“Don’t Move” – Award Winning Demon Short Film (HD) – BloodyCuts.co.uk

“Don’t Move” – Award Winning Demon Short Film (HD) – BloodyCuts.co.uk

LIKED THIS? THEN WATCH OUR BRAND NEW HORROR SHORT “THE BIRCH” HERE: https://crpt.tv/mMNb ——————————————————————— WARNING: CONTAINS SCENES UNSUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces. ‘Don’t Move’ is the 8th slice in Bloody Cuts’ anthology of short horror films, made by a team of UK film-makers on low budgets. Directed by Anthony Melton, Produced by Ben Franklin and written by David Scullion it stars Rachel Bright and Jake Hendriks alongside Kate Braithwaite, Beth Cooper, Ian Whyte, Calvin Dean and Martin Skipper. Find out more about our acclaimed UK horror films at: http://www.bloodycuts.co.uk and be sure to follow us on Twitter as @BloodyCutsFilms or join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/bloodycuts ***NOTE: “Don’t Move” is a horror film, so is best viewed with minimal lighting, and of course with speakers/headphones for the full experience***

Short Horror Movies Rating: 7/10

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50 Responses to “Don’t Move” – Award Winning Demon Short Film (HD) – BloodyCuts.co.uk

  1. donkey laughing says:

    thank you for making a great short it was really good!

  2. TeMeez says:

    that’s one fucking crazy mannequin challenge.

  3. Owner Body says:

    wtf good but idont know its just the same thng every timebut its really good:D

  4. MattCat319 says:

    pretty cool short movie.

  5. Lucky Man says:

    so was the white guy possesd?

  6. spazman12342 says:

    That chick caused two of her friends to die! Turned on the music scaring the one into running, the second to freak out because of the phone! Are we just not talking about this, or am I not getting it?

  7. FrostyCamel says:

    awesome! I feel it deserves more attention (not that a million isn’t of course, but you know what I mean) great job! 🙂

  8. IamSloth HearMeSnore says:

    Where’s Sam and Dean when you need them?

  9. kingproductions369 says:

    That girl was a dick and deserved to die

  10. Certified Pancake Dealer says:

    This is the first short horror film that actually made me pee myself

  11. Patrick Karnes says:

    this premise got a full theatrical release if I remember right

  12. Lucian Gray says:

    Was that guy Kylo Ren!?
    When it appeared in the kitchen next to the girl while her phone was going off she quickly turned to face it. I feel like that was enough to get her killed. As far as the last girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pissed at her for outsmarting it from what she had to do to avoid dying. Because when the passed out guy gets up, it instantly appeared near her.

  13. BloodCat22 says:

    I absolutely love this. omg. amazing work !!!

  14. Igor Kaziul says:

    who is that guy in the background at 1:12?

  15. Seth Winters says:

    Oh hell no. Fuck this shit, I’m safe here in the comments

  16. Isabella Aguilera says:

    This is the ultimate Mannequin Challenge

  17. horror cliche says:

    there’s always that guy.

  18. odiesmum2012 says:

    Smoke demons can be repelled with prayer. The Our Father is quite effective.

  19. Ishwani Devi says:


  20. Treve Winchcombe says:

    now I can see why people say that this is the best short horror film! it is awesome. The effects are incredible and the story line is very good unlike some of the other low budget horror films

  21. Justina Hugins says:

    song on end credits anyone?

  22. Namelesssalt says:

    What’s the purple stuff?

  23. Izeck says:

    Good movie, but the ending puzzles me. *SPOILER* Why did she die? She was still and quiet, while the guy moving and yelling?

  24. bodiesofwater says:

    The Demon broke the "Don’t Move/Don’t Make a Sound" rule at least once. I’m starting to think the Demon was just pretending to be deaf, leading them on to think it couldn’t detect them without hearing or sensing their movements just to see who would resort to ‘killing the others’ just to survive. That Demon was trolling them all.

  25. PoonGalore says:

    is this a comedy or a horror film?

  26. Robbe Sppiliers says:

    10:30. DAYUUUUUUUM

  27. Iya Omoto says:

    omfg i love this

  28. itsonlymyopinion ok says:

    makes you not want to play with the ouija

  29. paulo carnaxide says:

    Stunning, very well done!

  30. Zontaro says:

    Good and scary

  31. Art.Crunch .Tyler says:

    How the mannequin challenge was made- :’^

  32. Christian R says:

    Very very good

  33. Trizzle says:

    When reaper quits overwatch for the movie industry.

  34. kiki Martin says:

    Demon looks like Sauron 😀

  35. edd s says:

    Very good. Could of watched a whole film of that.

  36. Janey Ooi says:

    This short film is super nice. Totally grab my heartbeat

    Thanks for sharing.. Like ya

  37. Campbell Harris says:

    8:20 soooo….. which one of you will move first?

  38. Pooky1991 says:

    Both me and my mom watched this and we would’ve liked this more if the audio was louder. We had trouble understanding what anyone were saying because it was so low, even when we raised the volume. We were watching from a TV too

  39. Luci Williamson says:

    why ( in the end ) did he kill the girl the fat guy moved more that her

  40. Little Pinch of Ginger says:


  41. THE SORROW says:

    I read this dudes name as bloody cunts lmfaooo

  42. Jeslee Martir says:

    is this a movie and when is it coming out

  43. Ammo WiLdCaT says:

    Ok wtf is the deal with Mark, I don’t get it, is he possessed by another demon? Or what?

  44. Mr Potato says:

    8:43 aheem. what were they doing?.. huh?

  45. Umbr a says:

    i wonder how she will explain this to the police?

  46. JeNeal Archibald says:

    Reminds me of a nightmare I had once. This was well done.

  47. Anonymous Rapper says:

    i hate this movie at all

  48. Stephanie Meyer says:

    in away it almost remindes me of until dawn last part of it. i love this !!! want more

  49. equalley1 says:

    This was fu$!ing amazing

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