Blaze and the Monster Machines – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Blaze and the Monster Machines – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Do you know of a song you want ruined? Leave your idea in the comments and if I like it, I’ll do it!

Blaze drives around town in his monster machine, running over pedestrians for bonus points like he’s playing Carmageddon. Thank you, theothernph, for the idea!

Evil YTP parody music video made in demonic “G Major” in a creepy studio to ruin your childhood. Scary remix cover to cause terror and nightmare fuel.

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14 Responses to Blaze and the Monster Machines – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

  1. RochaGamer TV says:

    Catboy is the best shut up

  2. Diane blankenheim says:


  3. Giada Li says:


  4. Jon Gandee says:

    Holy crap. This is scarier than the original theme song.

  5. Giada Li says:

    I could hear the real

  6. Best Games says:

    GUYS, I found this AMAAAZING BLAZE GAME, You MUST check it ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

  7. Afrin Alumia says:

    Horror Versions Could you do super mario world tv show theme song horror version please

  8. RockyRailroad Animation says:

    I’m not ready to race

  9. gaming cub says:

    0:11 was cool

  10. Sonicfan18 Miles No Friends says:


  11. theothernph says:

    Thanks so much for doing this. How about Octonauts?

  12. theothernph says:

    Thank you!!!

  13. Catboy Is the best says:

    Why did you make this No one likes or loves this Show but Do what ever you want it’s ok

  14. GummyLog says:

    do cars first race horror version 2.0

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