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  1. Joyce Ruiz says:

    wow really good movie

  2. Shireen Worthington says:


  3. Kathleen Wood says:

    I have a sudden urge to buy shower curtains in many colors… Lol. (I liked this movie, by the way 😉

  4. Marina Arita says:

    Bt what does the shower curtains have to do with all this

  5. Omeir Khan says:

    Something was terrible going on what could it be and those number were there which were later found behind tiles something supernatural

  6. Sher L. says:

    Why is it ALWAYS people just moving in? 😩

  7. Regina Brown says:

    not bad

  8. neno emon says:

    i loved her bag written on I❤️MCR who noticed it

  9. D Paul says:

    good movie well acted……..more pls

  10. Solomon Hloongwane says:

    Damn gotta watch resident evil6,best horror movie ever

  11. michele birtles says:

    I hate tripping over boxes of tampons.

  12. douglas Williams says:

    How can you give an address in the middle of the woods

  13. Terri Leggett says:

    this is sarcy

  14. neno emon says:

    why the fuzz over curtains she cant have shower without it

  15. Michael Barrow says:

    you got thirty minutes

  16. Frank Nevarez says:

    great weekend to watch horror movies ! enjoy

  17. Michelle Ballantyne says:

    I love horror

  18. Fanny Z says:

    A good original movie in 2016???? WOW! That’s scary.

  19. HollywoodMonroe Glam says:

    lord forgive me for wasting my brain cells on this dumb ass non horror movie! Awful just awful and the ignorant super worked my last nerve. I’m a need them to change the genre of this movie, because THERE WAS NOTHING HORRO ABOUT IT!

  20. Debbie Sutherland says:

    not a bad movie .

  21. Leticia Harvey says:

    Why is the name of the movie "Curtain"?

  22. Steven Murphy says:

    it’s nisen maru. and it is the largest whaler in the pacific from japan.

  23. Natural Truth says:

    I liked it, very different.

  24. Osama Dysoon says:

    boring…a talk show…

  25. complicator complex says:

    gud muv

  26. Valerie Bernard says:

    As a film maker myself I really like the originality, sound quality camera work and acting. Bring more work out soon.

  27. Dan Noc says:

    wrong picture

  28. joanne bell says:

    I was expecting that mattress to make a louder thud when she dropped it!!

  29. Dave P says:

    Nice, I enjoyed that! Not sure what was going on, but somehow it didn’t matter.

  30. Stephanie Bush says:

    amazingly lame! No explanation. No point. No fear. No. no, no….

  31. Frank Carruth says:

    yes good movie.

  32. بدر محمد علي عبدالله says:

    why it takes long time to open

  33. Sa Tan says:

    real funny and real intense for this great movie i’d jump a fence

  34. Fatima Saeed says:

    Super cool movie interesting plot

  35. London Marie says:

    I did not enjoy

  36. sobeer1 olso says:


  37. Wagner Hertzog says:

    Um filme sobre um banheiro que suga cortinas, e as transforma em monstros. Uau.

  38. Natsha Json says:

    this was a weird movie but not that bad

  39. nicola J says:

    The tittle just puts me off straight away.

  40. Cheryl Collinson says:

    I lasted 12 minutes until the really crappy ping pong music drove me mad.

  41. shawn w says:

    Please Stop writing BEST HORROR MOVIE because these are NOT good movies either you have bad taste or you just don’t care a wast of space on You Tube .👎🏻

  42. Laurence Dettinger says:

    Only if you have 90 mins to waste!

  43. Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

    Not bad … not bad at all!  The movie burst out of the box from the first minute and never stopped. I loved the premise; the hero, Danny, the storyline, the acting was very good …very enjoyable. Only one area of the movie I didn’t understand – the white-eyed "alien?" and his band of merry men. I am not sure what in the heck the "alien guy" was, and who his crew were. Was he there to prevent creatures from coming through the "inter-dimensional tunnel"?  Any thoughts? I don’t know if you could tell from my comment, but I liked the movie a lot. Great job!

  44. love love says:

    im so confused

  45. Fern Viking says:

    Quirky, scary & yep, funny horror flick. Strange story, good acting & well xecuted! I liked this 1!! Thanx for posting!

  46. Felecia Hubbard says:

    I love scary movies

  47. geo van says:

    worst movie everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…total crap

  48. V Kuchichana says:

    I actually liked it -small budget for sure but it was original, the characters convincing and the ‘save the whales’ B story was a typical thing for a mid 20s guy/gal team who live in NY and are, by American standards, fairly Liberal.

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