Attic Panic – Short horror film

Attic Panic – Short horror film

A short horror film in a new part of our house – the attic!
Behind the scenes:

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49 Responses to Attic Panic – Short horror film

  1. Minh Khôi Phan says:

    Ôi mẹ ơi !!!

  2. heidbrain says:

    As soon as she dropped the sheet on the floor and started to walk forward, I knew what was going to happen.  Very clever little story.

  3. shanu hameed says:

    u two are realy made for each

  4. stay gold says:

    I had to pause 3 seconds before the end just saying "nope nope nope nope " to help handle the suspenssseee. please never stop making these

  5. An Thuý says:

    Bà này đóng trong light out

  6. Arlea Rose says:

    Why am I watching this shit so late at night omggggg nooooo 😫😫😫

  7. nene love says:

    When she in a short film I know its going to be good

  8. Sapphire Flame Films says:

    Ponysmasher, we should make a horror movie together for the big screen.

  9. Luca Russo says:

    Chi è qui per "L’Inspiegabile"? xD

  10. Chris Chen says:

    You managed to make a bedsheet ghost scary. Well done.

  11. Felice Tedesco says:

    you are greaaat !!!!!!!

  12. CaptiveCactus67 says:


  13. Adam Walters says:

    oh shit… those are CFL lightbulbs. Get out of there! They’re toxic!

  14. stryderblaze80 says:

    I saw that coming. Still good.

  15. Barbie Barbie says:

    this lady has survived so many horror scenes…..

  16. Josh Gold says:

    **5 seconds in** fuck that I’ll just go watch some vines

  17. adam dewitte says:

    I’ve been binge-watching short horror movies for a few weeks, and this one took the cake. Awesome build-up and just overall creepy as hell.  Great job!

  18. Ale x floppy Ale x flippy says:

    That sheet seemed like forever to take off lol best short horror 🎥 ever… actress was on point 2 👍

  19. Darth Zaida says:

    I was really excited to see this actress on the big screen when ‘Lights Out’ was made a feature film. Her part at the beginning scared me the most.

  20. // Lyrically says:

    Ah, despite the person-covered-in-white-sheet-ghost cliche, this is actually an amazing short film! When I first saw the ghost, I thought "oh damn, another one of these films" but it’s actually really cool and terrifying. Good job!

  21. Bo Mojo says:


  22. Hypo Cola says:

    Well that was seriously entertaining, I’m an old hat with the horrors and this was superb, wanting more

  23. Adam Walters says:

    I just burned all my sheets.

  24. Trasformix DK says:

    You are so talentuos in "easy" plot…Thanks for this 😉

  25. Danduz gaming says:

    Predictable, but enjoyable.

  26. Liam Richards says:

    Hi David, I’m a film student looking to create a horror film for my final major project in my course, I’ve always been fascinated by horrors and your work has been a total inspiration, hence why I’ve chosen to do a horror as your work has influenced me to work towards creating a horror which will scare. I was wondering if there are any tips you would recommend in the different production stages? I sent an email and I highly appreciate the fact that you’re most-likely busy majority of the time, but I felt it’d be worth a shot to post here!

    All the best 🙂

  27. Jim Knopf says:

    I recently doscovered your channel after watching "Lights out". I’m on a binge through your horror shorts at 4 am alone ina big house (parents are away). Bad idea.

  28. Beyzanur Örskaya says:

    Who is the made,did you made? Pony r u made?

  29. Dea Bartolini says:

    wow,this video haven’t a jumps care or a ugly face but is so terrible

  30. Kreatywne NEA says:

    Hmmm … I don’t know why but i Think that this woman play in "when lights out" i forget the name of this horror xd

  31. Melvin Chong says:

    That is some scary shit…. I mean sheet.

  32. Jim Knopf says:

    lady, just move into another house for once

  33. weverton cleber says:

    sameone know the name this woman? i think who seed her in another movie

  34. Er boro says:

    You really shoud do a 1 hour movie YOU HAVE TALENT

  35. Ann Young says:

    ponysmasher rocks she got the same aparent as before in lights out and others

  36. Gucci Bro says:

    I am so impressed of your work!
    I want to become a moviemaker and it is incredible how much i can learn from your making offs!
    And Attic Panic is in my opinion by far the best short horror movie!
    Please keep up the great work !!!!!

  37. Bill Carrig says:

    That’s a tall glass of NOPE.

  38. J with love says:

    this guy is genius… he is making various short films only taking this actress. Still they are creepy to watch. Superb.

  39. Katie says:

    I’m watching all of these, never really watch horror movies, all at 8 o clock. God bless me. God bless you! OMGGGGG. This actress/lady who wants to do this films in partnership is great! So scaryyy

  40. Paul Ziolo says:

    Terrific! Anything with poor, terrorised Lotta in it is bound to be a masterpiece and this one excels for its originality of concept. Dear Lotta, maybe you should emigrate to Vladivostok – or even better, Tuktoyaktuk. Aint no goddam whangdoodles there. Too damn cold…

  41. Alee Javaid says:

    Over all a great movie.

  42. Danduz gaming says:

    Predictable, but enjoyable.

  43. Dingo says:

    I’m going full screen, cover me

  44. Harsh Patel says:

    When she is pulling the cloth, I was like "Don’t pull that, please don’t"😂😂

  45. Giulia Blackdemon says:


  46. ileana lucci says:

    expected the final but overall cute ….

  47. elona emini says:

    O zot i madh

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