DONT LOOK – (short horror film)

DONT LOOK – (short horror film)

Short horror film made with absolutely no budget at all.

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50 Responses to DONT LOOK – (short horror film)

  1. shrashanth reddy says:

    too bad

  2. Rebecca Logan says:

    god that’s creepy

  3. psycho sam says:

    I pissed my pants…..laughing

  4. Random King says:

    German production, right? You did an absolutely great job. Ich hab andere Kurzfilme gesehen, wo das nicht vorhandene Budget als Entschuldigung für fehlende Spannung diente – seh ich hier absolut nicht.
    Would love to see more from you.

  5. AHMED Saniya says:

    I have a mirror just beside my bed!

  6. MJW studio says:

    SCARY, well done for making such a good short horror film

  7. addy kelly says:

    I have covered my bedroom mirrors at night since I was young. I also can’t look in the bathroom mirror at night when I am in there as I fear seeing my reflection won’t be doing the same thing I am doing. I am way too old to have this fear yet it remains.

  8. End unit says:

    That was awesome, what camera do you use and editing software?

  9. Cade says:

    Woah dude how did you make your eyes like that? With a computer program?

  10. Kamil Kour says:

    pretty good work 👍👍…. keep it up

  11. Justin Götz says:


  12. Mussdassein? says:

    I’m watching this with eisoptrophobia. 😷😱

  13. Stan Wentz says:

    Did I spot a Being As An Ocean poster? Nice room and music taste xD the short was cool too, look forward to seeing more.

  14. Jeremy Martinez says:

    Really slow development

  15. Shruti Mehta says:

    At 2:20 I was like, "this is some stranger things shit"

  16. tim cook says:

    gr8 ppl begin small.
    awesome job. keep working towards ur passion and I guarantee, u will succeed one day! cheers

  17. dasha from new Zealand says:

    I dont get it not that good😪😪😏😏😑

  18. sheeva sururi says:


  19. Vomstar YT says:

    His shirt.. "black lives machine"

  20. Tëmpest says:

    alter dafür kriegste von mir in der mensa ein brötchen!

  21. ldylkr says:

    Ok, that scared me.

  22. Fuzzims McFuzzface says:

    Imagine what you could’ve done WITH a budget! Nice effects! Oh and added bonus points for this kinda being like a nightmare I keep having. (I love that nightmare!)

  23. Claudia Ehl says:

    muss schon sagen .. habe es abends ma angeschaut und jaaa hab Gänsehaut bekommen… 🙂 nicht schlecht… !!! mehr 😂

  24. JumboTron axb says:

    jump out the window

  25. Sanjay Rohilla says:

    simply boring

  26. rakshith rakku says:

    seriously good work

  27. Frqncusco Garcias says:

    when i saw this was all by my self

  28. Chillycag says:

    Yikes! Sound effects are awesome. Still having goosebumps.

  29. Sole Faith says:


  30. no name says:

    I told Billy to stay off that heroin!

  31. anokhi Mishra says:

    l have 3 mirrors in my bedroom

  32. Faguni Mehta says:

    When they close up on the hand, I was expecting the image to grab him and pull him inside the mirror dimension.

  33. hannah diess says:

    holy shit! that was good, scared me!

  34. magnetic says:

    i demand plot twists

  35. gillian b says:

    For no budget this was an extremely great film!

  36. The Piedmont Motion Picture Co. says:

    Great work guys!

  37. Sid the Jet Dslr Filmmaking says:

    Great horror flick killer work Sid the Jet…..cheers

  38. chrissy lanier says:

    i like how he ducked xD

  39. aryssa valladares says:

    This was great! Keep up the amazing job!

  40. Sushmita Dutta says:


  41. Sana Salman says:

    hahahahah thats y we muslim always recite dua before entering washroom so it keep devil away

  42. Roza anime lover says:


  43. Maude Findlay says:

    The movie’s great and I love the music. Definitely scary as hell!!

  44. Jeff Daniels says:

    I love how you didn’t bite off more than you could chew.

    There’s a lot of amateur filmmakers who try to make Star Wars or some other sort of epic story with no budget and it inevitably ends up looking like crap, and that’s totally fine. But it doesn’t look believable in the slightest.

    This on the other hand is very believable, and seemingly done for cheap. I loved it!

    You seem to have a really good taste, man. Keep it up, I see a great filmmaker in you!!

  45. Brittany McKeever says:

    1:24 I dunno why but I laughed really hard at this.

    Great job by the way!

  46. ChaMercyHD says:

    After this video I understood that suicide is the only option, thanks for helping out

  47. You are obsolete says:

    Adobe After Effects?

  48. Gianandrea Ettorre says:

    well done!

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