“DON’T MOVE” (short horror film) Reaction

“DON’T MOVE” (short horror film) Reaction

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9jd6lyGvMI
Reaction requested by: semen frog

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50 Responses to “DON’T MOVE” (short horror film) Reaction

  1. Nerlande Adolphe says:

    "She was popping bottles at the wrong time." LMAO, my gosh there were tears on my face when he said that.

  2. John Radix says:

    I just want to know, how actually is the voice of the asian bitch in the back?!, SHE LOOKS SEXY AS FUCK!!!

  3. Jordan Grimmett says:

    shut up before it come here. died laughing 😂😂💀💀

  4. slaughter king21 says:

    i always keep my phone on silent and I turn up the vibration all way up

  5. Danilo Milosevic says:

    Well i wasn’t so scared , tobe honest​

  6. GAMINGKNIGHT 46 says:

    there could be only be one person standing and the fat one was sleeping

  7. MlgAaron says:

    They got reaper from overwatch fucking with them

  8. Jamarri Shah says:

    the mannequin challenge lol

  9. Dr.Nightcore says:

    looks like a mannequin c. 😀

  10. Nicky T_T says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

  11. pratibha gour says:

    it was super scary movie😲😲

  12. UnknowNgaminG 14 says:

    Extreme mannequin challenge

  13. JeromeTronic says:

    @Ecomog Media Group …. y’all just remember… black people don’t mess with ouigi boards 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  14. Youneed Cheesus says:

    that girl is a real loud speaker…

  15. Chrisselle Ward says:

    Oh hell no

  16. lukepyung 1 says:

    "Looks like pan’s labyrinth in this mufucka" I can’t Im fucking done XD

  17. foxy forever! says:

    this where the maniqqu challenge came from

  18. Moonwalker 58 says:

    You guys have to watch Welcome to the Circus

  19. Roland Black says:

    This way is way better than the manikin challenges. Don’t move.

  20. Big Zeezy says:


  21. progaming says:

    he was screaming not moving she twisted her head he got scared he put his arms down stayed perfectly still the woman got scared and looked

  22. Astro Raccoon says:

    thats a fucked version of red light green light

  23. Jordan From Krypton says:

    This is why if my friends try to bring a Ouija Board into my house they have two options either you throw it away or I will fucking shoot you where you stand.

  24. Dragoon says:

    Lol the deadly mannequin challenge! 😂 can’t look at this the same again

  25. Chrisselle Ward says:

    By the way I think his dead only they can see him the one who his coming for.

  26. Scarydrago says:

    the actor for the demon (Ian Whyte) is welsh i live in wales

  27. GotoMyOtherDxTerialChanell says:

    omg your stream notifications i didnt know if they were me or you

  28. Kara Hurley says:

    "Thats pans labyrinth son!’ lol the best!

  29. Official DJJR Gamer 11 XD says:

    This is gotta be number 1 short horror film bruh ! this shit is incredibly crazy son

  30. Amado Carranza says:

    well the girl moved from the couch to the door so of course she was gonna die

  31. Mag!c says:

    Me: *scared*
    White bandana: I’d shit on that ghost
    Me: xD *dies of laughter*

  32. Mark Keller says:

    Only problem, you are the only one left alive to try and explain all of this mess.

  33. POTV Yu says:

    M-Dogg the demon is blind and deaf that’s why it didn’t kill the last guy it can only sense movement

  34. Alois Trancy says:

    I have a fucking problem… I watch this shit even though I know it’s gonna give me a hard time

  35. Tati C. says:

    pls do NOT get a ouija board that will ruin your lives trust me thats not something you should be messing with.

  36. Tre'Von Moore says:

    they was doing the mannequin challenge in this film

  37. Tony Copes says:

    they should make this a full 🎥

  38. David Speth says:


  39. Virgō Vībēs says:

    In the beginning they did the mannequin challenge 😂

  40. Hannah Baker says:

    These guys make me feel better watching this shit.

  41. Teedabeast 901 says:

    damn he peeled her face back like corn

  42. Kendrick BaldwinTV says:

    I’ll beat my friends ass if they tried to bring a quija board over

  43. ItBurns WhenIPEE says:

    I heard that steam notification at 2:53 lol

  44. GPJ 8001 says:

    what fuckin gutter did these crawl out of

  45. MercWithA YouTube says:

    This should be a real movie

  46. James Lacey says:

    At 3:03 that monster fucked the shit outta her fucked her to death damn 😂

  47. Collin Powell says:

    The ending was fucking scary. That girls head was turned into scrambled eggs.

  48. Steve MacInnis says:

    You could literally tell that a black person wrote the warning. HAHAHA

  49. Q'squad says:

    Mannequin challenge 2.0

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