EVEN MORE NEW for 2017 Seasonal Visions Halloween Props *SPOILERS*

EVEN MORE NEW for 2017 Seasonal Visions Halloween Props *SPOILERS*

Morris Costumes and Seasonal Visions have recently released EVEN MORE videos of some of their newest products!

NEW for 2017 Seasonal Visions Halloween Props *SPOILERS*:

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27 Responses to EVEN MORE NEW for 2017 Seasonal Visions Halloween Props *SPOILERS*

  1. TOAWBEAR says:

    Scorched Scarecrow look like sam (from trick r treat) all grow up.

  2. Nick's World says:

    I want that scorched scarecrow!!! He looks bad ass

  3. Jason Phillips says:

    where can I find the videos?

  4. Danny Dan says:

    So awesome!

  5. Cinema Twins says:

    I won’t be watching your videos for another week because I am going to the beach for vacation! But I will get back to the videos when I get home! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

  6. Fish N Things says:

    I honestly want the scorched scarecrow and the hanging looming phantom.

  7. Splashy The Narwhal says:

    First 😛 xD

  8. Jonathan Monaghan says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that you talked about how great the audio on the second to last prop was but then didn’t let us listen to it.

  9. Ascend Arts / clown kid says:


  10. A GAMER says:

    Looks good!!!

  11. Morris Manor says:

    I want Scorched Scarecrow so bad! As well as a few others that weren’t in this video!

  12. jack-o'-lantern 2007 says:

    how can I find the videos?

  13. Cassie Smith says:

    I love the Scorched Scarecrow ❤️💛💚💙💜

  14. Splashy The Narwhal says:

    Wailing Soul: I need a soul! Can I have yours? xD
    Scorched Scarecrow looks scary and very awesome!

  15. Death Row From Spirit Halloween says:

    I love the way these props look I want all of them

  16. Haunt Former says:

    Who else likes the thumbnail? Come on now…

  17. Landon's Halloween vids says:

    I like the wailing soul and the scorch scare crow

  18. Holiday Monster Guy says:

    scorched scarecrow is really amazing I may get him someday hopefully

  19. Halloween Haunter says:


  20. DJ Pepper Haunts says:

    cool! this seems like a tour , getting to know all the prop features

  21. HauntHunter says:

    These new props are soooo cool!
    The Scorched Scarecrow is definitely my favorite!

  22. the_hydra92 says:

    oh wow these are sweet

  23. Axel Salas says:

    Whats the song on the bottom?
    Its TWD theme, but i couldnt find this version.

  24. Edie Bluntzer says:

    are there any new zombie babies out there??

  25. ImTheHalloweenQueen ! says:

    why does the one with black hair hanging over the pot looks like boo from monsters inc

  26. HorriblebooTM says:

    Scorched Scarecrow was AWESOME!! My mouth actually dropped when I saw him in action! It would also be awesome if he came with a speaker jack! I would not enjoy being a three year old and seeing that thing standing above me!

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