Devil’s Tower | Full Horror Movie

Devil’s Tower | Full Horror Movie

#KingsOfHorror presents: Devil’s Tower

When Sid’s friend goes missing, he and new girl Sarah investigate disappearances in their tower block. Uncovering the secret of a vengeful ghost possessing a horde of zombies, they must fight for their lives – and their souls.

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34 Responses to Devil’s Tower | Full Horror Movie

  1. Arthur Yancey says:

    This movie looks like it based off of the serial killer H.H. Homes?

  2. victor cuevas says:

    That was actually an ok movie

  3. gustavo garcia says:

    Wow what a fuck up school in the scary movie lol

  4. Rack Roll says:

    I was promised undead and I got them. The Brits make an alright horror movie and Roxanne Pallett is lovely in it. 5/10

  5. gustavo garcia says:

    Okay it’s a apartment my bad

  6. Deeb says:

    so weird i just stayed at a hotel and my room number was 203. Thats interesting

  7. bastion4027 says:

    Jay must of fallen on hard times.You’d never catch silent Bob in this crapfest of a movie I bet.

  8. Rack Roll says:

    SPOILER: Commercials are about 3 times louder than show.

  9. big ron says:

    wow jason must have been real desperate to do this so called english horror..
    bad real bad

  10. William Shanahan says:

    WOW! Who thinks of this stuff? Awful, bad, can’t think of a negative word beginning with "C" But I have one for "Z" ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  11. Deborah Potyok says:

    I really love the movies these guys make! 👍… great mom splatter, that woman deserved it even b4 she got possessed; actually, I think she deserved it more then.

  12. 6mr.6Exeter 6 says:

    freaking great

  13. gustavo garcia says:

    Well they should call this satans tv

  14. Tanya Ensor says:

    I can’t answer your question. All I know is that I love horror movies. I’ll even watch terrible ones if there’s nothing else available. The only reason I won’t watch even a terrible movie I’ve already seen is if I was so horrified by the cheesy acting & lack of production values the first time around my eyes would bleed if I dared to watch it again. This movie isn’t great, just barely good. It could have better if they’d stuck to ghosts instead of dragging in zombies, too.

  15. 6mr.6Exeter 6 says:

    I had to laugh at the fight in the beginning.
    and in the end where Sarahs mom fell off the roof and splattered on the ground. Thnxs guys.

  16. :Merciless~187. says:

    Not to bad, but not that great either. However Roxanne Pallet is one hot tamele’! That cute thang was probably the only reason I sat through this. LoL

  17. Scott Serson says:

    yup. it’s been a while. I think I rented it. yup you can still do that

  18. Baby Gurl says:

    Dont u hate it when u read comments to decide wether to watch a movie or not and half of em say YAY and the other half say NAY? :/

  19. Loretta J. Young says:


  20. scoobyesidoo says:


  21. jessy black says:

    Is that jay?

  22. StarFire4337 says:

    The power goes out on your floor so you get in an elevator? Yeah, I don’t think so… Went from vaguely interesting to totally stupid.

  23. Scott Serson says:

    lmfao! brutal fight at beginning!

  24. Mary Logan says:

    Next time I’m reading the comments lol before trying to watch

  25. Beto Ortiz says:

    Thank you for uploading.

  26. Kia Daniels says:

    lame funny tho

  27. 6mr.6Exeter 6 says:

    I had to laugh at the fight in the beginning.
    and in the end where Sarahs mom fell off the roof and splattered on the ground. Thnxs guys.

  28. George Millington says:

    king you have the best movies anywhere thank you

  29. lydia green says:

    I can only give this 3 stars in my opinion I was really liking it until it got to 1 hr

  30. 6mr.6Exeter 6 says:

    I had to laugh at the fight in the beginning.
    and in the end where Sarahs mom fell off the roof and splattered on the ground. Thnxs guys.

  31. Scott Serson says:

    I think I’ve seen this before

  32. Ponder Sprocket says:

    A movie can only ever be improved with the presence of Jason Mewes.
    I also had to stop counting the stock scream sound effects at some point because after I hit at least the 3rd iteration of at least 3 different screams, it was too ridiculous to continue XD

  33. Mark W says:

    damn this girl needs a dead bolt

  34. tradron says:

    Nice ! Please upload more.

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