Best 20 Horror Movies Of 2013-2012 (Part-2) (Last Update January 1st,2014)

Best 20 Horror Movies Of 2013-2012 (Part-2) (Last Update January 1st,2014)

This is the second part.
1st part is . U can also see this video
another list of top charted horror movies of 2012-2013
These movies are-
11) Mama
12) Evil Dead
13) 7500
14) 6 Souls
15) The Lords of Salem
16) Case 39
17) Nothing Left to Fear
18) The Hunting of Helena
19) The Wicked
20) Dark Touch
And The Conjuring (2013) is the best movie of 2012-2013 .
1st part is

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49 Responses to Best 20 Horror Movies Of 2013-2012 (Part-2) (Last Update January 1st,2014)

  1. Susie Chugg says:

    I was determined to hate The Evil Dead re-make and I really let myself down…I thought it was fantastic. It’s a good film by itself and although it’s the same premise, was basically played straight: I thought it would be a spectacular balls-up and was impressed enough to buy the Dvd

  2. Ahlax says:

    I hate nightmares fuck!

  3. Smartgaming says:

    Mama had the potential to be great, but they fucked it. They turned it into this science fiction like shit instead of making some creepy ass scenes between the kids and "mama".

  4. TayTay and more ! says:

    Mama was pretty creepy

  5. Kamilly Vitória says:

    Muito fral

  6. IchKönnteDeineMutterOderDeineSchwesterSein says:

    lea ist schön

  7. A Ma says:

    I hate zomboy movies!!!

  8. Ally Gator says:

    The first movie on here Mama was not scary I thought it was really sweet. I mean really, fear the love ghost? Lol.

  9. Jett Connor says:

    Horror movies dont seem natural anymore, to much cgi, idk its not so much the fake thing, its the feeling it use to give me, its just not there anymore..

  10. Adopt A Bundle Of Joy says:

    So what kind of a supernatural entity is mama ???

  11. kisróka badass says:

    first movie.. OMG Nikolaj Coster Waldau omg… XD

  12. Antonín Trešl says:

    Case 39 was unique. At least in my opinion. It scared me.

  13. Juultroblick says:

    why is it always girls whit a white dress en not a purple or a black dress?

  14. Elzerd LTD. says:

    3:16 I hate the fucking sound…..damN iT

  15. Danielle Harbour says:


  16. Mancatorul Mare says:


  17. Padure Iacob Petrisor says:


  18. Mehedi Hasan says:

    Listen to Rhinehoth on #AudibleApp … A Gothic Horror novel now
    and AudioDrama

  19. Linus bergstedt says:

    +thefigletof it’s from "nothing left to fear"

  20. grey alien says:

    Oh my how scary

  21. يوسف yousef says:

    حطي كريم

  22. Heidi S says:

    I been to Stull and there is nothing to it. Just a graveyard

  23. 2serveand2protect says:

    When I first saw "MAMA" it lterally SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!

  24. Nation Of Truth says:

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  25. DUKE FIZZ says:

    Fuck your mom pls.

  26. MrVortz says:

    3:36 I fucking hate this fake sund, it doesn’t sound natural or even scary

  27. Jaimie Legein says:

    the old evil dead 1 was way better

  28. NiyaaPlusMiaa Tutorials says:

    This video is mixed up

  29. says:

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  30. Rhea Smith says:

    watch most of these movies for at putlockeris

  31. Nathan R says:

    I cringed so hard when that girl whispered on the second trailer

  32. William says:

    Half of these suck.

  33. Nour Al Houda says:


  34. Creamsy says:

    all of this film’s are a bullshit and a waste of money, if I’ll have money I’ll make such a horror movie that for more then 1000 years people will remember it as the scariest horror movie in the history, stop making this bullshit, every horror movie that I watch today I’m just laughing, because it’s funny NOT scary, like camon man a 14 year old can do better then this shit, with a fucking MINI GALAXY, M I N I, G A L A X Y,are you fucking kidding me?

  35. Juultroblick says:

    why do I look at this😨😂

  36. Alonso de Hojeda says:

    So sad to see that yo watch 10 traielers and you see no originality whatsoever in any of them. Zero, nada. Cheap, talentless child actors, or actresses. Possessions, ghosts, demons. You know they put no effort in writing the stories at all. Fuck this.

  37. stephanie williams says:

    6 souls is one of the most intense psychological suspenseful thriller 🎬 iv’e ever seen since the 🎬 IDENTITY i strongly recommend both

  38. الوردة البيضاء says:


  39. Ahmet Konyar says:

    7500>what is THAT thing

  40. Bob says:

    Where is insidious?

  41. F. Nikol says:

    Seriously? This list is total crap!!!

  42. Lexi lee says:

    I watched case39 throughout my whole life I started watching horror movies when I was around 8 I’m the 12 now but this case 39 is the best movie I love it Conjuring 1 and 2 is good too

  43. ايهم هزاع says:

  44. علي البصراوى says:

    مشاهده افلام رعب يخوف من خوف عاشت ايدك مع الاحلام

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