Psycho 2003 says:

    you forgot about the Valentine movie killer’s mask, the cupid mask

  11. spartan ahoo says:

    the strangers is very creepy

  12. J Key says:

    Another GODDAMN reminder why the living hell I can never fall asleep.

  13. Sargent Arch Dornan says:

    why would #1 even need to wear a mask and they talking about oh that Frankenstein mask

  14. Glitchy mimikyu EX says:

    I am only eight years old and I’m not scared

  15. David Martinez says:

    Doll face from the boy creeper me out

  16. prudy krieger says:

    WHAT about leather face

  17. Vega González García says:

    Being spanish I can’t help but cringe a little bit at her pronunciation of Tomás when "The Orphanage" came in…

  18. senitor 69 says:

    curse u deleira cuz vanoss has to change his name 😢😢😢

  19. Oska Ivanovich Smirnov says:

    Goddamn it. They casted Micheal Jackson in House pf wax. Gotta see the movie now.

  20. Theguy 12 says:

    In the description, it says "Green" mask not "grinning"

  21. Garbanzo Sharx says:

    "Owl mask" and they said something similar to delirious. You know what I’m thinkin

  22. Poteau alain junior says:

    hey how about valentine mask

  23. Ninja Rhino says:

    Leatherface’s mask should be #1

  24. Nigel Trotter says:

    3:15-Any movie that kills Paris Hilton is a great movie to me. 6:49-The most terrifying thing about that movie is the siren. That thing is pretty scary.

  25. little Ms psycho says:

    the owl mask reminds me of vanoss

  26. Darielis Vicente says:

    I liked it

  27. spartan ahoo says:

    the strangers is very creepy

  28. Sikkersoq Jensen says:


  29. Nick Fredrickson says:

    I didn’t see lady liberty mask from the third purge

  30. Clarence Peterson says:

    The House of Wax villain looks like Tommy Wiseau! That’s supposed to be scary?

  31. says:

    Check out some of the movies featured in this list!
    The Funhouse (Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray]
    The Orphanage
    The Purge

  32. Megan Pull says:

    the purge will happen because of Donald trump

  33. Birthday Block says:

    I think Your Next is sort of like a comedy to me.

  34. Daniel Swales says:

    Your mask

  35. Potato Fairy says:

    I believe I can fly
    I got shot by the FBI
    All I wanted was a chicken wing..
    A dollar eighty at Burger King..

  36. hey hey says:

    more hororr movie mask

  37. Manuel Magbanua says:

    the surgical mask isn’t even scary

  38. mat says:

    8:57 he looks like Jacket lol

  39. Attraxx Anati says:

    ghostface is pretty scary i think

  40. Ibbi Spooks says:

    What about Frank from Donnie Darko

  41. Ruth Delgado says:

    vanoss in owl mask haha

  42. Guilty Rabbit says:

    I’m still debating on watching some of these movies that I actually have! This just put me waaaaaay on the fence! 😅

  43. Antonio Perea says:

    why is Jason, and lether face not on their ?

  44. Mercedes Swiftie says:

    there this horrible movie I saw  some of called mask maker where this killer takes a persons face and wears it till they kill another person and so on (very stupid. don’t watch it.)

  45. XRgamingPlayz YT says:

    you forgot the movie goodnigth momy

  46. Skullplayer2 says:

    Thats how night owl became knight owl

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