Cynthia -A short horror film HD

Cynthia -A short horror film HD

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“Overall, Cynthia is a clever and atmospheric short horror film which plays around with familiar conventions, making it a little bit different from the norm and well worth nine minutes of your time.” – Sean Markey Read the full article here.

“Cynthia” is now an Official Selection of the Winter Film Awards 2015 and will play in NYC February 27th Block 2 4PM-7:15PM 777 Eighth Avenue (at 47th Street), right off of Times Square.

The best way to watch this is to turn off your lights, turn off your distractions so you can hear and see the subtle foreshadowing. Most short films don’t do what we did and if that’s missed, you may not fully understand the small details that make a greater whole.

A Kaleidoscope Pictures Inc. Production
Written and Directed by: Christopher Wells

Starring: Katie Issel Pitre, Christopher Wells
& Matt Perfetuo as the Devil

Assistant Director: Lucas La Battaglia
Director of Photography: Steve Pitre
Edited by: Christopher Wells
Makeup by: Jessica Mellow
Camera Assistant, Grip, Gaffer: Mark Thyrring
Production Assistant: Nhu Tran

Music by: Dolomedes Threatening
from the album Dark Ambient I — Filthy Ghetto

“Cynthia,” is the story about a man in purgatory who’s soul is being condemned to hell by his murdered girlfriend under the gaze of the devil who eagerly awaits.

I was home alone one night and I woke up around 3AM from being really thirsty. I kicked off the blankets and walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water and when I walked back to the bedroom, there was someone under the covers laying on my bed. I froze, I had no idea what I was going to do.

My girlfriend was in Texas for business, I live in Brooklyn, so I knew it wasn’t her. I didn’t know what to do and whoever it was, was laying very still, as if they wanted me to pull the covers.

After a moment I quickly pulled the blanket off the bed and to my relief it was a bunch of pillows. How my blanket fell like that when I kicked them off me to get something to drink is beyond me.

After a huge sigh of relief, I laid down trying to go to sleep but I was actually excited and pumped up from what just happened. So about every 15 minutes I’d reach over to my iPhone and would right an idea for a script. I was doing this for about 2 hours and when I finally woke up, I realized I pretty much had a script. The ideas poured out of me and it just took off.

The next day I wrote it out, sent it to my DP and started to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy this film, happy nightmares. I will be making more.

Kaleidoscope Pictures Inc. is a Brooklyn based production company specializing in video and photography.

Steve Pitre and I have done a lot of projects together, check out his work at:

Thank you to everyone who watched our film, we really appreciate it. If you want to watch it on the big screen you can do so Feb 27th 777 Eighth Avenue (at 47th Street), right off of Times Square.

Happy Halloween everyone and happy nightmares.

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50 Responses to Cynthia -A short horror film HD

  1. x0Ms.Galaxyx0 says:

    I loved watching this film 😁😁, but I am curious what did the white face demon or monster represent for this film??

  2. Elizabeth Wise says:

    "You’re acting crazy, over nothing." says the man who was talking to the radiator 🙂

  3. Random King says:

    This was very interesting. I kept wanting to see what would happen next. It’s weird in a way that made me stare at the screen and be mad at my sister for interrupting me with text messages. Is the guy just a plain two-faced a-hole or actually psychopathologically crazy? Either way, thanks very much fir the entertainment!

  4. ASAP Killuminati says:

    Damn nigga that shit got me scared in the first minute or so with the Descendant looking motherfucker, cheesy but scary so mission accomplished

  5. kpictures says:

    Hey everyone. I’ll be interviewed tonight at 8PM talking about my film The Luring which I’m currently raising money for. You can listen by going to this website at 8PM tonight.

    click on the LISTEN LIVE link at 8 PM EST Monday night Oct 3rd and listen to the the show LIVE

  6. chris Froat says:

    See this is why you should be suspicious of guys who tell you not to look at their shit. Knew he was a psycho when he hugged the heater and threatened to beat it for not behaving which are things most normal people don’t do XD

  7. kpictures says:

    Wow 500,000 views! Thank you all for watching and sharing Cynthia. This is really very cool and I am so grateful so thank you.

