Best Horror Movies 2017 American English Scary Movie Crime Thriller movies # 8

22 Responses to Best Horror Movies 2017 American English Scary Movie Crime Thriller movies # 8

  1. Richard West says:

    This is a 2015 movie "The Hoarder". Other than the fact it was uploaded again in 2017, what makes this a 2017 movie?????

  2. Feminista says:

    Good movie!!

  3. 123513ism says:

    this wasn’t even scary

  4. Gysele van Santen says:

    Not a bad movie. It isn’t long & drawn-out, they got right into it. I guess it’s a matter of who dies next & will there be a survivor. I’m 30 mins in.

  5. Alio Sio says:

    see this is why i like it when people die inside scary movies…. THEY’RE TOO FUCKING STUPID TO SURVIVE, that bitch made it outside but she still wanna get the FUCKEN BOOK. THE FUCK! I’m just too tired of hoping that someone is gonna survive but turns out NO ONE SURVIVED. IRRITATING!!!

  6. mandy says:

    If it had been me, the movie would have been 14 mins long…Nice knowing you Molly, i gotta be some place… bye!

  7. lena keem says:

    this is a good horror movie full of suspense and thrill. and of course with a sickening wacko……and the lesson of this story is…never attempt to rummage in the storage unit of your better half..?

  8. Jessica Delgado says:

    -squint- If that wasn’t the key card for the unit, how come it opened the door?

  9. Hemwattee Mona says:

    nice movie

  10. Jeddy Crystal B' says:

    some movies are so fuckin damn like why can’t he call the other cops

  11. Jeddy Crystal B' says:

    this bitch have the balls to go down there the 3 times, what a nerve

  12. Angele Simoneau says:

    First 5 mins in. Poor acting. Moving along.

  13. Lia Wahab says:

    Well, so we learned… when this situation happened… if u have a chance, make sure to kill or to tie up the bad guy b4 he get another chance to catch us….

  14. T. T. says:

    different, weird, good. saw this in 2016 on YT tho. worth watching again. Mischa B.’s acting kinda sucks in this movie

  15. junerblackmafia says:

    nice great movie

  16. Avison Mukherjer says:

    an ok movie

  17. Ma. Geraldine Fundano says:

    Well, she is damn stupid!

  18. Christelene Vanderhorst says:

    best horror ever 😋😋😍😊

  19. Kiauvay Gordon says:

    she was dumb as fuck. could have been free, but needed that damn book

  20. MrTimhudson says:

    good movie thanks for the upload.

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