CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: “Horror Short Film” by Riff and Alternate Studio

CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: “Horror Short Film” by Riff and Alternate Studio

CGI 3D Animated Short Film Horror by Riff and Alternate Studio.
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Horror Short Film
Making of Horror Short Film

Horror 3d animated Short Film by Riff studio and Alternate studio
Riff studio
Alternate studio

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46 Responses to CGI 3D Animated Short Film HD: “Horror Short Film” by Riff and Alternate Studio

  1. FnafGamerGirl says:

    I.. I died..
    Jesus. those jumpscares got me good. o_o Except the one on the end 😛 Goodjob on making it!!!

  2. Asami Miery says:

    This is amazing. If this was a horror game I would definitely play it.

  3. D says:

    3:00 oh fuck this scared meeeee😂😂

  4. sanjay technologies21 says:

    nice video

    more : Best 3D Walk Through Company in Chennai, Best 3d Animation Chennai

  5. Carmen Meijer says:

    SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT LOOK

  6. ladyclaire balleta says:

    can anybody traslate the story pls.

  7. Jacob Shelton says:

    i spilled my mountaian dew at that one part but im sure in reality the mother was trying to hug her or somthin

  8. Enraged BeerBelly says:

    shoot the monsters

  9. Bud Redding says:

    this gave me a heart attack well a little, but dang! I’m gonna have nightmares for tonight

  10. Sean Michael says:

    her mom looks so young

  11. Khan Ahmarfarman says:

    when your parents fights.. that moments are not less then a horror film… 😟😟

  12. my brother says:

    thai horror!!!

  13. Sleepy Artist says:

    is no one gonna question why the parents turned into kids at 2:08 before they turned into monsters????

  14. Dorien Foroutani says:

    This is so cool!!! XD

  15. Mundo Enrolado says:

    poha mano que susto

  16. Daytona Stroman says:

    Wow Nice Good One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  17. Ja'Naiya Handy says:

    this is JUST like the game called Among the Sleep you all should cheek it out. Its about a two year old boy who’s parents are divorce because the mother is an alcoholic freak. The young boy imagines the mother as a monster in the game. PS its a horror game but cool

  18. Jordan Little says:

    Worst parents ever! I mean keeping their daughter up until midnight!

  19. rusty2ful says:

    This should totally be a video game!!!!!

  20. Crystal Camarillo says:

    yo don’t watch it in the woods 😥

  21. dina says:

    this strory is scary my

  22. Jacob Shelton says:

    scared the living daylights outta me 😃

  23. Karma's Bae says:

    That’s exactly how my mom is like when she comes back from work

  24. Candy Caramel says:

    am I the only one who’s reading the comments and then get shocked because of the end of the video?

  25. pp tv fun says:

    this it cartoon thailand

  26. Carlos Drew Luna says:

    3:00 oh my god i was so scared

  27. Gabrielle Gilmore says:

    first time I watched this it was 2016 now it’s 2017 and it doesn’t scare me anymore and I’m only 11

  28. WizardGamer says:

    What the fuck man i mean its great but the fuck

  29. Toni Levy says:

    omfg! thats creepy as hell!

  30. Jeon Julia says:

    She’s so cute😍💕😆

  31. chonlada pong-in-wong says:


  32. Neimykanani says:

    Aahhhhh why first person perspective and WHY THE LAST JUMPSCARE

  33. Dleene Douglas DD says:

    She saw her parents as monsters as she saw them fought… She was afraid of them, when she saw the violence. N being the daughter of her parents, she is afraid that she will become like them.

  34. HarmonyBear says:

    i fucking love this. so. much.

  35. Jessiejane Paredes says:

    i was scare when this little girl see his own mom and dad fighting and see here mom change like monster and chase him

  36. AnimeLover net says:

    * lowkey crying ATM *

  37. Emma Cass says:


  38. Eevi Winner says:


  39. Vicky ama coala :3 says:

    pqp gnt q isso kk

  40. Julia Carmela J. Dela Cruz says:

    okay this was creepy but it would make a good horror game

  41. Gabriella Watkins says:

    Omg that was the scariest it should be a movie like if you agree

  42. dipti sarkar says:

    the mom was flexible & the dad was like a necromorph

  43. Jenny Webb says:

    oooo creepy song 🎵

  44. Jose Calvario says:


  45. Ricardo Gonzalez Mo says:

    this is like outlast game

  46. IVANOVITCH Peschkow says:

    i don’t get can someone explain me this 😞

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