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Chilling Nightmare Boner Short Film!


Watch the film on youtube here: Nightmare Boner

Independent film production companies Vacation Theory and Gearmark Pictures have teamed up to release a hilarious horror/comedy short film, titled Nightmare Boner, that has viewers scared stiff. The film, written by Kevin Manning and directed by Sage Price, was released on Gearmark Pictures’ YouTube channel just in time for Halloween.

Nightmare Boner is a short film about a man trapped in a nightmare, and who discovers something dark about himself in a hilarious surprise ending.

The film, which has already garnered much hilarity among Gearmark’s YouTube subscribers, takes itself seriously up to the very end. “I just love that we put this much production value into what is ultimately a boner joke,” said Manning.

Terror Films Provides Official Poster, Trailer and one Clip for Haunted House Thriller INTERIOR

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 16, 2017) – Genre distributor Terror Films will be releasing the festival standout INTERIOR this Tuesday, August 15th. It was written and directed by Zachary Beckler. The film has won “Best Director” and “Best Sound Design” at the NYC Horror Film Festival (2015), “Best Horror Feature” at Shriekfest (2015), “Best Domestic Film” at the Starlite Film Festival (US, 2015), “Best Thriller Feature” at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival (2014), “Best Florida Feature” at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival (2014), along with the “Audience Award” at the Knoxville Horror Film Fest (2015).

The story follows Sam (Christopher Carullo). Sam is a down and out filmmaker, who is hired by his ex-girlfriend, Allison (Piper Rae Patterson), to record unexplained phenomenon. The strange occurrences have been happening in the new house where she, her husband and young daughter have recently moved to.  Over the course of the night, Sam comes face to face with an ultimate form of evil.

In their ongoing effort to bring the best and the most diverse indie horror content to the masses, Terror Films will release this film across multiple digital platforms including: iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Vudu, Google Play/You Tube, X-Box Live and many others.  The release begins with North America and will be followed by a worldwide digital release on iFlix.  

Terror Films has provided the official poster, plus a link to the official trailer and one clip from the film, titled “Dreaming of Allison.”

INTERIOR Official Trailer:

INTERIOR Clip “Dreaming of Allison:”

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