Clickbait (2016) – Short Horror Film

Clickbait (2016) – Short Horror Film

“Be careful what you click on…”

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Clickbait (2016)
Rachel Lynn David

Written, Directed, Edited by:
Deric Nunez

Executive Producer:
Erika Nunez

Copyright © 2016 Cowmaster Studios

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46 Responses to Clickbait (2016) – Short Horror Film

  1. Albert Catstein says:

    For real though, who the hell is Mr.Glubby?

  2. G4mingSt4ll1on says:

    When you go on leafyishere’s channel

  3. Hi I'm Leila says:

    3:26 I shit myself

  4. Jakub Wojciechowski says:

    Five minutes ago I watched your old mowie – Maneqiun, and now, I saw this, new one. Amd I think, you really improve for this 3 years.

  5. Abjuljh Jeoijhk says:

    Next the toilet make sure you sit on the right toilet or it will devour you.

  6. aKidNamedBeebee says:

    The ass was fat

  7. DaveyLeeRiot says:

    Seems like all the short horror films I find are all about jump scares. Are there any with a good twist ending? Or at least some psychological terror?

  8. Lorna Thomas says:

    I liked this, suspense was good, can’t wait to see more of your short horrors

  9. Jonathan Campos says:

    Thanks for make that movie, good work and luck. I’ll gonna see all your work and next.
    P.S: I didn’t knew that beautiful actress, she is really hot, beautiful and cute at the same time, thanks again!

  10. Alicia Wethington says:

    it was good but what happen


    hah hah hah…

  12. Julia Wright says:

    Great job. I muted my phone at one point and still jumped st the end.

  13. Jack Hughes says:

    wow. that’s a good film. well done

  14. NG ! says:

    Let me fuck that ass.

  15. 3D fainting says:

    This is a very cool short horror piece! But why in the hell does she keep her lights off, although wierd things happen in her apartment? I think this is really not natural.

  16. Creeperded Drawings/Games says:

    what if his video was a clickbait lol

  17. Châu Thầy says:

    Tụi bây thấy khó ngủ không

  18. Kezo lastname says:

    The best horror films don’t feature cheesy music, or music at all for that matter!

  19. Poo Face says:

    15 fruits that are bigger than you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Michael Rosen says:

    Pray for me, I’m going Full Screen

  21. Thunder says:

    that jumpscare…anyway excellent job man

  22. Broseph Jenkins says:

    The beginning was executed very well! However, I personally believe that the rest could have used a little more build up and subtleties. Nonetheless, it was great!

  23. I_Dropped_It says:

    You know why the webcam turned on

  24. aaron grant says:

    ohhh i got a thing for short shorts lol

  25. Miss Vanity ASMR says:

    i only clicked because i thought it said "CupcakKe" :/

  26. Cutiefun mom says:

    please post more horror shorts soon

  27. I JIZZ IN MY PANTS says:

    @ 1:47 she has a big strong nice ass and I’d like to hit it.

  28. KidSixXx says:

    Okay, my dear. What part of WEBCAM ENABLED did not inspire you to arm yourself with the nearest sharp metallic object?

  29. Yash Khatri says:

    One of the best I have ever seen……………..loved it

  30. 2008 Memes says:


  31. BlueBTR says:

    this is what clickbait does to people

  32. Jarod Smith says:

    Every goddamn horror short film:
    "*Breathes deeply and rapidly* Oh my god, I’m so scared right now. I have to go check that noise. I’m so terrified, so instead of putting distance between myself and the scary noises/sight, I’ll keep going TO it."

  33. CowmasterStudios says:

    Enjoying the film? For a few quarters a month, you can help support the future of the channel!

  34. Fuzzims McFuzzface says:

    saw this one. Loved it.
    Saw Knock, LOVED it!
    Saw the Subject…Subscribing now!

  35. Vexed Viewer says:

    good job with this.

  36. Jean Holleman says:

    You got me, good job!

  37. Thien Le says:

    Excuse me , what’s her name ?

  38. FAKK2f says:

    Is that the same apartment from Mannequin?

  39. Efe Özay says:

    inciden gelenler?

  40. mistermasterinahat says:

    Very cool take on an original concept, but some of the acting is pretty clunky and the ending was predictable. There was some good buildup along the way, but the monster wasn’t that scary; it would have been better if we never saw the monster, kind of like the ending to Evil Dead.

  41. Jarod Smith says:

    She does her squats.

  42. Racer Hex says:

    Nope , didn’t do it for me …too predictable , hope you have better ones I watch many !

  43. reese45456 says:

    i came here for the hot chick 🙂

  44. Callum Knott says:

    That was clickbait lol
    Trump 2017✌😪😲

  45. UnspokeN :: says:

    You forgot to put pewdiepie in the title… not real clickbait

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