1. Croctic says:

    Quality of the short wasnt really good and the way she didn’t leave either was bad

  2. Anrique Mosley says:

    So u just gonna play tag with the wardrobe

  3. Daisy Fields says:

    HA HA!! At the end they copied the face from the girl off the ring 1 the moment the mother is saying about when she found her daughter in the cupboard lol

  4. RealKingPredator says:

    so the monster is a wendigo?

  5. Apex Gaming says:

    Those edits were okay xD

  6. Dailybasin says:

    The acting Was autistic

  7. MrKollslaw says:

    That one was awesome

  8. Savannah Phillips says:

    2:45 Get tf out of my house then!

  9. GunTon says:

    Nobody is so stupid, After the thing with the paper, I will jump out of the window.

  10. Ty Xiong says:

    I think the major thing you guys need to avoid is the horror cliches. Too many horror films, big or small, have so much cliches in them that I can already guess what’s going to happen next. Think up of something different and unique. It could still be the same idea/concept, but maybe add something unique or different so it won’t be so cliche. And some of the scenes were a bit dragging on. Cut scenes that aren’t relevant to the story. So try to avoid that also. The cinematography needs a bit more work as well. Try to frame and create shots/angles that look more "cinematic" or more interesting. Because some of the shots were too dull, which makes it look (and I don’t mean to be rude here) amateur ish. I also think the acting needs some improvement as well. This is just a criticism from me, so don’t take anything negative from this. This short film was good overall, but it could’ve been much better. Anyway, keep it up!

  11. Hadleigh Pierce says:

    so i’m at 7:12 and i’m afraid to keep going because i hate jump scares

  12. ANDREW G says:

    This is terrible. I’m sorry.

  13. Sunset storm says:

    Plz no jump scares plz no jumpscares 7:22 AAAAAAHH FUCK I JINXED IT!!!

  14. Ifi Xaralampopoulou says:

    *Bad acting but it was real scary.*

  15. The Weaboo Misaki says:

    "lmao babe I totally forgot to tell you, but my house is haunted. Sleep tight! Love youuu :)))"

  16. Destinesia says:

    Good face swap scare rest was average the end kinda sucked

  17. Fisi-belle Carrasco says:

    This is shit

  18. Rafaela Rousiamani says:

    Wardrobe door opens.
    Me:oh shit, girl run.
    *she closes the door for second time*
    Me:.. you…
    Hand appears from inside the closet
    *records a video*
    Me:……………….. -__-

  19. cordez the reactor says:

    4:00 by time second face gets detected and if no one’s there I been on got uhaul truck and I’ll leave that damn entity and I’ll make sure I will not leave anything behind me #Fuckthat

  20. Pancakegraham's says:

    Don’t watch this wearing headphones. Ear rape warning

  21. MrKollslaw says:

    Like the drama

  22. srj meher says:

    just speech less

  23. Lameka Harris says:

    Special Thanks to – 👀

  24. Jake Wright says:

    Life lesson: Snapchat is a survival guide

  25. Carmela F says:

    Good horror elements, ruined by PIS. It would be creepier if the main characters tried to get out of the situation (which would be the natural response) but the situation refuses to let go of them.

  26. Stro_benz says:

    That was ridiculous🙄

  27. Ifi Xaralampopoulou says:

    *The opening scared me. 😨*

  28. marymyfave says:

    And my phone can’t even detect my face •_•

  29. batman likes pizza says:

    Fuck-ass door keeps opening? I’m out! Creepy notes? I’m out! Faces in my pictures that shouldn’t be there? I’m out ! Creepy texted from my boyfriend? I’m out! Biiiiiiiitch, I would’ve been out a long time ago!!!!

  30. Eda oğuz says:

    That was funny😂

  31. BlackVeilHarle says:

    He waited until the next day to tell her that someone was standing behind her? And then she sat in there and texted away instead of gettin the fuck outta there? What is the fuck

  32. Heaven Brown says:

    if i was her bf id be like oh nice picture
    9(ill probablly just think its some sort of shadow ffs…I mean who the hell zooms in the background

  33. ChibiWarmonger says:

    The shot of her face from the end looks almost exactly like Katie from The Ring. Come on, guys.

  34. ItzRiot says:

    Why do people get scared of things? Shut smack it with a bat, then he’ll shut the fuck then

  35. Annemarie L says:

    My suspension of disbelief can be stretched as far as the next guy but the characters in this film were so stupid I’m honestly glad the girl died.

  36. Rachel Fitzgibbon says:


  37. Johan Sebastian Najas says:

    poor acting

  38. cordez the reactor says:

    4:02 RUN BITCH RUN!

  39. Priscilla Harshini says:

    Wow this short film is extremely great….I enjoyed it….🤗😉

  40. batman likes pizza says:

    I would’ve went back to my own house..

  41. Sudsy Warrior says:

    Then I look at the category and I see autos and vehicles

  42. Nadia Anjeh says:

    How has this crap got 1K likes?

  43. Anrique Mosley says:

    Nah don’t call cuz u said it’s nothing

  44. Seth O'neal says:

    bitch please, GET OUT THE HOUSE

  45. Dev says:

    Not gonna lie but them snapchat filters do make her bangable

  46. Joseline Torres says:

    always close doors at night!!! keeps the negative out!!

  47. llamalewis says:

    If someone slammed my closet door I’d fucking get out of bed go in the closet and fucking wallop my phone at them and then zoom at the room get the cookie tray from the kitchen and keep on walloping it at its face while shouting DONT TOUCH MY CLOTHES BITCHHHH.

  48. AlexGamer BG says:

    7:20-This monster is from Until Dawn (a videogame).

  49. Evella Aborka says:

    XD Anyone else thought of the wendigos from Until Dawn??

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