Apocalypse Now: Marlon Brando “Horror”

Apocalypse Now: Marlon Brando “Horror”

Brando doing what he does best

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50 Responses to Apocalypse Now: Marlon Brando “Horror”

  1. OroborusFMA says:

    Friggin’ ads … You Tube you have jumped the shark.

  2. NikDeico says:

    The horror..

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    This is so true, and everything in this movie is. 

    It doesn’t stand for left or right, it’s the pure philosophy of war. Sometimes, you have to do really bad things for the greater good. It’s something that so few people understand, but they think they do understand it, when they don’t. 

  4. ColombianThunder says:

    Is it just me or was the general from Hotline Miami 2 inspired because of this movie?

  5. RationalLllama says:

    Did you guys ever notice how massive Brando looks in this movie? Like the actual man wasn’t even that tall (5"9) but in this movie he looks like he is above 6 feet.

  6. easyscore says:

    Acting 101 right here. Brilliant

  7. John Doe says:

    This is how we need to be in order to defeat ISIS. Or at least this is how the Muslim world needs to be when fighting ISIS. But one day we (the west) may be called upon to seriously put boots on the ground in Syria/Iraq and quite possibly Libya. The only way to defeat an enemy that has nothing to lose and will die to the last man is to be monsters that the local population fears, not hates. Hate would imply that we can be harmed and dealt with in time. Fear strikes at peoples hearts. And, as he said, if you are no familiar with moral terror and horror. We must become the terrorist in order to defeat the terrorist. It is the only way.

  8. efilperpenfuhrer says:

    Listen to a philosophy professor use this in a lecture. "The horror."

  9. Machine Gun Nest says:

    chopped off the inoculated arms a whole pile of them i doubt that most would die in the jungle village

  10. Eiko Meī says:

    he describes ISIS ????? 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  11. Camelkore says:

    Just how fat was he?

  12. Joshua York says:

    One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from this movie.  Horror Horror has a face and you must make a friend of horror horror and morale terror are your friends if they are not then they are enemy’s to be feared they are truly.

  13. Will K says:

    One of the best scenes of the best movie of all time

  14. Dre K B says:

    Brando is extremely powerful in this scene. It’s like God came down from heaven and became an actor

  15. Al Muse says:

    Perfection. In a whole lotta different ways.

  16. 76Nickhob says:

    One of the greatest pieces of acting ever performed. Just indulge, don’t try and relate it to modern or past events with your dog shit analysis of its meaning and relevance.You bring nothing to this party, just watch and enjoy

  17. Machine Gun Nest says:

    why does he mention the face of whores the whores the whores dont get it is he talking about miss may the playboy bunny::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  18. James C says:

    Not sure if character was supposed to be in Cambodia,genocide of ~2 to 3 million or Laos where U.S. secretly bombed under acting commander Kissinger. The Horror-Hang on kids –it’s gonna be a great ride!!!

  19. Erisian Interlude says:

    life story…

  20. madworldfan123 says:

    + Paisely (H)Dicks yep

  21. leftcoaster67 says:

    Just think if they had personal trainers like they do now. He’d look like he was in Julius Ceaser.

  22. white bird says:

    He didn’t make sense to me then, doesn’t make sense to me now. Wierd one.

  23. Dudette S. says:

    I wish he was still alive & acting.. Frm being old to young again… ❤💛 🌹R.I.P. MARLON BRANDO🌹 Your my fav actor…… 😢

  24. ImmortalKing2020 says:

    It’s a trifle begrudging to admit that Brando’s performance here is one of the best ever considering he was a big bastard before and throughout filming.

  25. Douglas Bermudez says:

    Apparently he folded up his script and turned it into a paper hat! He went off and ad-libbed this part.

  26. Brian Grant says:

    Horror has a face. Horror and moral terror are your friends, if they are not they are your enemies truly to e feared
    WHAT A STATEMENT Vietnam in a nutshell

  27. Bart Roebben says:

    Best scene in a movie ever shown !
    Marlon Brando and Coppola are genious!
    Hell can never be closer than this!

