Creepy Evil – Short Horror Film

Creepy Evil – Short Horror Film

Creepy Evil Short Horror Film. Two girls have a sleep over and take unknown “scary” pills for the first time in their life.

Shot, written, directed, edited, and scored by me (Alexanderthetitan).

Michelle Perez (McKayla)
Tara Milante (Tanya)

Michelle Perez

Watch in 4k.

If you have short scary stories that you want made into short movies, send me a personal TRUE story of yours. Please SEND IT TO ME THROUGH EMAIL. Make sure stories are short and legible. Thanks.

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16 Responses to Creepy Evil – Short Horror Film

  1. valentinaS says:

    very nice :)more please

  2. Archie Whiting says:

    this is great. could u check out a short film I just uploaded?

  3. Nancy Palacios says:

    wth dude, this is great. needs more viewsss!! ((:

  4. Tara Milante says:

    I love it !!!!!

  5. dmadma4 says:

    this is unbelievably scary…..damn my heart pumping..

  6. Filmmaking Man says:

    Keep em coming!

  7. Sid the Jet Dslr Filmmaking says:

    Nice work, keep up the killer horror flicks Sid the Jet…..

  8. Eve Ringuette says:

    I wasn’t expecting to be scared. Good job! I loved it

  9. Mr. LiBrA says:

    YOUR GONNA BE A STAR KID!!! Alex this was great keep it up you just got a new sub. Mr. Libra has spoken…

  10. MusicRainfield says:

    So they took a drug that made them hallucinate and each girl saw the other as a monster and then they killed each other?

  11. Remc0 Schedel says:

    Jonathan Crane’s Fearomone pills; available now!

  12. Freddy Keys says:

    Great work man! Keep it up

  13. ashley clark says:

    Scroll back up you pussy

  14. Jj Seaward says:

    Just subbed to you. Happy I saw your post on Facebook!

  15. monster jam shreds says:

    Fucking scary

  16. Budderlachs says:

    Wow, you are getting better with every short film you are uploading.
    The atmosphere was amating, grat use of close ups and camera angles to disturb the viewer, especially at 3:56.
    I also liked the editing where she was hiding behind the couch and the "killer" came closer every time she looked.
    There is just one last question i have: why the f**k should anybody take these pills ??
    Sry for my grammar and typos im not a native speaker.

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