Arthur – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Arthur – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Do you know of a song you want ruined? Leave your idea in the comments and if I like it, I’ll do it!

The “horror version” of the PBS kids cartoon Arthur opening intro. The evil aardvark is on the loose!

Evil YTP parody music video made in demonic “G Major” in a creepy studio to ruin your childhood. Scary remix cover to cause terror and nightmare fuel.

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41 Responses to Arthur – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

  1. Chelsea Negrete says:

    Arfer .exe

  2. KarkatMLG360 says:

    Everyone knows with 1.5 speed

  3. Shyanna Coleman says:


  4. ertzy28 says:

    Hey mom and dad can please do max & Ruby theme song horror instead of Arthur!

  5. ashleyy productions says:

    Could you please do Max and Ruby theme song horror version?

  6. ertzy28 says:

    Arthur theme song horror with Arthur goes trick or treating!

  7. StreetLight •_• says:

    Holy crap I didn’t think that this would be scary but what the fuck

  8. Devin Schwab says:

    Request: Barney & The Backyard Gang Intro (Horror Version).

  9. Larry Rudedude says:

    No! You’ve gone to far this time.

  10. F L O Y D B O Y says:

    Not Arthur omg I’m crying. When he said "Hey!" I legit got scared

  11. Courtney Feagin says:

    choo choo soul

  12. MeatBallGaming says:

    Giygas Arthur

  13. cagalan 2001 says:

    Grim is singing with the singer, LOL.

  14. ertzy28 says:

    Arthur finger family
    Daddy finger daddy finger where are you here I am here I am how do you do mommy finger mommy finger where are you here I am here I am how do you do Arthur finger Arthur finger where are you here I am here I am how do you do D. W. Finger D. W. Finger where are you here I am here I am how do you do baby finger baby finger where are you here I am here I am how do you do?

  15. F L O Y D B O Y says:

    Can you do a horror version of the song "Unwritten" (Feel the rain on your skin)? It’s by Natasha something.

  16. Rider Universe 14 says:

    Do the first Steven Universe intro

  17. Stephen Fisher says:


  18. Vasa 52003 says:


  19. Poot Mallory Teh Object Thingy says:

    What was the speed and pitch

  20. GoodlyPapyrus_09 the roblox player says:

    ddtdtutdjdjtsyikykyssktsktysl WTF

  21. Chris T Guinn says:

    "its a simple message, that comes from the devil"

  22. BMW X1 says:

    1:10 Hey! Horror DW!

  23. ThatOneBFDIFan says:

    Sounds like a creepier version of Doctor Who’s theme tune in 1963.

  24. Richard Lynch says:

    Not bad, could do with a falling Shepard’s tone though

  25. Bork says:

    Sometimes i watch this tons of times and…I’m not scared even with lights off I’m not scared

  26. Nathaniel Bingham says: I think that got me, good work. BTW, how’d it go with "It’s Great To Be An Engine"?

  27. Ali Bazzi says:

    this fucking shit isn’t even horror. all you do is slow down the clip and colorize it. horror version my ass lol

  28. Sean Gil Toquero says:

    fetch with ruff ruffman intro if u know that show

  29. Leonardo Sanchez says:

    Arthur.exe has been horrifyingly corrupted

  30. X Gibaguga X says:

    this is not horror at all

  31. Msytic Ghostman says:


  32. ertzy28 says:

    Can you please do Max & Ruby theme song in horror version

  33. Andrew Hayes says:

    Do LazyTown

  34. tftm says:

    Welp, Arthur is ruined for me now.

  35. Marlene's dolls says:

    do the total drama island intro!

  36. F E R B says:

    "What a wonderful kind of day"

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