  28. KurtG85 says:

    Hands are…. weird.

  29. Nicole deCathelineau says:

    anybody realize, wasp blackie lawless, the song the horror is based on the appocolipse

  30. Massart Weit Gilles says:

    Marlon I’m you 2016 Paris

  31. Tbuschken Prince says:

    I just finished the movie last night, and the prejudice I had before I watched it was totally unjustified. My friend, who fell asleep 20 minutes in, had said it was a boring movie. I had always thought it was going to be too fantastical and overdone to a point of cheesy. My god, I have never seen a movie quite like this. A total masterpiece. I now understand why Kubrick is one of the greatest directors of all time, and why this is the greatest war movie of all time. All aspects and perspectives are present, from the hardened colonel trying to solicate some regularity from the situation, forcing surfers out into the water. The over looming sense of true horror over unfitting comedy. Brando in this very scene, giving a monologe that only a man like him could, sending shivers down the spines of anyone and everyone. Every scene, every shot, every movement of every actor seems so exact. Everything in this movie had to be exactly done the way it had to be done.

    Quite possibly the greatest movie of all time

  32. FurryMate says:

    Jack Nicholson will always be king

  33. Slinkylabcat says:

    I’m paraphrasing with regard to Coppola: My film is not about Viet nam; it is Viet nam. 

  34. arkayen666123 says:

    I think I finally understand this speech

  35. Kfredneck says:

    Horror and moral terror are your friends

  36. Sebastian Acevedo says:

    "without feeling, without passion. Without Judgment, without judgment; because its judgment that defeats us." The way Brando says this rivets my soul.

  37. John L says:

    This scene does a lot to describe how any sane person who enters war cannot leave unscarred or unchanged. Kurtz’s rationalization of atrocity is madness, but it is the only way to deal with the horror.

  38. Larry Smith says:

    Interesting that he doesn’t try to kill the fly … true to his moral code

  39. idontcaremang says:

    I tell you what man that dang ol’ Y2K man them dang ol’ mainframes going to come crashing down and the dang ol’ grid like Apocalypse Now man. The horror… the horror.

  40. martinishot says:

    Even though this film is not really about the Vietnam war,Coppola using it as the setting tells you what he thought of it. A place of Insanity. I have wondered if Coppola wanted us to question if Kurtz is truly insane in the conventional sense,or if we are meant to ask if Kurtz is just having a human reaction immersed in these insane surroundings.

  41. Colonel Kurtz says:

    What does Kurz say about little arms ? Was this Vietnam childs arms ?

  42. HUNK FLESH says:

    he’s playing Charles Manson here

  43. EGarrett01 says:

    Interestingly enough, this speech applies perfectly to World War II, and particularly the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagsaki. The US military had planned out an invasion of Japan with traditional military, but estimated that the casualties would run into the millions since the Japanese people would fight to the last woman and child.

    Instead, they had the atomic bomb, which was so brutal and overwhelming they didn’t have to invade, and it, paradoxically, saved those millions of lives. I imagine this is exactly what Kurtz is trying to describe here.

  44. rook1966 says:

    I think this scene works well because Brando was in the shape he was in, heavy and debauched.   It was as if his sins were written across his face, kind of like Dorian Gray.      The only downside is explaining "the horror."   It was a great monologue, but in the book, when Kurtz cries out, "the horror!" you pondered what he meant.    The explanation is kind of like explaining "The Force" from Star Wars with mitachloridans,  but there again, this is a movie and you probably can’t leave a ambiguous meaning.   Of course, the Horror monologue comes off waaay better than mitachloridans…

  45. roguenation says:

    I’d advise everyone to stay away from Colonel Kurtz, he’s got shark eyes!

  46. ej7f says:

    Appropriate mind training for what we’re going to have to face with.

  47. john woodcock says:

    The Horror……………..But You Have NO…RIGHT   to      Judge  Me!!!

  48. Ozzy says:

    I’ll be honest… I don’t think there’s any actor alive that can perform this scene and beat this delivery. Brando was on a different chamber of knowledge.

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