Bedtime Is At 10 – Short Horror Film

Bedtime Is At 10 – Short Horror Film

A little girl watches her cartoons before going to bed. But she’s not the only one in the room.

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45 Responses to Bedtime Is At 10 – Short Horror Film

  1. Cear says:

    Sick moves bruh

  2. Elena Graal says:

    This is really scary πŸ™

  3. Adrian Alvarez says:

    who came here because you guys though is was scary give a βœ‹

  4. Athallah Arsyaf says:

    Am I the only one more interested in the apartment’s interior than everything else lol

  5. Digital Infotainment says:

    Not that scary.. Needed a little more intensity.. But a good film.

  6. Aya Zorgane says:

    yeh this is cool

  7. Armando Sulanj says:

    Man that gurl is like 6 and her bed time is later then mine

  8. John Brow says:

    Not scary at all , plain stupid

  9. Lauren Is Trash says:

    A kid shouldnt be home alone at that age… and time…

  10. chelsea Hillier says:

    the camera at the end said the time was 16 minutes past 8…so, that creepy thing shouldn’t be there for another two hours according to that camera XD

  11. kim black says:

    Awful. Just embarrassing really. What was with that annoying soundtrack playing. Sorry keep trying.

  12. Raven Marquez says:

    The beginning was good

  13. Ω‡Ω†Ψ§Ψ‘ Ψ§Ω„Ω…Ψ·ΩŠΨ±ΩŠ says:


  14. Gurl YT says:

    why’s the kid alone?

  15. Frosth_ says:

    Is that shit like a demon or something?

  16. angela ortiz says:

    Very stupid not scared at all

  17. Nethmi Charithma says:

    that blanket ghost isn’t scary

  18. chrissy lanier says:

    you’re safe!

  19. Treve Winchcombe says:

    This is a pretty bad horror film.

  20. The Gaming Pikachu says:

    ive got my cat, Piglet, to protect me

  21. Andrew Mitchell says:

    When I first saw the monster I thought it was the babysitter having trouble getting into her tight pants.

  22. Huzaifa Imran Imran says:

    this still gives me creeps

  23. ToukaYT says:

    wow for a little girl to do that all is crazy ( i would do it easily to ) but for her dang most people would run out lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. Yuri Povoa says:

    I usually don’t like this short movies that in the end the ”thing” just appears and kills the protagonist. Generaly its too stupid. But I think that the end of this one was very scary

  25. The Gaming Pikachu says:

    townsville sounds familiar… what was she watching?

  26. Ruby Rose says:

    wow this was incredible. That moment when she acyually went past that thing, i thought my heart was in my mouth. Gave me the chills. Seriously, good job guys.


    Sound effects were not scary neither the spectrum or whatever the entity was. Potentially good bad not well thought

  28. The Siren says:

    the comments have me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. Gray Ham says:

    I’m watching this with headphones on and sitting on the couch

  30. Queen_0f Slayyy says:

    But what happen to the little girl?

  31. TΓΈΕ‹y says:

    _2:32__ sounds like Halo Reach…_

  32. PhillySophagus says:

    Damn that was creepy

  33. IFinessedYaBitch :D says:

    Really….back ground music from sinisterπŸ˜‚

  34. The Siren says:

    i also agree. the "monster" or whatever, in the blanket was pretty bad /:

  35. Sunset storm says:

    (Reads title) oh, this doesn’t sound THAT bad. (video ends) …..NEVERMIND!!😧😧😱😱😱😣😨

  36. Selfiopath ' says:

    That’s so immature!

  37. the game geek morgan says:

    thepaeer full kids jaja is it real

  38. Frosth_ says:

    4:35 He turns white… No more girls … RIP BLACK

  39. Nandini Raybaruah says:

    scariest😨😡i freak

  40. Dominik Benak says:

    who the fuck can leave little girl at home alone??!!!

  41. Enter Name Here says:

    that audio at the end. I think i know it from somewhere.

  42. Kansas Escalante says:


  43. Downer Jack says:

    Who Else Could Already Tell That Heather Was Watching Powerpuff girls by Listening To The Sound?😐

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