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  1. yama osmani says:


  2. Χ’'Χ•ΧŸ איצקוביΧ₯ says:

    I make me a question, what think arab, arabaic or Muslim people about it? :v

  3. Misael Yosafat says:

    Fucking love with this video man hahaha

  4. Salah sabir says:

    Fake you jalal

  5. Bima Hermawan says:

    wkwkwkwk πŸ˜‚

  6. Wade 16 says:

    This is funny! :’D

  7. Kade Aan says:

    Arabs never die in horror movies! wtf you sayin?! lol

  8. Kyle Otto says:

    technically they both died in seven days.. O.o

  9. lina pilo says:

    tell me again what the fuck is not racist in this shit

  10. Kenneth Magnussen says:

    My friend is a muslim and once he saw this video.He said muslims are exactly like this in the video. Don’t let other people tell u otherwise. 1 muslim dead = 1% increase security and safety in society in all country! #terminatemuslim #allahufuckbar

  11. IlIlIlIlIl-_ -IlIlIlIlIl says:


  12. Ashfak Darwan says:

    Superb ßro..

  13. UACShin The_Wanderer says:

    i love this video guys lol keep it up πŸ˜†πŸ‘

  14. Χ’'Χ•ΧŸ איצקוביΧ₯ says:

    me pregunto quΓ© pensaran los Γ‘rabes de estas bromas… :v

  15. mr omaty says:

    no that is not right im that what the ummuclem arabic but the muclem arabic wont do that we dont smoke dont drink we dont have bombs under our jakets but the no one will belive me u all saying that we are bad we are terrorist but we are not like that

  16. turki pooh says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laughing tell cry really funny bro

  17. Clinkz says:

    Its not racist but were just making fun of ISIS

  18. IvΓ‘n Maldonado says:

    No es racista: / en realidad son chicos graciosos dejar de odiar

  19. Federico Baiardi says:

    I look only from 0:00 to 0:40 hahah too funny

  20. Hamza Ahmed says:

    Very funny video . and nobody is hurt πŸ™‚

  21. yama osmani says:


  22. hasham khan says:

    are u people drinking wine so openly,,, are u muslims, shame on u

  23. zulkarnain ismail says:

    haha this one really funny bhahaha keep it up broo

  24. Luna Oliveira says:

    Ri muito kkkkkk

  25. XD Anime says:

    why you are giving a wrong idea about us Arab community I think this channel must be shut dawn , like if you agree and comment if you are not . and thanks

  26. ashton gutsa says:

    Im I the only one cracking up in tears the end tho

  27. Hisham zuwara says:

    Alah akbar iam Arabic man fuck Isis it’s not Islam

  28. Hi Bye says:


  29. Ψ§Ψ΅Ω†ΨΉ بنفسك says:


  30. Gintautas Simkus says:

    Those guys are funny!

  31. TheBobi321 says:

    lol muslim dont allowed to drink alcohol lolol

  32. Oyshorjo Oyshi says:


  33. Hannah Gomaa says:

    Is this racist or a joke?

  34. Ariana love says:

    I’m Arab and this is real AF

  35. Uwais Gaming UQ says:

    Why do u think arab is always the terorist and arab people dont drunk pls guys comon

  36. 12021 -o_O says:


  37. Cata Espinoza says:

    alguien que hable espaΓ±ol aquΓ­?

  38. Trading Wizard says:

    Damn,When the lady ghost got on her knees and the Arab started removing his jacket , for a moment I thought he was going to undress , and the lady ghost will run away after seeing his dick.

  39. NBR Blinkz says:

    What’s the song at 0:58

  40. Souvik Chattaraj says:

    Jst fabulous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  41. Andrew 12345 says:


  42. CAVE Green says:

    Hello I am an Arab, I can subscribe to the two channels of the channel under maintenance

  43. Ψ²ΩŠΩƒΩ€Ωˆ _ king says:

    jalals your mother is afocking hoe you stuped ass son of …..

  44. Cthullhu says:

    simple life hack when you encounter a ghost.

  45. Kaori Miyazono says:

    When he answered the phone and the ghost said 7 days,then when he replied"7 days?",It killed me idk why xD

  46. darkangel083013 no life says:


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