  8. Shirlene Williams says:

    Your welcome

  9. Koki Rifae says:

    very horror am scared

  10. Teddy Bear says:

    The begining, now I see when abusive ppl dont have a spouse to abuse anymore, they start taking it out on air conditioners…..makes sense.

  11. Bethany Shah says:

    Okay so I’m only like.. half way through. My guess is he’s psychotic so far..

    Edit: Hmm domestic abuse. I think the way you delivered this short horror film was very good! I’ll admit the acting wasn’t 100% but other than that… a good watch!

  12. Joelle Lesh says:

    I loved this! Cant wait to see you do more!

  13. TheReprobate says:

    It bothers me when the horror movie monster turns out to be a metaphor, or starts moralizing. It sucks out all the fun.

  14. Rebecca Nelson says:

    what the fuck?
    was that voldemort or some shit?

  15. random person says:

    the only problem is that I have no idea what a purgatory is. But to me it looks like someone went over board on there Halloween costume😂 but that thing is scary. I will search on google what a purgatory is. awesome movie btw.

  16. kpictures says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone. Make sure to be safe while having fun. And no drunk texting.

  17. Sarah Fatima says:

    At the beginning I didn’t understand what was happening but it was a great movie amazing. And the quality was awesome as well. Please upload more videos like this.

  18. lucia araujo says:

    Loved it. Congrats.

  19. . ثْہگہيَہلُہةّةّ يَہآخـخـہآلُ says:

    😨 I woulđ pláçe §poke to me đeep veiñ thrombo§i§ heárt áttáçk

  20. Lucie B Lindner says:

    loved it!!!! got what he deserved

  21. sokissablex says:

    i dont understand anything

  22. Bree Llama says:

    the white clown looking thing was the best part, in my opinion.. not a bad short film though.

  23. random person says:

    I jus found out what a purgatory is. thank you for the information😋

  24. Jacee K says:

    I loved it! Cynthia’s laughter was so creepy. Kind of a Spoiler alert: And the way the ending twisted to tie in with the beginning and the mysterious knocking that woke him up was excellent.

  25. 1250ececec says:

    So horrible amateur movie!! 🙁

  26. Maia Mcguiness says:

    That creepy white dude will make me sleep with the lights on 😖

  27. Melon Jordan says:

    thanks as brilliant!!!!!!love love loved it!!!!!!!!!

  28. Eryk Sicak says:

    The man cannot act at all 🙁

  29. Austin Thomas says:

    Dose he have autism or something like that?

  30. Achievemon! says:

    kpictures Are there any behind the scene also for this?

  31. Brandon Garcia says:

    What a twist

  32. random person says:

    no problem☺

  33. Wight Space says:

    Great work. Good luck with the film. Check out my web series if you get a chance. I would love some insight.

  34. Troy Woods says:

    Please can I used your video for ecomog media group

  35. Sana K says:

    Well done 🙂 Good movie

  36. anushka choudhry says:


  37. Eduardo Roper says:

    damn this is really good! I wanna see more now

  38. RiTisH M says:

    Wwwwuuusaaa vry scary crying

  39. TheFandere4 says:

    He was death since the begin?

  40. Jeanne Westmoreland says:

    Awesome…..keep doing An Awesome job….

  41. Asia Williams says:

    this was boring

  42. Rebecca Nelson says:

    what the fuck?
    was that voldemort or some shit?

  43. Lisa Marie Davis says:

    I love this! OMG! The actress that played Cynthia was amazing.

  44. always luvedtobeluved says:

    was she a ghost or what? and another question What?

  45. random person says:

    What was that white thing? that was the most creepiest thing I have a ever seen.😨😵

  46. kpictures says:

    Looking really forward to filming The Luring which is a horror feature film loosely based on Cynthia, a psychological thriller shot in Vermont.

  47. Troy Woods says:

    Reaction video two guys talk about reaction videos

  48. Kayla Mathis says:

    I watched this in the dark😂 what was that white thing supposed to be tho, but I still loved it💕

  49. Kayla Mathis says:

    Halloween is near…I can’t wait!!! It is my favorite holiday…29 more days…I’m so excited!!!😄🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻

  50. c. j. macq says:

    this short has motive and explanation, two things I was, literally, just thinking none of these horror shorts have much of. well produced and executed. thanks for the film.

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