Another Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills

Another Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills

Oh man, what a way to go. Join as we count down our picks for another Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills.Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re ranking all of the murders in our favorite horror movies that stood outside the norm.

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49 Responses to Another Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills

  1. HaydonGaming says:

    Is that little girl in Ghost Ship a young Emily Browning?

  2. Crato says:


  3. OXDAMANXO Gaming says:


    jk lol but why the black guy always dieing fam like he always gotta go 🙁
    Rip no racism intended

  4. Will C says:

    The wrong "Nightmare" is on here.

  5. Unbound 1AJ says:

    Da hels wrong wit ur voys todey

  6. Edwin Montes says:

    I actually saw ghost ship

  7. Andromeda Hadouken says:

    Haha, American Psycho!
    Such a good film. Hilarious & insanely quotable.
    I never rly thought of it as horror tho. It’s just badass. <3

  8. G̶͘͢͠L̛͠҉!̷̴T̶̴̛C̴̢͡H̨͠ says:

    Ghost ship is fucking nice.

  9. betatalk357 says:

    The motorbike death scene from Pet Semetary II.  Sci-fi: the laser room death scene from Resident Evil.  Action:  the decompression chamber death scene in License To Kill.

  10. Roselle Ortiz says:


  11. Eddie Spivey says:

    I watched host ship

  12. HaydonGaming says:

    7:36 I’m not sure if this guy knows where a man’s brain is.

  13. Brandon Rivera says:

    the most horror movie killing part was when that guy flipped the switch and the wire cut everybody in half on the ship that part made the hairs on my arm stand up 😱

  14. Crusher Studios says:

    I watched this at 12 AM ! Where the fuck are my parents ?

  15. Tempestpancake says:

    this I stupid they are the same ones from the
    first one

  16. Brandon Rivera says:

    the most horror movie killing part was when that guy flipped the switch and the wire cut everybody in half on the ship that part made the hairs on my arm stand up 😱

  17. SaltyGamerTF2 says:

    When You see the first question on your Math Test

  18. MasterCrowbar 2004 AVGCP AUTTP says:

    and no one agrees with your stupid list

  19. Mationeż - Roblox and More! says:

    N-N-N-Number F-F-Four Four…..

  20. XaNdeRDash27 says:

    When ball ends life

  21. Doctor2110 says:

    where is saw!?!?!?!?

  22. ItsJustSkai says:

    If I had to make a trap I would cover a room with lego pieces break the lights take away any shoes in that room throw guy in and lock the door I’m evil.

  23. Nanobox 123 says:

    I liked it when Jason roasted a fool inside her sleeping bag instead of a simple smash against a tree..

  24. Adam Richardson says:

    They’re gonna bring up Gates of Hell for the guy getting his head drilled and not the girl literally puking her guts out?

  25. quick zero says:

    I the fucking mist movie ending sucks

  26. Ivan The Piff Master says:

    Yo that Mist movie is FUCKED UP… lol

  27. Katherine Miller says:

    this is very unique… and fun to watch 8) i cant take my eyes off the screen..

  28. Slimboyfat1979 says:

    Ghost ship was great.

  29. Derpidydooo says:

    I bet Hannible kept every damn one of those pigs, also, I guess Jason hates screamers just like the rest of us! (GET IT) Those Nazi Zombies remind me of C.O.D …mainly the one in the hat..

  30. supreme awesomeness says:

    Screw driver one… just gives me a bad feeling in my head.

  31. Irategamefan says:

    I’m not a nit picker Mojo but it was nerve endings and veins on #9 not guts but still ya it’s still a unique horror kill.

  32. Vinay Pandey says:

    please translate in hindi

  33. Some random channel - Games and more! says:

    No humans were harmed in any of these movies or previews.

  34. Gamesandroses says:

    What’s worse than normal zombies?
    Nazi zombies!

  35. DE T says:

    Watch I spit on your grave. A feel good movie.

  36. Blood CreeperGamer says:

    #8, when a weird mist comes to town and monsters show up then you know your ass is getting butt pumped by Cthulhu in the end….

  37. Cicire says:

    666heretostay its weird i kinda liked SOME of the traps in saw, cause they’re actually really unique and creative sure the movies themself werent great and they were repetitive, but still very creative

  38. mudkipz e says:

    Does anyone think that the sleeping bag looks like a banana I mean it had a brown top

  39. Mikayla Blantz says:

    You jokingly tell Jason to kill you. Which he obviously hears. And you’re seriously gonna act surprised when he shows up?

  40. Feyra Hide says:

    I think I’m gonna need some Disney movies after watching this

  41. KyawSwa 29May says:

    no more

  42. DryDay says:

    Iam the only one who doesnt get schocked ?

  43. Chihuahua God says:

    Ball is death

  44. Ryan R. says:

    Where the fuck is Bone Tomahawk?

  45. RemixedYoshi says:

    5:37 Dang What Wave Was they on

  46. Smashgunner says:

    know what we need? a horror movie, with a character that faces the monster/villain, comes SO close to killing it, and then dies to an object they left behind right before the killing blow.

  47. John Aguirre says:

    Watch mojo stop doing the same things
    nightmare on elm street was on the last one

  48. Anan Hallumi says:

    pause at 10:24 you will see a doll instead the woman lol

  49. Brendan Corcrahn says:

    number four? straight through the brain ? take some fucking anatomy classes

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