Eminem – Scary Movie Lyrics

Eminem – Scary Movie Lyrics

The title says it all, no copyright infringement intended, though as I see it its completely useless writing all this shit in the description cuz the content owners will still fuck your day just like my other account DeathValleyRoad was suspended or terminated

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50 Responses to Eminem – Scary Movie Lyrics

  1. Barry Kelly says:

    Still have laugh left😂 still have half left ya fuckin knuckleheed!

  2. Ali Mohamed says:

    miss that moments 2000😢😢😢😢

  3. Billy Jones says:

    *that a mic ain’t

  4. Diane Romary says:

    7#". ₩bronc judicious Neil

  5. Adam Melvin says:

    I thought it was still have have half a breathe left

  6. Angel De la torre says:

    listen to this loud

  7. CEEFI vlogs says:

    love to give my ass with this song

  8. OccultEnemy says:

    Can’t find this song on iTunes

  9. ゆめいん says:

    usher song

  10. Cronista de Favela says:

    Será q sou o único BR aqui ?

  11. Michael Joshua says:

    Da fuck "speak darts" mean?

  12. Octavio89 says:

    best beat ever

  13. Olivier Mosimann says:

    WHAT a load of codswhallop… 😂

  14. Sassy Molassie says:

    This flow is tighter than a nuns..resolve.

  15. Android 1992 says:

    I’ll really slap ya

  16. Jeffrey DeLaRosa says:

    Hot song. But The lyrics aren’t accurate lol

  17. Havoc Okay says:

    That first verse SUCKED

  18. Emerson Souza Da Silva says:

    this musice is of the scary movie?

  19. Sebastian Gleiss says:

    gta 3 soundtrack

  20. The Fantango's says:

    GTA III, anyone?

  21. Alef says:

    this beat is legendary

  22. The Database Rat says:

    eminem said Jack K. not Dr. K

  23. JL 1997 says:

    when I first heard this instrumental in GTA 3 I fell in love with it

  24. Forvacia says:


  25. Deadchu says:

    The dislikes came from them niggas who got shook & left the theatre.

  26. Geoff Chase says:

    This song is from his infinite album.

  27. levi byler says:

    m and m my dad is that the trues

  28. Barry Kelly says:

    Love this track👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  29. GO241999 O says:

    This needs to be in Spotify.

  30. Alfonso Rodriguez says:

    "cause any MC
    that chooses to go against me
    is getting takin’ atvantage of
    like Monica Lowinski"
    – tha GOD MC, young Eminem

  31. Ognjen Brankov says:

    who produced this track?

  32. Blake Allen says:

    Anyone else thought it was "bill Clinton you better in hell"

  33. Zachary Buck Hultman says:

    How many real MC’s can I teach how to teach how to mentally time travel I. There mothers won.
    From the inventor of heaven Zachary Buck Hultman

  34. Jamie Payne says:

    Lyrics are wrong it’s "you should be anywhere that a mic ain’t"

  35. RANGƎR says:

    This is one of the most underrated songs of all time.

  36. Holiday Styles says:

    This gotta be the track Royce spoke about on ‘Street Hop’ cause he kilt Slim

  37. reckless204 says:

    nice description lol

  38. MR. J says:

    BadMeetsEvil is one of the scariest (no pun intended) rap duos out there. Not just Em either, Royce too. They both have sick flows and wicked rhymes. There’s few to no rappers that could win in a beef with Royce and Em.

  39. AcTiVe Gaming says:

    is this beat from somewhere else?, i feel like i heard it in a older song.

  40. Timothy Brown says:

    Yeah at 2:15 lyrics are wrong lmao its "You should be anywhere that a mic aint"

  41. Jordan says:

    i was like wtf… scary movie? an eminem song i havent heard? lol…. :/

  42. Freddie Faulig says:

    I was here

  43. Diane Romary says:

    my son made a Scary Movie lol

  44. CStarz** says:

    "Im one of them pretty rappers"


  45. Nessim The Dream says:

    Gonna he honest Royce was better on this one

  46. Oliver Hernandez says:

    Oh I remember this it was on the end of scary movie

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