Ghost Story “We Always Come Back” – Scary Endings 1.1

Ghost Story “We Always Come Back” – Scary Endings 1.1

Jim (Ryan Dillon) is haunted by more than just the memories of his wife Sasha (Tahyna Tozzi). At night, they always come back. A new short horror film from the writer/director of ‘Skypemare’.

“We Always Come Back” is the first episode in our “Scary Endings” monthly Short Film Series.

Starring Tahyna Tozzi and Ryan Dillon
Written and Directed by John Fitzpatrick

Produced by Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, John Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Adam J. Yeend.

Watch Scary Endings Season 2 starting with “The Nightmare”

Scary Endings Series Playlist:
Episode 10: “Welcome to the Circus”
Episode 9: “The Grinning Man”
Episode 8: “U Get What U Deserve”
Episode 7: “Smother Mother”
Episode 6: “He’s Right Behind You”
Episode 5: “Bounce House of Horror!”
Episode 4: “Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol”
Episode 3: “The Babysitter and the Boogeyman”
Episode 2: “Voyeur”

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49 Responses to Ghost Story “We Always Come Back” – Scary Endings 1.1

  1. DarkReaper 076 says:

    This universe has Hitman: Blood Money physics, as if you get pushed into a teaspoon of water you instantly drown.

  2. jiya nanda says:

    his was the bes horrer film ever

  3. Bryan Torres Medina says:

    Moron! If your son dies in a pool accident, why you not closed that fucking pool

  4. Lady Jersey says:

    How did a newborn drown in a pool?

  5. chris fish says:

    good one.. 7.8-8/10. i like how that guy just.. talked to his wife as a regular person.. not like that he got freaked out.. you dont see that much in horror films

  6. Stephanie Mullen says:

    I notice after watching this video several times. The dead wife said come with us Jim, he said I can’t. Then she looks up at the soon to be covered by clouds full moon and says we’ll talk about it afterwards. He leaves out of old babies room and go into kitchen and fix himself some scotch or whiskey go outside to the pool and have some flash-backs and then realized the water underneath him, he turn’s and look up and see the moon is uncovered from clouds. That’s when his dead wife reappears again!!! I come to an conclusion his wife and baby only comes back on full-moons!!! YES NAILED IT!!!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!

  7. Trey Olds says:

    love it keep up the good work my friend

  8. Kumaresh Babu says:

    Better go man…..

  9. Troy Bough says:

    this is so awesome

  10. hatednyc says:

    I feel like I’d be freaked out the first time but more than welcome their return so long as they’re not all weird and creepy about it!!!!

  11. Jeremy Greenidge says:

    Damn. She was a Johnson. My ex-wife’s last name was Johnson too.

  12. Mislav says:

    Pretty creepy and well acted, but also sad and thought provoking at the same time. Keep up the great work.

  13. Paul Ziolo says:

    I must say – this ‘Scary Endings’ series is first class!

  14. Antonio Pedroso says:

    awesome 😱😱😱 really scary

  15. SHAGUN NANKANI says:

    omg …too good short 👍👍

  16. Stephanie Mullen says:

    +whereistherockhammer, you know I love you guy’s. I just don’t understand how a tiny baby like that drown not able to crawl? Movie was great, but you have me and some other folks wondering about the drowned child.

  17. Ivi Yoyo says:

    what’s the preassure?

  18. kim black says:

    Not so much this time. I don’t like chick flicks cause I don’t want to cry when I watch movies, I do enough of that in reality. So this was way to sad for me. This chick wants it bloody.

  19. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    You makers of this excellent series are seasoned professionals, am I correct?(keep up the good work)!

  20. Hal Emmerich says:

    very well done


    this is revenge!

  22. Abel says:

    I don’t think Sasha would be in the same place as her child for the simple fact she killed herself. Comin back along as an evil entity yes.

  23. Charles Bertie says:

    Amazing…this could be turned into a full length feature!

  24. Lucie B Lindner says:

    So good!!

  25. I AM THE GOD says:

    Great Job !

  26. Smallville284 says:

    OMG! She was in Blue Water High!

  27. Magic Girl4983 says:

    When you watch this and you feel alone with the scary things, remember you have everyone in the comment section

  28. xX TheStoryBox Xx says:

    Yea whatever. Shoulda said no…

  29. Trey Olds says:

    love it keep up the good work my friend

  30. Sherpa Chump says:

    Cool guys don’t look at explosions

  31. fun & coverup says:

    in list

  32. Olivia Rose says:

    Her face kinda reminds me of the masks in The Purge

  33. NautyTV says:

    2:50 Bottle Flip!

  34. K. S. says:

    Brilliant short series! The only issue I have at all is that the link for episode 4 is marked private and can’t be viewed & I’d really like to post this series in it’s entirety on my FB horror page and my horror sites! I’ve looked all over YouTube plus Vimeo and still can’t find anything. If you could get a working link to me that’d be fantastic, if not…I’ll just post the rest. The best way to reach me is through my FB page (YouTube notifications are all screwy!) Thanks so much! Karin

  35. Chitra Kamali says:

    we always come back…………….

  36. Jamie Curran says:

    omg these horror films are the best ones I EVER SEEN

  37. Morticia Schuldiner says:

    Great!Very interesting,it could a full length movie!

  38. Maya Ralley says:

    you can"t drown your self dumb unt

  39. Whiskii Face says:

    She’s like my ex- always dragging me down with her, and everything always has to go HER way.

  40. Madison Bowers says:

    such a good short film keep up the good work!!

  41. Dee Green says:

    I have to confess, I was a little distracted by the good looking dad. I did enjoy this film, more than most I have seen here. Well done!

  42. zalama malik says:

    Nice i really love ur films!!😊😊

  43. Stephanie Mullen says:

    I LOVE YOU GUY’S!!! You need way more followers!!!

  44. Jsean Callahan says:

    This one was the worst one

  45. Fuzzims McFuzzface says:

    Wish I’d come across this one sooner.
    The creepy atmosphere worked so well I
    shot out of my seat when his wife started
    singing "twinkle twinkle".
    loved it to pieces!

  46. TheJudeofHapadness says:

    what a terrible wife

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