CLOWNTERGEIST Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

CLOWNTERGEIST Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Clowntergeist Trailer – 2017 Horror Movie starring Tom Seidman, Burt Culver and Brittany Belland
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About Clowntergeist:
Emma, a college student with a crippling fear of clowns, must come face to face with her worst fear when an evil spirit in the body of a clown is summoned terrorizing the town she calls home.

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50 Responses to CLOWNTERGEIST Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

  1. eduardo Montanez says:

    i really feel bad that the old guy dies but its fake its not real

  2. Son ofNeptune says:

    I used to think clowns were not scary, thanks for the new phobia

  3. TheLegendofRowe says:

    Cough Cough "It" Cough Cough

  4. PokeDude011 says:


  5. Nicolas Callier says:

    this is like a reboot of the movie clown

  6. JaCk CaCk says:

    within 1 second of the beginning I knew it was horribly low budget. no thanks.

  7. Ian TheBlondeIdjot says:

    Boo! Jumpscares.

  8. Gurjot Dhaliwal says:

    The trailer says it all. PARANORMAL SHIT STORY

  9. ByTheNightSky says:

    Damn pennywise looks like shit…

  10. Strawberry Blossom says:

    is this fake

  11. Trip Summers says:

    because ripping off multiple plots at once isn’t plagiarism

  12. Landry Allen says:

    This is like the 30th scary movie Trailer I’ve seen today that is coming out in 2017… BEST…YEAR….EVER

  13. The9thDirector says:

    I’d say that it looks like a ‘Fan-Made Film’…

    …but that would be insulting ‘Fan-Made Films’.

  14. Colin Dear says:

    The trailer should have ended at 0:23 and so should the movie

  15. PKMN Trainer Laya says:

    *Sees name*


    *chokes on spit*

  16. Bandit says:

    clowntergeist? fucking leafygeist why dont they make a movie with some -geist

  17. Mike Custer says:

    Can we get a fucking decent clown movie for crying out loud?

  18. Everlasting says:

    Did that door just ominously open slowly and she just decided to try to fall asleep like nothing happened?? Really?

  19. Dnekar says:

    I am interested.

  20. Margarita Gamboa says:

    Cuando saldra

  21. SoapParty says:

    0:31 ok this is an IT rip off

  22. SPW Super Puppet Wesley says:

    All of the encounters could have been solved with a single gunshot

  23. rdonaldsonrd58 says:

    the girl from the progressive commercial that’s morphing into her dad!!! 💘💘💘

  24. la chef Jay says:

    Bruh they said it would give pennywise a run for its money talking like el penny choppo ain’t been a GD from day catching bodies #freetherealfromdadrainpipe

  25. A Heart To AscendTV says:


  26. Spoon Daddy says:

    Damn I made better movies when I was five

  27. Matt The Awesomer says:

    whats with all the clown movies? except for it they all suck

  28. lexing xu says:

    clowntergeist? who names this shit?

  29. Dogge says:


  30. Kenny De says:

    Looks like absolute shit.

  31. Levar Mitchell says:

    Oscar bait

  32. ShadowGamer says:

    Congratulations, your movie has been accepted to ChannelAwesome’s WTR, a.k.a. "Was That Real?" Your movie will be reviewed on 2025 depending on the Critic’s mood.

  33. Theokal3 says:

    Wow, this has to be the least convincing supernatural clown costume I have ever seen. How can you make someone who is SUPPOSED to be a guy in a suit look fake?!

  34. Dogge says:


  35. green bleach says:

    this movie is less scary than the goonies

  36. Carol Munro says:

    So many things ripped off from Stephen King’s "It" even being released in the same year. Bad move since they obviously didnt rip off the quality

  37. Tyler Sproull says:

    It wanna be

  38. lizard leland says:

    jajaja oh come on… do you think that this fucking movie will better than IT?

  39. expa unknown says:

    It’s a spoof it has to be.

  40. Xavier Rabon says:

    this is like, a satire, right?

  41. Yukari Hina says:

    IT clown looks better than this long haired weirdo

  42. Spades 8 says:

    They are really running out of ideas for horror movies

  43. Sajid Ahmed says:

    So practically the same thing as IT with the clown that looks like penny wise and the signature balloon

  44. TheZipperDragon says:

    Isn’t this called IT?

  45. Haiden Cortez says:

    stop the making of this movie now

  46. MorbidReflectionsOfficial says:

    I just watched the Spearhead Effect trailer. It was a brilliant joke.

    *This feels too much*
    *Laugh intensifies*

  47. Gia Pomilla says:

    They’re starting to do too much with clowns 🤡, looks Corny as hell 👎👎👎👎

  48. The Horror of Neon says:

    the clown is coming!…..

  49. Fangirl64 says:

    The fuck is this

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