Death Of A Ghost Hunter – Full Horror Movie

Death Of A Ghost Hunter – Full Horror Movie

Noted ghost hunter Carter Simms is hired to investigate the haunted home where a God-fearing family was brutally murdered twenty years earlier.

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Writer-Director-DP-Editor Sean Tretta’s stab at the ghost hunter genre is supposedly based on a true story, of sorts. In this supernatural snooze-fest, noted ghost hunter Carter Simms (Patti Tindall) is offered $5,000 to investigate rumors of sinister supernatural forces that supposedly reside within the Masterson house, where a God-fearing family was brutally murdered twenty years earlier. But along with her guru and camera crew, Carter inexplicably includes Mary Young, a twenty-year-old Christian extremist who may or may not be a murderous, baby-killing vengeful ghost.

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49 Responses to Death Of A Ghost Hunter – Full Horror Movie

  1. Varun Chaturvedi says:

    add us as gun wyyeyrtyrgueyhyyhhhdiurfdryyrtyrggft

  2. Chris Tine says:

    OMG!!! SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Twilight Mack says:

    scared me the first time I watched👻

  4. Xavier Mink-Mendoza says:


  5. Jose De Guzman says:

    If I were the owner of that house I would gladly demolish it or burn it to the ground so that all those bad spirits inhabiting it will perish for good.

  6. Tess Almazar says:

    Tessie almazar

  7. Noah Zark says:

    Are ghosts totally stupid? When they see investigators show up with modern gadgets to "catch" them… are they so out of touch that they just can ‘t put two and two together? What are the ghosts thinking when these nerds show up with their gizmos? Even if you caught a ghost on video tape, tap dancing and juggling fireballs… other nerds would pull out their own electronic gadgets and debunk the video tape as B.S. Ghosts and UFO’s are both protected from discovery by people believing "we know everything there is to know."

  8. Catheria Brown says:

    Love Moive

  9. Charla Matabadal says:

    nice movie i love it a lot

  10. Varun Chaturvedi says:

    add us as gun

  11. Amira Berry says:

    i cant understand a wword she sayin

  12. Varun Chaturvedi says:

    add us as gun wyyeyrtyrgueyhyyhhhdiurfdryyrtyrggft tfhsftyddfxczzczxcxsyloixxvghyfiufoiiiygjufki

  13. Reuben Dsilva says:

    pls watch my horror movie I made, like and subscribe, link below thanks 🙂

  14. Cameron Lewis says:

    For all that didn’t understand or watched it through here it is… the baby was the Christian girl Mary Young, her father was the Cop. But her biological father was the dad for he got Miranda pregnant. The mother of the house slit her husband throat, stabbed her son and 3yr old daughter to death. She tried to drown the baby(Mary Young) but the cross that she laid in the tub opened the drain. The cop found the baby and took her in. The mother shot herself. in the end Mary Young kills Yvette,Collin,and Carter then sits in the same chair as the mother and shot herself, after writing the suicide note…JUST LIKE THE MOTHER

  15. RH Bradley says:

    Challenge for Zak Bagans with the Ghostadventures or Nick Groff with paranormal lockdown!!!

  16. Craft_T Crafts says:

    I really liked it, and thank you for making it available for free! And ignore the dumb and hateful comments; consider that most of them probably just come from people that have no idea about what it takes to make a movie, probably people who’s editing skills only extend to posting selfies on ig or fb …

  17. istván varga says:

    really great movie

  18. Charles Murphy says:

    I wish the music wasn’t so loud. Better yet strike the music.

  19. Rangamal Arunaweera says:

    Its good for nothing but for mentally disabled people..wasted nearly two hours watching this crap!

  20. Niki Hellfire says:

    I enjoyed that, thank you

  21. Guillermo Dehesa says:

    ahh a ghost…! wait no, is baldo the creepy camguy again

  22. deontae central home animation says:

    lol u got that right

  23. Nikhil Kumar says:

    That piano is irritating,at every scene it is playing


    story was kinda scary as there was killing killing but annoyed music. As a result , it was so obsessed movie. Don’t watch it with full concentration lol it’s gonna take mind by creepy background whispering.

  25. porffordraig says:

    i thought this was ok – it was engaging enough to make me want to carry on watching to see what happens. i dont think it needed to be as long as it was to be honest though. the sound quality wasnt too good at times, but the ending summed up the film nicely. creepy rather then gory. i wouldnt watch it again though

  26. Micaiah Kesler says:

    I love a good comedy movie! wait what? it’s not a comedy? you’re pulling my leg aren’t ya? well I be the judge of that.

  27. IRIS BRETTON says:


  28. conan says:

    the music screeching rather as theme drool is in very bad taste and is much to distracting and annoying, idiotic, bonehead move there

  29. mike medeiros says:

    why do assholes like Alice tell you the end of the movie get back on you’r meds

  30. Phillip Bassman says:

    Stupid and unfit to watch!

  31. Varun Chaturvedi says:

    add us as gun wyyeyrtyrgueyhyyhhhdiu

  32. Tammy Ward says:

    great movie, but is it really based on a true story?

  33. Mark Vance says:

    Boy, it never takes long, does it? I start scrolling down the comments, and there it is. People getting into name calling, insult slinging arguments from behind the anonymity of their computers.

  34. Toby Bloom says:

    without weird and scary, Its beats the conjouring

  35. susan Montoya says:

    This movie was a good watch. Not perfect there are parts tht r slow but I was looking for a good movie to watch in horror and its hard to find one but tonight I am satisfied thx for the upload

  36. Alice 1991 says:

    I liked the movie. The story is well thought through.

  37. Maria Veronica Raducanu says:

    i cant see there faces, its dark. i dont like it

  38. Hugo von braunschweig says:

    Not bad, not at all. In fact, this was one of the better horror flicks I’ve seen in quite some time. Better than overrated movies like the Conjuring 1 and 2.

  39. Sexi Queen 2016 says:

    fuckin awesome ass movie the end was perfect loved it

  40. Jodieemma 9 says:

    What! A spliff inside a murder ghost house to calm ya’ nerves?!! Yeah right!

  41. matthewillian says:


  42. jr moon says:

    Where can I view the original video? Where the girl peek out the bedroom door.

  43. Maria Veronica Raducanu says:

    its soo dark this movie fuck

  44. A Sunitha Sunitha says:

    nice movie

  45. Alice 1991 says:

    well in the end shes dead but at least shes got an adorable little girl to play with everyday now 🙂

  46. Noah Zark says:

    This is not a true story, nor is it "based on facts." It is a total work of fiction presenting itself as a documentary.

  47. john arnold says:

    hell yeah that was pretty good

  48. Orlando Gonzalez says:

    I liked but needed a little move action, ,,,,

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