Ding Dong – Short Horror Film

Ding Dong – Short Horror Film

“Ding Dong” – Do you dare to look?

Decar Films Present

A film by: Diego Carballo & Daniel Carlón

Starring: Paula Mira

Special thanks to: Elena Carlón & Lidia Carlón

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50 Responses to Ding Dong – Short Horror Film

  1. Angee Malikk says:

    The hands didn’t get the "Ding dong ditch" game…

  2. Lee Dawkins Short Films says:

    Great little short film, those damn hands! Would of maybe liked to of seen a bit more at the end…even a head or a face but still, really enjoyable! Consider yourself Subscribed!

  3. TATIANA CHECA says:


  4. aarti singh says:

    this did creep me out……….but the at the last ……they could have improved much better………..and more spooky

  5. Max-Jayde Romero says:

    great job!!!

  6. Paul Mccafffery says:

    Ding Dong = Me no like much as I ain’t no ding a ling. Careful not to call sequel King Dong!!

  7. Miya Tomeda says:

    Warning: Turn down the volume

  8. FreeChocolatCupcake says:

    **door rings**

  9. عازفة على اوتار الحزن says:

    هاي شنو هههههههه ……… ميخوف 😃😃



  11. DayZ Standalone - Jiveturkey600 says:

    Dat ass though @ 2:09

  12. quentin enjalric says:

    so scary ! Great footage !

  13. Supriya Shrestha says:

    how on earth can you say that it’s scary

  14. Willa Swift says:

    Scariest part for me @ 1:27. enjoyed thank you

  15. Stephanie Mullen says:

    Somebody playing ding-dong ditch!!! Lol…….

  16. Mackenzie Fletcher says:

    why are hands scary?

  17. Luis - Vega says:

    awesome,by the way the girl (Paula Mira) is very cute.

  18. lisuin Delacruz says:

    at first it was scary den nahhhhh it was bad

  19. Phoenix7786 says:

    Now we know why we never saw any of Thing’s family at the Addams Residence.

  20. Mina Gething says:

    It wasn’t so scary, but it’s cool and the acting is amazing

  21. M RO says:

    very low budget lol but still good ^^

  22. ahmad ghani says:

    tangan doang ngent

  23. Latangela Gaba Kuehe says:

    That was creepy it scared my ass!

  24. -Rage'- bLacKouT says:

    lol this is comedy gold… not horror

  25. Racer Hex says:

    Nice acting

  26. RAGHU.R Raghu says:

    haha super comedy film…

  27. lil Yu says:

    holy shit Man

  28. Hafiz Redwan Ahmed says:

    Wait. How many times did she turn that key????

  29. Sylar says:

    Tomei um susto enorme quando a campainha tocou mais alto. Parabéns aos criadores, muito bom. 😀

  30. Ria Ria says:

    those hands had me WEAK

  31. its shosho says:

    does anyone knows a high schools numbers and names in nj plz tell me

  32. Adbcs says:

    Lol at 2:37 I thought the hair was the creature!


    not horror

  34. Lennise Fuller says:


  35. Raditya Rinandyaswara says:

    bad ending

  36. Family FOURever says:

    Very well done. Great work!!

  37. Jesse Mallar says:

    I liked it because she was hot and had a nice turd cutter…

  38. Dove World says:

    just hate it

  39. Brad Russo says:

    2:20 lol look at them hands and i love the fact that this is about hands

  40. Horror future #7 says:

    i loved it..Great acting too!

  41. WhatTheFun says:

    Film is scary…. but story telling is must.

  42. Angel Winchester says:

    those hands tho

  43. Seth Winters says:

    I could imagine someone like Chloe Moretz doing the full length movie based on this film

  44. NathanDuceTV says:

    Incredible work guys!

  45. Shawn Williams says:

    Cute girl

  46. Mahendra Tiley says:

    WOW! Nicely done.

  47. Mel Películas says:

    Hahaha! The creepy tickling hands!

  48. Retr0Beau says:

    I wondered what Thing was up to after The Adams Family

  49. Pehpo Pompehpo says:

    boring .. nothing scary at all. A fish with a nose would be scarier

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