DON’T LOOK AT THE MIRROR – Short Horror Film

DON’T LOOK AT THE MIRROR – Short Horror Film

Director: Priscilla Grijalva
Guión: Priscilla Grijalva
Edición: Priscilla Grijalva
Música y efectos de sonido: Michel Yadah Gonzalez
Fotografía: Daniel López
Asistentes de producción: Aldo Guzmán, Maydali Santos
Special Makeup FX: Ernesto Grijalva Ibarra, Priscilla Grijalva
Detrás de escenas: Gabriel Acedo-Marquez
Reparto: Lucero Fernandez, Ana Pratt, Clara Peralta, Arnett Marcial

Producido por Banana Media Studio

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50 Responses to DON’T LOOK AT THE MIRROR – Short Horror Film

  1. Mariana Morales rosas says:


  2. Carol Kewley says:

    Yep, I jumped at the end, well done!

  3. Babar Shezad says:

    Why she left her phone in bathroom

  4. Krasimir Pavlov says:

    pederas izkara mi akula sh se poburkam ei infarkt

  5. The Wendigo says:

    not trying to be racist but why do black people smarter than white people in horror films?

  6. Angela Giron says:


  7. Manish Kumar says:

    It was frightening really it stopped my breath till the end😨😨😱😱😰

  8. Texting Stories says:

    I got the chills…I almost swallowed my retainer….

  9. David Linze says:

    I have to pee and it’s night thus will be interesting

  10. reaction master says:

    i did not get scared by the ending cause i was reading comments and when she shouted i thought her phone fell in the toilet

  11. Clash Royal Fan Club says:

    stupid ending my phone was down and crack 😂

  12. Kromo Tron says:

    Los efectos de sonido repentino ayudaron bastante a asustar.

  13. Keyla Dimensions says:

    My friend is called emma,:(

  14. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    Tres bien! Brava!

  15. world of slimes says:

    guys im at 5:26 do i continue or no??😩😣😣😫😫

  16. Ildiko Zachar says:

    I almost peed in my pants at the ending and I had a nightmare of this at night lol

  17. Keyla Dimensions says:

    I just heard of this leyend that will make me horrified, lets try it. I mean, what is the worst that could happen? Obviously not dying

  18. Suzie Wong says:

    Awesome! scared the crap out of me! 5*****

  19. Food with gluten says:

    Who does that kind of stuff at public restroom?! That’s very unrealistic. But the actress is pretty 🙂

  20. c. j. macq says:

    excellent! but why was the creature’s name emma? it most definitely doesn’t look female! also, it shouldn’t have ended there. it should’ve ended with linda and Cecilia at the restaurant asking why she’s taking so long and suddenly hearing a scream. then, maybe, they could’ve run to the bathroom, found it locked from the inside. and upon forcing the door open find the bathroom empty except for the cell phone by the sink. try not to end your shorts on a jump scare. otherwise this was a very good horror short; WELL DONE!

  21. HMHH Hhh says:


  22. //MeganPlays// XOX says:

    Title: "Don’t look at the mirror."
    Me: Wasn’t planning on it.

  23. TONY PANG says:

    You got me. I totally jumped at the end.

  24. The Wendigo says:

    she had to bust a pimple thats why she looked in the mirror

  25. Arora Khan says:


  26. Maria Daria says:


  27. Krystal Lee says:

    6:00 min in I am thinking ok, so is she on the other side now that she called emma? unless I read subs wrong lol waiting for the jump tho

  28. Kelsey McCall says:

    she said there names in English. so why can’t she say anything in English

  29. Korean FAN says:

    it was so bad I’m sooo terrified 0_0

  30. GAMING GHOST 18 says:

    come on guys im 12 years old and it didnt scary me

  31. Rizi_2002 says:

    What an Idiot!!! But at least the ending shi**ed me up

  32. Texting Stories says:

    This is no joke! I got scared so much I saw my chest jump like legit!

  33. moses knows says:

    Much to like here… I browsed and subscribed… If you have a sec. give my channel a look, checkout my lil horror video, "FRIGHT HOUSE", about #20th in from new…Thanks, Moses…

  34. Amanda Felton says:

    the ending scared the slime out of me

  35. Caden Hobday says:

    I love ypur vidos

  36. Maria Daria says:

    I was already scared to look at the mirror but now

  37. Prophe t says:

    After watching this I laughed for 21min

  38. Dejah Tyler says:

    awesome-y Guy I feel the same

  39. Angela Giron says:

    I am out

  40. Angela Giron says:

    Way am I seeing this

  41. Valentina Clara says:

    Que miedo!

  42. Violetta Plamenova says:

    I can’t take the things seriously becouse in the bigining i see : banana

  43. demeatria allen says:

    crack is wack black is black if crack is white then what’s dat

  44. SHAGUN NANKANI says:

    omg …too scary … how stupid was she… left her cell in the washroom …

  45. Lars Thorsen says:

    A jump-scare, Seriously? That’s the payoff?

  46. Mariana Morales rosas says:


  47. Emmaline Brix says:

    But why in a public restroom 😂

  48. Love Thapa says:

    scary 😱😱

  49. Alice82916 Lavren says:

    amazing job!

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